This article will try to explain what trypophobia is, to those who don’t experience it, and also to provide some information for those who might or do experience it. There will be no trypophobia triggering images on this page. Why? Well, because..


So at least there can be one page trypophobes can read without feeling revolted.

I wanted to write this page to extend what I know about trypophobia and how to deal with it to other people who might be interested.

If you are a trypophobe, be aware that reading about trypophobia in this article in detail, including describing triggers, and reactions, may make you feel a bit queasy or get your heart racing. There is a section at the end to help calm you down in this case :) Feel free to pass this onto friends and family!

What is trypophobia?

Trypophobia is relatively unknown peculiar phenomenon that affects thousands of people. The term ‘trypophobia’ itself was only coined in 2005. It is not recognised as a phobia technically, but it does seem to be a uncontrolled reaction or response (typically fear, anxiety, revulsion and/or self-defense) of a kind of pattern of holes or bumps. It seems to affect all kinds of people young and old and across different cultural barriers which suggests it is not a culturally learned response. Often, a trypophobe will not know that anyone else suffers from the same experiences that they do.

For a long time I wondered why do certain patterns give me goosebumps? As long as I can remember since I was a kid I had this reaction, and there was very little information about it on the Internet that I could find. I wanted to add my knowledge on it.

What triggers it and what doesn’t?

The effect of a triggering image on any individual trypophobe can vary from no response to a severe reaction, but many trypophobes will agree that certain images are triggering. Generally speaking, any kind of cluster (of say at least 7) of holes or bumps (and in some cases, lesions) may cause discomfort. For me, asymmetric/non-uniform patterns are worse. Others have said that the texture of the holes (in the sense of touch) matters. Some repetitive patterns like honeycomb, clusters of bubbles on the surface of water, the texture of crumpets and the bumps in your skin on your knees when you kneel in carpet for too long can also be triggering.

You can do a Google search for “trypophobia” and many of the images that turn up will illustrate the concept.

To know more about triggers, we must explore why trypophobes have this reaction.

Why do trypophobes have this reaction?

There is not much research data on trypophobia to conclusively explain this reaction. From what I’ve read, and what I’ve experienced, my best guess is that certain kinds of clusters are similar in nature (visually) to some degenerative diseases, pox, infections/infestations, swarms, etc., which one would do well to avoid. You could bring some kind of evolutionary hypothesis into this, the revulsion and therefore aversion of anything that looks like this would be beneficial for survival.

For most, when the clusters/pattern is on something natural/biological such as skin, the reaction is worse. Perfectly symmetrical patterns like the holes in a cheese grater may not be triggering at all (like in my case) due to its visual uniformity (man-made appearance.) But again, different people are sensitive to different things.

As it is, trypophobes are not generally aware of any particular reason they have a reaction. It is like getting goosebumps when it gets cold; it is a reaction one cannot typically prevent.

I have done some small experimentation with this since I am affected by trypophobia, and it is very interesting to me (I’m sort of a scientist at heart.) In my case, the visual scale of holes makes a big difference. For example, looking at something from a certain distance may have no affect on me, but viewing it from further back may trigger a response. It doesn’t seem to depend so much on the “understood” scale (compared relative to other objects around it) as the visual scale – how many of the holes can be seen, how much detail, how big they are, the spaces in between them, etc.

What are the reactions to triggering images?

Reactions vary from person to person. Speaking only from my own experience, the first and most noticeable reaction I get is goosebumps. I always get goosebumps when I am triggered, and my hairs stand on end. It will continue until I am no longer triggered. I believe this is part of some kind of overall self-defense/self-preservation mechanism. At the same time, I feel anxious. I feel as though there is possibly some kind of danger. My mind starts analysing the image and for long exposure, it is all I can think about. Heart rate increases. It can have such a strong presence in the mind that it affects your ability to focus on a task. To that extreme level, it is a little bit debilitating.

The worst, though, is having the triggering images flash into your head. Continuously, more and more, until you start to feel panicky and feverish. In my opinion it is a very unpleasant experience to have a war with your mind, in trying “not” to think about something, which is slowly driving you crazy. After extended exposure, I got more sensitive to trypo triggers. I started to get reactions from simple everyday things like the shower head, bubbles of oil in the frying pan, and even the texture of toilet paper.

Others have said their reactions include things like anger (possibly aggression which can be linked to self-preservation), a desire to destroy the clusters, as well as wanting to cry (a natural reaction after being scared.) One thing that trypophobes all have in common is a very strong revulsion. Most will physically move further away (subconsciously) or look away from the image with disgust. Other common reactions include itching, skin crawling, and being sick to the stomach.

How can I get rid of it?

It takes a lot of mental solidarity to reduce your sensitivity to trypophobic triggers. I don’t believe you will be able to get rid of any reaction altogether, especially to the more severe triggers, but being able to control your reaction and curb the effect it has on you is a good start.

Firstly, I don’t recommend take the exposure/desensitizing route if you already experience any of the reactions above. Being exposed to a lot of triggers in a short amount of time can make you panicky. A lot of the images aren’t real and just created for shock value. Some people have said desensitizing works, and it can, depending on how you do it. Don’t go on a binge looking at triggers until you’re sick. If you’re out and about and see a trigger you can take the time to share your phobia with someone close to you. Being able to explain it and share it can turn it into a good experience and help condition you to associate less negativity with triggers.

