Alternatively: a lesson in why trust in companies is hard to earn. Or; you don’t get recurring customers through deception. Also, don’t buy overpriced avocados from Avocado Box.

“Premium” avocados delivered to you? Sounds great. What’s not so great? How they handled my constructive feedback. Are they familiar with the Streisand effect?

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What do I like??

Christmas is coming and I’ve been asked a few times, “What do you like?” — I’m not easy to buy gifts for. I don’t know how to respond to that in a sentence or two, so I’m going to try to make it easy for anyone to buy me suitable gifts. Whatever the occasion is, it’s nice to give a meaningful gift to someone. I love giving good gifts! But sometimes I don’t know someone well enough. So here’s my attempt to summarize the kinds of things I like…


Wishlists are good to put specific desired items on when you don’t want to buy it right now, or don’t really need it at any specific time. I don’t really have comprehensive lists, but it might be a good idea to check them for some ideas. Or to cross one off and fulfill a wish. Just keep in mind I don’t update these all the time so check to see when I added it recently to gauge whether it’s still good.

Practical Gifts

I love practical gifts. Socks, underwear and shirts are always welcome. Shoe size is 11, but buying shoes for me is difficult since I need wide shoes and don’t like a lot of styles. Clothing size – Large fits, unless it runs small. Scarves and ties are welcome too, but I don’t wear them often. Bath & body stuff is great too. A nice cologne is a good gift once in a while. Or my usual, which I love, is Jake by Hollister. Gabby and I both love bath bombs and candles. Some other things that can always be put to good use: a knife set, photo frames, power strip, stationery, batteries.

My Interests

My biggest hobby is computers and video games. But I pretty much have everything I need for that. I do like puzzles like Rubik’s cubes, after I started playing with them. Video games are good too – PC or PS4. I also like photography, digital art, music composition and making video games. I sold off my Intuous Wacom 3 tablet a while back, now I just use Gabby’s tablet if I need to.

What I Don’t? Like

Any gift is thoroughly appreciated. But in order to help narrow down on what to get, here are some things I just don’t have a use or desire for. Such as:

  • Collectibles (figurines, trading cards, etc.) – I’m not really a collector and not crazy over any particular show or item
  • Sporting and outdoor goods
  • Hats – I don’t really wear them
  • Religious gifts – I’m not religious

Hi Gabby,

It’s been a while since I wrote to you, it’s been a while since I told you just how much I appreciate you. I’m grateful for everything you do for me and how dedicated you are to me. You always try to make me happy even if it means making your own sacrifices. I will always be here for you too when you need me.

I wanted to write to you since now that we have been together and are physically apart again, it is a bit different. It’s a bit harder to get through the day knowing how far you are away from your dearest. But we have such a wonderful path ahead of us, filled with amazing possibilities and opportunities, it’s hard not to be excited about doing everything with you. We will be together again for good, one day.

I want you to feel secure in that I love you wholeheartedly. You and I share something special, irreplaceable, that I cherish. You’re my luvie and I’m your lovie.

Thank you, baby. ♥

(Western) Feminism is equality, right?

A doodle suggesting that feminism is for the equality of men and women.
A doodle suggesting that feminism is for the equality of men and women. In their defence, the artist of this cartoon probably has their head in the right place.

One cannot simply make it so by saying it over and over again. If you believe in gender equality, say that. Here is an album of memes taken from feminist groups on Facebook where genders have been reversed to highlight sexism against men. And here are some women who don’t need feminism.

You only have to ask why feminism has such a negative image that it has to explicitly define itself as something desirable to know that something isn’t right.

There is a reason the term feminism is used where gender equality would (should?) be substituted, if feminism was for gender equality. Feminism is about “equality for women”–the notion, in fact, that women are disadvantaged as a class, and they need to be liberated to come up to the privileged status that men supposedly enjoy. Or, as often is the case, that particular definition is shied away from in favour of a less objectionable tenet: that women were done badly by in the past, and we have yet to make up for it. Feminism is the gender analogue of reverse racism (in particular, white guilt.) In fact, feminism shares a lot in common with this kind of politically-correct ‘social justice’.

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I have started a Wiki to organise bits and pieces of public information:


It’s pretty bare at the moment but it’s definitely a more organised way to store reference information.

My thoughts.

I’m changing the way I think, slowly. Part of it is a conscious decision, but most of it is a realisation. My perception of the world is the best tool I have to live a better life. I am human, I’m not perfect, and that’s okay.

It’s a change in perspective. I’m spending less time mired in the grips of anyone trying to hurt me emotionally, and more time doing what I like to do. My head is clearer, after saying goodbye to the bed of sorrow that unpleasant thoughts grow in. I have more room for constructive thinking and I feel stronger, or rather, less vulnerable. I care less about what other people think of me – not just say I don’t (but really do.) This has reduced my anxiety. I am less insecure, and am shedding my dependence on external validation.

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Gabby has turned my life around. It’s not the first time, and probably won’t be the last time things wildly change direction. She has made me feel so wonderful, adored and excited for the first time in a long time, since we started dating in April.

Our two rocky paths intertwined one year ago, actually, as friends. It is a funny thing that neither of us was interested in another long distance relationship. But love has a very strong tug. A tug that I was almost unfamiliar with, for it had been a while since I felt this way about anyone.

I want to dedicate this piece to my lover, Gabriella.

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This post is going to be about rape. Nothing graphic, but if it’s a sensitive topic for you, you might want to consider another article.

Among terrible crimes, rape stands out, at least for some – it is the quintessential feminist nightmare. Maybe you’ve seen posters like this doing the rounds on Facebook:

How quaint.

How quaint.

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I’ve joined Reddit! I’ve been meaning to, but now I finally have after being prompted by finding my last post shared there. My handle on Reddit is tgfcoder. Hello Redditors!