Accept that you are not in control of the physical reaction your body has, and know that it is natural. Just like goosebumps, or getting hungry, these are natural feelings and it isn’t something to worry about. What you are in control of is how you deal with it.

If you need to, remind yourself that you are not in any danger.

Do not reinforce yourself into a corner of fear. The more you label trypophobia as something scary, the more it is scary, to you. It is uncomfortable and unpleasant, but do not encourage it by saying things like “This is going to give me nightmares,” and “I’m so afraid to click on this link.” Just forget those thoughts. Own it, don’t be a prisoner to it.

Finally, do not expose yourself more than you have to. I know there is a deathly curiosity that comes along with trypophobia. It takes a lot of willpower to pass up an opportunity to freak yourself out. But once you are able to say, “No, I don’t want to see that,” and go on to do other things, you will be one step closer to feeling more at ease.

By doing these, over time, your reactions to trypo images should decrease.

What are some of the worst triggers?

Here is a list of well-known trypophobia triggers. You will know immediately if you have trypophobia if you experience anxiety in response to these stimuli.

  • Lotus seed pod, lotus breast, lotus seeds photoshopped onto skin (there are many of these), etc.,
  • Surinam toad giving birth
  • Botfly removal
  • Tafoni (rock formation)
  • The “frozen peas” image, most likely also photoshopped
  • Googly eyes on face

I’m going to show these to someone who has trypophobia and it’ll be an awesome prank!

Please don’t. Go read the comments below to see how many people are thankful that this page doesn’t have trigger images.

I’m feeling sick or panicky right now. What can I do?



Calming music, pictures of fluffy animals, waterfalls, or smooth shiny objects/surfaces (marble, glass) can all be of immediate help.

Last words…

Thank you for reading and I hope this has been informative for all trypophobes and trypophobia-interested people out there! Feel free to leave a comment below or ask me a question, or add something I missed out!

Thanks for reading this far. And remember if you’re going to write a comment, save the detailed imagery or descriptions of triggers & be nice to your fellow readers. I will edit/delete comments that are potentially triggering. Thank you!

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  1. I was extremely itchy all over just reading the article. Thank you though, very informative for people with no understanding of our “phobia”.

    • I felt the same way…I always wondered why certain images would totally gross me out to the point of feeling sick to my stomach. I never knew there was a word for it until now…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

      • The first time I ever experienced this was prob 8 years old, watching my mom cook/fry some eggs. When the whites heat up, they bubble, sometimes popping in a pattern or group of 100 or whatever. Gave me goosebumps on the spot. Now, age 39 & I can barely talk about this without my hair standing up. On my face right now, my whiskers are straight. And I kind of dry heave a little. The stupid ass Custard Apple of India, that’s what took me here. Anyway ,until the next pattern I go.

    • Ohmygod, this article explains so much. So there I was a year ago on fb and heaps of websites kept sharing that photoshopped lotus pod on the foot and little did I know I would be completely scarred for life! It triggered something so severe. I get so badly itchy all over instantly. But it kept appearing in my head but little did I know that this photo wasn’t really a disease I searched for so long for this disease but ha it doesn’t exist !!!!! Until I read this I kept having a fear that I would wake up and horrifically have them in my feet. But it’s just a plant pod, it’s ugly as hell but it’s a plant.! I was so relieved! It didn’t freak me out so much now. Having this is so annoying cos I have extremely bad eczema and this makes it worse. Though I was stupid enough to search Trypophobia into Google after reading this because I thought it would be sort of safe. DON’T! SERIOUSLY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE TRIGGERING PHOTOS DON’T SEARCH TRYPOPHOBIA!!!!! People that don’t have it make disgusting triggering and nasty memes. It drove me insane that night. People don’t understand us. It’s psychological and hard to get rid of. I was completely fine until that photo on my newsfeed.
      Though I internally so to speak put that photo of the lotus pod and I looked at it and said repeatedly “you are not real you are photoshopped and you are a plant” it seemed to help a lot.

      • I was trying to google trypanophobia but I accidentally typed trypophobia and immediately got a massive fright and jumped into the air. I am only a young teenager. I jumped into the air and after seeing this article I decided I would never show any of these photos to others in case they react too. Thank you so much

      • Thank you so much everybody for your valuable comments. I have started feeling better after reading this article.

      • on August 5, 2016 at 11:58 pm | Reply Lynda McGuirk

        Thedove allergy that was put up on facebook triggered my it for me. I was not aware I had it until then It really freaked me out but I can’t stop looking at it, why i don’t know probably fear something going to crawl out of the holes. Now even the holes in my cylinder barbacue look similar, sponge cakes, anything with circular clusters freak me out bringing me back to the image of the lotus pod.

        I am drawn to keep looking it and have to stop myself

      • Thank you so much for posting this.
        I never used to suffer from this until the beginning of this year and Im 27 years old!
        It was just a stupid Photoshopped picture on fb, which i KNEW was Photoshopped but caused me to go into a panic attack.
        I couldn’t understand it!
        The months have passed and its everytime i see those certain pictures or things in person, I just panic and feel sick.

        So again, thank you.

      • So today I realized that I have this phobia. I never even thought about it until today. Someone on my uncles Facebook shared a photo that I saw and it just severely awoke something in me that I didn’t know was there. I’ve been itching, panicking, aggressively wanting to attack the physical object in the images and feeling hopeless because its not real and I don’t have anything to attack, filling my curiosity with the images, getting nauseas, and worst of all thinking about this all day and can’t seem to get it out of my head with flashback after flashback.

        I’ve never been through something like this before, and never thought I would have had to. If you knew me having a phobia is kind of strange, but its still kind of unpleasant because its keeping me from enjoying really anything.
        I hope this flashback panicky stage goes away at least, because this is hard. I can’t even sleep, and I feel kind of sick in the head /: .

        But thank you to who wrote this article, so much. I really appreciate knowing that I’m not the only one.

        • Thank you!! I have been suffering for 5 years now. Same as many, it never affected me until I saw an image on a woman’s breast on FB. I really thought I was going crazy! The image invaded my mind so much I could not focus on my work or sleep! I feel the image physically on my body. One recently led me to this article because I can’t stop feeling like it’s in my mouth. I can’t eat anything without feeling like I’m eating the image or it has generated in my mouth. I hate this feeling! The very first image lasted for over 6 months of pure terror. I only hope this latest one goes away


      I listened to advice where people say, a problem shared is a problem halved. I also read advice where people say, to avoid seeing the triggering images when doing searches to get someone else to do it for you.

      I couldn’t stand these images, the shiver in my shoulders and imprint on my mind was vile. I didn’t want to show anyone and it became a dirty secret. My husband asked me what was wrong. In the end I told him and showed him a picture. He was incredibly kind and helpful but sadly he now suffers from this. In some instances worse than myself.

      He sees holes where there are none and it is so, so sad, worse because I know it was I gave him this vision that has hurt him. I know I would have done anything to get rid of those corrupted visions from my mind that embed themselves on to many other things, my life isn’t the same again. The “anything” did not make my illness any lighter, all it did was give someone else a problem.

    • I had a dream once, a dream that my right forearm had a very uniform pattern of holes in rectangular shapes making a sort of octagon around a diamond. At the time, this scared the crap out of me in the dream because it looked so real. I thought it was just really screwed up and I’ve had that image forever burned into my brain. I never knew that it was part of a real phobia. I discovered my trypophobia because a friend shard a picture with a list of things you should never look up. Of course, I looked them all up. Trypophobia being the worst.

      I can’t sleep. it’s 4:03AM as I write this on here because I have image after image creating a slideshow in my head and I have this feeling like I need to cry but it won’t happen. I keep thinking my skin has holes in it, my pillow does, my couch does, the walls, the ceilings. I’ve never sensed such a level of panic and fear of something before.

      Anyway, this phobia is probably the most insane phobia I’ve ever heard of next to a fear of pickles but here we all are. Afraid of it. It’s really strange.

      • I am with everyone here 100%. I have always had an extreme disliking to things of this nature and then when I saw a f***ing Buzzfeed article about this phobia (which included all of the worst trigger pictures mind you) and all of it came full circle. At first I was haunted by the pictures, I even had go back for a second look which made everything so much worse. I began to scratch my skin all the time, I couldn’t stop crying, and I could barely look at anything without seeing the phobia in it. Even hearing/saying/writing name of this phobia made me ill. After a good week or so of this, I began to feel better. Little did I know that this phobia would come back worse than ever when I went snorkeling. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT GO SNORKELING IF YOU HAVE THIS PHOBIA. All of those horrible trigger photos are inspired by plants that grow underwater on coral reefs and rocks. Everything I saw was covered with growths that made up everything I feared most. Of course, I had to keep on going back and looking at it. I must admit that I even clawed at them and screaming “F**k you!” because of the extreme rare I feel towards them. Ever since then, I have felt helpless; spinning out of control. I went on a binge google search to try to over expose myself to it. Not a good choice at all. Every time I close my eyes I see it all. I am constantly scratching to make sure nothing is there. I just want to forget about this all. I am starting to grow very afraid of even going on the internet at all for fear of accidentally seeing more pictures. I think the worst part about this phobia is that I know that my fear is completely ridiculous but I can’t stop being utterly petrified. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can explain to me what my next step should be. I am really over this. I want my f***ing sanity back. Thank you.

        • on May 23, 2016 at 1:56 pm | Reply Susan O'Dee

          THANK YOU. I thought it was just me. Really.

          • Reading some of these comments really helped, not with the phobia. I just feel better knowing I’m not crazy, and alone. I’ve always had a phobia to weird nasty looking things, especially pictures of rashes or bumps. Last night took the cake. Someone on my fb page posted several trypophobia images. I was so grossed out I unfollowed all her post and considered blocking her. It didn’t stop there, I couldn’t get the images out my head. I couldn’t eat, I made peas for dinner and threw them away. I was disgusted, and angry because she ruined my night. I thought it would go away but all night I was scratching and replaying these images in my head. I thought I was having a breakdown because it shouldn’t be this severe. Now reading this article I realize I’m not going crazy, it’s others who suffer as well but I keep thinking about the images. How do I stop, it’s off and on but every time I think of them I get goosebumps, itchy, sad or mad. I still feel like these fuckd up images are sending me nuts. I have a family, small kids. All though I’ve always went through this, this is definitely the worst experience. I’m even scared to go back on social media except to view only my things.

          • Dear All, I just suffered this phobia, when accidentally sae the pictures and it starded troubeling me a lot while sleeping or while working. It affects us because we give importance to it. There must be someone whom you believe or have faith in them. May be God or ur mother or ur gaurdian. The moment u see that picture or have reaction that its affecting you. Just call the name of that God, your mother and imagine they have appeared and have destroyed that pattern with light and it has vanished. As many times it comes to your mind, call them and imagine they have destroyed that.
            Its a mind game, any fake picture cannot destroy ur peace of mind. You are stronger than these fake things and your saviour is with you.

    • Oh my goodness, this phobia is terrible. I almost go into convulsions seeing them images, I get hysteric and want to start crying immediately. Why is this such a repulsive fear of mine? Is there a way to get over this fear

    • omg no

    • Thank tot so much! I had always had it but I never knew about it until today. I was watching a you tube video and it had an Easter egg with loads of holes in it and I started to get goose bumps and feel itchy and panicky. I stupidly ( not knowing) search it up and it got worse. So thankful for this site especially with no trigger images!

    • im am so glad to know there is a condition for this .,i am crying right now because i was on fb and seen a trigger so i googled it and only seen more triggers . it just makes me sick to my stomache . i hate this .the only images that bother me are images of peoples skin with the holes in it . tben after i see it icant forget about it . my stomache flips and i feel like i could throw up . this ishorrible i dont understand why i have this i want to tell my family or someone but they might think im crazy .

      • Thank you so much 1st for this informational page WITHOUT the pictures that trigger people who actually suffer from this. I was in the restroom at work and was triggered by holes on a box and decided to research because my fear and anxiety is getting worse. BIG MISTAKE. All u saw was pictures of disgusting hholes and things that have my flesh still crawling. I’ll cry and get angry and anxious all in one instance….uncontrollably, so thank you for sharing and giving some insight.

    • Wow this was super helpful and made me feel better to know that someone understands my phobia

    • I have a really bad case, I get goosebumps, itchy, light headed, nightmares, flashing images of them out of nowhere, curling into a ball, feeling all over while scratching and covering myself

    • thannk you soo much for this!! this is the first actually informative piece ive read on trypophobia!

      i forsure 100% have trypophobia but i have a question to ANYONE reading this comment.. are there other things with, i guess, odd shapes or patterns that cause the same reaction as circular things , for example tuna ?

      that might sound crazy but tuna is how i discovered trypophobia . for the longest time tuna has bothered me , when you first open a can the design / shape the tuna makes has always drove me crazy… it doesnt just make me feel i little ill , it infuriates me . but finally one day i decided to try to google it . i couldnt find anything or anyone with a similar problem or anything at all until i submitted my question on a website (kind of like yahoo answers) where some one finally told me about trypophobia. it made me feel so much better that there was a name for this weird thing i was dealing with , and obviously i started piecing things together and started realizing that there were other things that made me feel the same way as the tuna did.
      but i still haven’t herd of anyone else having and issue with tuna or other similarly shaped things and im really curious to know if its just me that deals with this lol.

      any feedback is appreciated , THANK YOOU!! (:

    • CURE—–i read a way how that we can possibly “cure” this phobia. I found this on an online website, if you want to look at the website yourself, just type in google search- how to cure trypophobia. It should be the 2nd or the 3rd link from the bottom of the search page. OR if you just wanna hear it from me, here it is,
      STEP 1- Go sit or lay down in a place where you feel safe and its all calm around you.
      STEP 2-Go to google images and look at a photo that has those cluster of holes you are scared of, remain calm, nothings gonna happen to you, study the photo for about 30 seconds, then look at your arm and your legs, tell yourself that you are alright and its just a photo that some crackhead posted on google.
      STEP 3-Keep looking at the images and switching between your body for about 20 mins.
      STEP 4-Now go open a new tab google ‘calming pictures’, and look at them for 10 mins and calm your body.
      STEP 5-Now go back and repeat STEP 3.
      STEP 6- Do this for a week or so and you should feel the difference when you look at the photos after a week.

      **This technique has helped me a lot, I hope this technique helps you too, BUT be sure to REMAIN CALM WHILE LOOKING AT THE IMAGES! keep ensuring yourself that you are alright and its just the images.


    • CURE—–i read a way how that we can possibly “cure” this phobia. I found this on an online website, if you want to look at the website yourself, just type in google search- how to cure trypophobia. It should be the 2nd or the 3rd link from the bottom of the search page. OR if you just wanna hear it from me, here it is,
      STEP 1- Go sit or lay down in a place where you feel safe and its all calm around you.
      STEP 2-Go to google images and look at a photo that has those cluster of holes you are scared of, remain calm, nothings gonna happen to you, study the photo for about 30 seconds, then look at your arm and your legs, tell yourself that you are alright and its just a photo that some crackhead posted on google.
      STEP 3-Keep looking at the images and switching between your body for about 20 mins.
      STEP 4-Now go open a new tab google ‘calming pictures’, and look at them for 10 mins and calm your body.
      STEP 5-Now go back and repeat STEP 3.
      STEP 6- Do this for a week or so and you should feel the difference when you look at the photos after a week.

      **This technique has helped me a lot, I hope this technique helps you too, BUT be sure to REMAIN CALM WHILE LOOKING AT THE IMAGES! keep ensuring yourself that you are alright and its just the images.


    • It really upsets me how people are using it as a shock factor now. I can’t scroll through Instagram for example without some horrific photoshopped image. People act like its nothing people think it’s not real but I have literally scratched myself until I bled so many times after viewing images like this. The worst part as you keep seeing them when you close your eyes. Truely the world would be a much better place if people stopped using other people’s phobias as shock/scare tactics.

    • Who I’ve been feeling like this for months now I have renal failure I’m 18 and I think having renal failure has triggered my phobia more its gotten to the point where even trees gross me out I get itchy and I can feel like an anxiety attack surfacing I can’t get it out my head I thought I was going crazy but this article really clarified some things for me and at least I know I’m not alone

    • Thank you so much for this article. I have been suffering from this phobia since I was a child and until I seen this article I didn’t even know there was a name for it. My fiancee continuously shows me images of all sorts from online out of fun but, he doesn’t understand that this is a real issue im struggling with. My skin crawls, I get extremely itchy, I have random flashbacks and sometime want to cry. I wish I could do more research but, I’m so scared to go online to look. I wish it was a way for it to go away.

    • Dear God, I feel so complete now, knowing I’m not alone in this mental treachery. My heart extends to every one of you. I understand your battle. To add insult to injury, I also have a condition called Dermatographia Urticaria, I won’t explain it detail – and PLEASE don’t look it up – but essentially, it makes my struggle a hell of a lot harder. Scratching, and sometimes, merely touching my skin causes hives. It gets worse with caffeine or under stress. Not sure which came first, but having both is quite the the karmic joke. Remember me in your prayers. Feel better, all.

    • Thank you for telling me about my phobia I suffer from severe trypophobia I’m eleven and this helped a lot especially pictures at the end

    • I seriously hated those pictures I first found out about trypophobia when my favorite youtuber posted a video of him reacting to pictures of these things and it was so uncomfortable for me but I kept searching trypophobia up and eventually my mind accepted it as normal.

    • on May 13, 2017 at 11:47 am | Reply Jess Cavenee

      Does this include obsession of clusters of teeth spread about or even ultimately covering the body? I can’t find that particular situation explained. I have much of the same symptoms when I expose myself to horror images but especially the teeth everywhere.des

      • on July 31, 2018 at 1:24 pm | Reply Ashley Gavalchin

        I HAVE BEEN WONDERING WHAT THIS WAS FOR SO LONG. I thought I just had a weird problem. But I swear and my heart goes crazy and I shake and I just wanna cry and scream. Ever since I was a kid. It started with bugs. And I remember feeling sick when being told to look through a microscope. And ever since I can’t deal with these things. More towards clusterphbia. But holes are the worse. Details matter. I used to barely be affected cause I had bad eysight and never wore glasses. So everything looked pretty solid. But now that I wear glasses all the time. I absolutely go crazy for no reason and I can’t explain this to my friends. Like I don’t wanna sound over dramatic. But it’s a real thing!!

        • Wen I was a kid I cudnt deal with wood with little spots.. but it was not major till 2yrs ago I got very sick internal bleeding to ecoli wich was said to be from standing in a stream water 10 yr prior.. this made me sick to think a bug worked its way into me . On discharge sum relative posted triaphobia pics on a group chat I instantly threw up being sick in my tummy for months .. I tried everything for the body itch burning my skin in eucalyptus n Clive baths… but I cudnt stand skin disease dat made Sex a nightmare as I cudnt even look an anything sexual …. but thank god im doing ok . Simple stared back at wAtever triggers an fight dat fear wen u understand the pic u move on .. today I’m in a relationship an it’s amazing I have gotten over dat part ..
          thank you guys .. just thought I share .. u have an over active mind focus on other stuff.. and ignore the images dat cloud ur mind wen u shut ur eyes

    • on June 10, 2017 at 6:10 pm | Reply Suffering in silence

      Ok guys so I’ve been suffering from this “phobia” since I was 10 or 11, my first trigger was when I was on a field trip at some park & seen a cluster of ant holes. It made me itch & disgusted by just looking at it. From then on I always wondered wth was wrong with me because other kids didn’t react this way to it. WARNING THIS WILL PETRIFY YOU IF YOU LOOK IT UP SO PLEASE DONT! There is an actual infection/infestation of fleas that eats away at the skin leaving these holes. It’s called jiggers. So it definitely is a real thing I’m sorry. I found out because my boyfriend had a tick on him & I researched how to pull it off correctly & there was also videos of people pulling these fleas out of the skin on a little boys foot. It gave me a nightmare & don’t wanna suffer in silence anymore. To know it’s real is absolutely a living nightmare!

    • Thank yo for a non-triggering source of useful info. BTW the list of types of triggers, gave me the creeps because they all trigger me. But the one that stayed with me was the lotus photoshopped into someone’s breast. I learned that a 1st cousin had it as I talked about this pic coming to me about 10 years ago in an email. She had the same email. We discussed the way the image would not leave our minds for days. Yuck, grosses me out to even mention it. I have several family members (around 6) that have the same thing. So I knew I was not alone, but it has been hard to explain to other people. And people laugh about it a lot. I will reference your site to the non-believers. Thanks again.

    • on March 20, 2018 at 7:58 am | Reply Clarence Ware

      I can get itchy for weeks if not months.

    • on April 2, 2018 at 2:16 pm | Reply Miracle Josaiah

      Amazing article! First time I experienced this was when I was cutting Mangoes. I cut a slice that went into the bone a little and the holes made me shiver uncontrollably until i could get the thought out of my head. Still effects me after many years!

    • Thank you for this well thought out and rather clear explanation, Jordan. Just like you discuss.. not everyone has the same triggers. I have the same that you have but I especially can not handle uniformity in holes and clusters. I also see it all the time in nature.. shrubs with closely bunched flowers.. these certain weeds that have a similar shape to broccoli .. the way it moves in the wind is just so repellent. I describe it as, cellular structure. Recently I laid eyes on a video someone had posted on Facebook of a dental procedure that I wish I had never seen. That particular trigger definitely set off an anger response in me.. and all day it stuck with me, pissing me off every time it popped in my mind!

  2. on July 18, 2013 at 3:49 am | Reply JenerationLife

    So true! I suffer from this and for awhile thought I was weird and the only one. Thanks for also elaborating on different responses people have to the clusters. I again thought I was the only one who felt aggression and the need to destroy the holes. Thanks for writing this! Please visit my blog whenever you have the chance! http://www.jenerationlife.com

    • Yes!!!! I really feel a need to destroy them!

    • I feel the same way! I would look at those weird holes that were photoshopped on peoples skin or a sponge and just wanted to rip it up! I would get so tense just thinking about it that I would lose feeling in my hands and arms. SO glad I’m not the only one!

  3. on July 18, 2013 at 5:19 am | Reply Yolanda González

    ¡Que mal rato he pasado leyendo tu artículo!
    Thank you for the article, I’m trypo and I get really nervous simply reading the word.
    Now I´m going to watch beautiful soothing images of animals and try to forget what I read.

    • Hi there….. ( this is a post i replied to way down below but re-posed it higher so people can see it it starts from now.)……. your not going to believe this but let me start from the beginning, I have been suffering from this Phobia since i was around 10 and it comes and goes but always gets triggered by something i consider to be gross. Over the last few days an image popped into my head, i wont tell you what it was as i don’t want to gross anyone out but as per usually i get the unpleasant skin crawling sensation. Just like everyone here i have been trying to find a cure or a remedy to ease the discomfort. But nothing worked, But then i started to think deeply about what was happening and why. The crawling sensation would only happen if i saw something that was chaotic in pattern. It never happens when something is smooth or in good order. Then i started to think im i sensitive to chaotic patterns that are similar to an unidentified source. The i started to research and it brought me to this post. and then i read through all the post right down till i came across your post and then BINGO!!
      You said that maybe its some sort of defense warning mechanism that we are unaware of and that got me thinking again. And you mentioned healing so i thought of the obvious…DISEASE. so i googled disease under the microscope and there up pooped loads of images of microscopic disease all in horrific skin crawling glory. YUK!!! be warned if you try and google them for confirmation. I know people suffer from different types of images but the disease micros seem to be the general look of what triggers many people phobia, but now i believe we are sensitive to chaotic disorderly looking things that look like diseased micros and your body is sending you a signal to be beware. because naturally you want to keep away from such disease. Now i feel so much better as i have a foundation to work from. Chaotic thoughts are causing this so of course you have to thing have things that have beautiful natural order colors rainbows, the sun, water…. maybe its a 6 sense trying to come out but we have no idea. Quick question is anyone suffering from a sickness or disease that frequently get these phobias? i hopes this helps anyone out there.

      • Your comment is so helpful, because it’s given me a logical explanation as to why I get the shrills every time i think of such images. I wasn’t quite sure where my phobia originated from, until recalling a science experiment we did at school back in 6th grade. I saw my flesh under a microscope for the first time. what i saw (the un-uniform pattern of the surface of my skin) seemed to make me feel like my pre-existing idea of skin pores was all a lie (as they appear more symmetrical and orderly. I felt slightly deceived in a way. I get it now, thanks to your research :)

      • Wow. So me.

        With me, I even fear that I may attract and manifest some disease.
        Seems I wasn’t too far off.
        Clearly my subconscious mind already made the connection and tries its best to get me away from the trigger before I end up attracting and manifesting something nasty.

        Why are we so sensitive and others are not?
        Does it mean that we are more primitive in our bodily psychic connections?
        Does it mean that we are less evolved?
        Is it a good thing that we react? That our subconscious mind connects so well with us?

        Can we build on this connection in other beneficial directions? Like get it to warn us if someone we encounter is possessed by demons say???


        Interesting stuff…


  4. Very, very good article. Thank you.

  5. Very good article! I’m extremely trypophobic and this offered some insight thank you :-) its so good to know people really do have the same problems I do! Until recently I suffered in silence so to speak, with everyone confused and thinking I was crazy!

    • My pleasure. I felt the same way and years back when I tried to search for anything about it, I couldn’t find anything.

      • Thank you for article. I didn’t know there was a name for this. I clicked on a picture of a lotus plant on skin and freaked. Having sever anxiety to begin with doesn’t help. I keep looking up other things with holes and freak myself out. I am like OCDing over this. It is disturbing even though I know the image was photoshopped. I appreciate the information..

      • Thank you! Thank you! The article was thorough and yet sensitive so as not to cause suffering. I really appreciated how you so thoughtfully eased my nerves explaining at the very beginning of the article there would be No Images! You GET it!!
        After almost 50 years ( I’ve dealt with this disorder since being a toddler, as long as I can remember), my family has lovingly helped me, tried to protect me from what they thought would be a trigger. Although, all along not understanding what I was going through, they knew it wasn’t just “in my head”. Then, explaining it to my husband REALLY helped! Thankfully I understood my triggers from an early age and could explain them specifically.
        Just… Thank you, thank you!!

      • Jordan thank you for putting no triggering Images on here. I came across your site because I typed into Google “”why does my skin crawl when I think of disgusting things” and this is the first thing that popped up.
        I am thankful this has taught me a lot. Though I (this will sound weird ) I wish this didn’t have a name. People use it to be so nasty.
        Like this one meme That’s like ”trypophobia? Now you do” and Its this girl with lotus pods all over her. Like I am also so jealous of the people that can look at this and not feel anything. Having this makes me feel so weak. Like why can’t I get rid of this. I am an extremely strong person but I just can’t seem to shake this.
        Because of this phobia I now have problems with bubbles on top of fizzy post mix drinks (I work in fast food). I also have problems with beards, like tiny black hairs and since I have found out the name it has seemed to haunt me more. I don’t know what to do.
        Do you have any tips? I have sworn to myself I will never again look those images again in my life and Its working but I’m triggered by so much more now! :o not just holes like in general black things
        Can you help me?

      • Thank you so much for this. I came across that photo-shopped lotus pod on human skin and suffered from most of the responses now it is mostly a slight crawling of the skin but increased anger and the need to want to destroy the image. Additionally, I am more sensitive to seeing these types of images in the environment but reactions are decreasing. Like yourself I began experimenting on myself with the lotus pod photo and found that I had a need to keep looking at it so that I was not so revolted by it or other similar images. Like I said, I still react to it but it is not nearly as bad as it was.Your article was really helpful and on point. Thanks again.

  6. I think I’ve always felt an aversion to clusters, but only became consciously aware of this about 20 years ago (I’m 67 now). I’m don’t feel fear, but feel an acute sense of discomfort and disgust. Surinam frogs make me crazy!! Round, regular shapes are the worst–like insect or fish eggs!!

    • I have the exact reaction to clusters like eggs. I currently have an image in my head that I can’t unsee. The shivers and goose bumps keep coming :(

  7. It’s nice to actually find an article that doesn’t contain pictures! It’s ridiculously hard to find information on your own phobia when they fill the pages with disgusting pictures.

    • I found a way to bypass this! disable images in chrom, and read to your heart’s content

      • Many thanks for this article. Now I know my phobia. And thanks for not having those trigger images. Searching Google produced the worst images.nderitu

  8. My phobia primarily results from seeing clusters rather than holes. Fungus, tree growth, lesions. Disgusting, queasy reaction to clustered mushrooms from organic mulch. Eeeeeewwww,

  9. Are the pictures real or photo shopped?

    • they can be real (mostly, animal and plants) some a photo-shopped ( lotus seed pod photo-shopped into skin)

      • on April 10, 2015 at 4:51 pm | Reply anthony nwachukwu

        Oh i hate the skin ones. I can usually handle everything else just fine, but the ones photoshopped into skin keep me up for days

        • I can take anything except the ones on the skin. That is just gross….and even if it IS photoshopped, it plants an image in my mind that is tough to shake. It really, really bothers me! WHY can’t people understand NOT to post these on places where ppl like me could run across it….like FACEBOOK!!!

          • on October 5, 2016 at 3:05 pm Amanda Ballard

            This was super helpful. I didn’t know I had this phobia until someone I subscribe to on YouTube had a photoshopped image in the thumbnail. I couldn’t get it out of my head and became super anxious. It happened again from a different YouTuber, so I seeked comfort, hence how I found this. The videos were those “don’t look away challenge” type of videos, but I wish they had the decency to blur it out and state a warning. I don’t wanna unsubscribe because they’re gaming channels I like. I really wish everyone can be this educated about how serious this can be and that they would possibly be responsible for ruining someone’s life.

        • Wow same here this just started with me image drive me crazy .

        • Wow so glad I found this I just started having this image drive me crazy sometime .

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate you writing this. I thought I was INSANE when an image in an article I was reading gave me so much anxiety and disgust that it debilitated me for a full 24 hours. Glad to know I’m not alone, and also that there are things I can do to try to alleviate the symptoms.

    • Last month this photoshopped image of a lotus seed on someone’s neck sent me into a full blown panic attack.This had never been a trigger before.For several days I felt an overwhelming sense of nausea, disgust, and anxiety. The images also pop into my head. Hate it.

      • I am having worst attack for the last 3 days now. That fricking image that I saw at my friends FB newsfeed (lotus seed on someone else neck) really bothers me a lot. 3 days ago I never thought such phobia existed until I google ” why people post these nasty images of holes”. I tried to google more about it but its hard to find articles without images. Do I have to take some kind of anti depressant to get rid of these images in my head? Im am itchy all over my body :(

        • I am sure that is the same image I saw, that has drove me crazy, my skin crawls and well I have tried everything to get it out of my head and cant. I have had reactions to things before but nothing like this, I swear I thought I was crazy! I have no idea what to do, I’m in a full blown panic :(

        • Mine has got so bad that I am not on an anti-anxiety med. That picture has just about ruined my life. I see holes everywhere now, I have anxiety attacks daily. I am seeing a therapist. And we have come to this place where while seeing the images makes it worse they are thinking I really do need to do exposure therapy. I have been doing it for 3 weeks now. And atleast I can now talk myself down without breaking into hives. I still hate them but I have a bit of control back. Talk to someone it helps!

      • Omg!!! DB!! Exactly! I cannot shake it not get the image out of my mind. Driven to look it up on the internet to face it. Didn’t help!! When will this go away? I am in a constant anxiety attack and nauseous!

  11. on June 14, 2014 at 1:57 am | Reply melh quilalang

    This is helpful. For quite a long time, only now that i understand myself why i feel this way seeing gross images. Just reading this gives me goosebumps and its making me feel terrible. Urgh!

  12. yeah some people just dont understant

  13. I began to realise something was wrong when I drove over some holes in the road and I came over all weird, shortbread biscuits are a trigger for me as crazy as it sounds but seed pods especially locus seeds are petrifying to me, I saw one on the Internet the other day and havent been able to get it out of my mind I wake in the night thinking of them, its all I think about and its driving me crazy, I dont want to go to the doctor as they will think im crazy and probably wont beable to help but really dont know what to do!!!

  14. I totally understand, i just saw locus photoshopped into skin, a breast, and havnt been able to eat since. I cant get that pic out of my head. Ive felt nauseous for over 24 hours. Ive never had this kind of feeling from seeing a pic before.

  15. I have just recently started have these weird feelings and feeling extremely uneasy after seeing a breast on facebook that possible contained larvae but there were several holes in the nipple. I immediately felt sick, nervous, uneasy. Then I had to look again…and I couldn’t sleep at all. I went online and saw the photoshopped seed pods. I have actually thought about deleting my facebook because it keeps popping up after I remove it from my timeline.

    • Ive just saw this and have taken myself off facebok for a bit. I had a full blown panic attck over it. Then someone else shared it this morning. I didnt know exactly what it was apart from a breast with grey holes, and my heart is pounding again and i have the shakes. I didnt want to complain as i thought it may have been breast cancer related coz I actually couldnt look at it properly, and I have a couple of friends who are currently fighting the disease. I googled fear of holes and most of the articles are full of pics like these, which only made me feel worse. Im glad I can put a name to it now, but the phobia is just getting worse.

      • Thanks for the reply. Glad to know the article helped, there is also a trypo support group on Facebook. Your symptoms are normal (:

        • For a year I thought someone put a curse on me I hate it it haunts me torments me I was seeing an occupational therapist and pyschiatrist they were no help havening therapy works for a while but I am so panicked and anxious the thoughts don’t leave my head please help I don’t want to feel like this for life I see these holes everywhere especially on kids programmes and my kids toys what shall I do ..????

      • Me too:( after seeing that picture on Facebook 2 weeks ago, it triggered something in my brain. I can’t get that photoshopped, disgusting image out of my mind. I’m wondering if I need to see a doctor about this. My anxiety has been terrible ever since.

    • I saw those photoshopped photos 7 years ago and still can’t get rid of them in my mind. My tears just fall whenever I see an image of those kinds. :(

  16. So is it true that you can get those holes in your body if you have Trypophobia???

  17. I have been dealing with this for years but never knew there was a name for it. I to saw the Facebook pick and as it was brought to my attention by my wife. She and I were just talking about it a few days ago because I had a reaction to something I saw on the tv while I was at the gym. I had asked her if she had ever experienced a face tingle that rapidly spread throughout here body when she saw wierd things. She show me the Facebook pic to confirm that was the feeling I was talking about and bow was it ever! We both laid a wake a good part of That night trying to calm out nerves and stop thinking of the pic. It’s now 2 days later and we’re both haunted by the image every so often. I wish it would stop. Than you so much for doing thi article and not using any trigger. This article has useful info. I wish all the suffers much success in dealing with this phobia as I know un truly understand you aversion.

  18. So glad I am not the only one, I came across the sick photoshopped breast pic on fb which knocked me ill but now a new one has been circulating ive decided to come off it altogether.I have struggled to sleep the past few nights as the images are stuck in my head & are driving me crazy, I feel so sick & people just keep telling me to just forget about it, wish it was that easy!

  19. I just recently realized that I suffer from this and immediately started researching. I concur with everyone regarding the fact that so many searches turn up pictures that trigger a response. Thank you for writing this article. The images I recently saw seem like they’re burned into my retinas and I just can’t shake them. I’m going to explore some cognitive behavioral therapy to see if that helps. I wish everyone luck in dealing with this.

  20. I have had this ALL OF MY LIFE! I haven’t been “triggered” in a while, and then like many others here saw that ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING picture of a lotus seed plant photoshopped onto someones skin the other day and have been itchy ever since! So much so that I have been using muscle relaxers to try and soothe the itching as it feels like it’s UNDER my skin! From my scalp to the bottom of my feet! And simply taking a shower does NOT work! And trying to research this phobia is a nightmare because as soon as you type in “trypophobia” BAM! There is a picture to set you off! Thank you for not having any visual triggers in this article as JUST READING it gave me goosebumps, has me itching and my skin crawling!

    • Hi. How did you get over the feeling? The images have been in my mind for a full week now and come and go (to more or lessor extent) but they are always there lingering. I feel itchy and just cant shake the damned pictures.

  21. Thank you for writing this and for not including pictures. The lotus seed thing going around Facebook has caused me what feels like a panic attack that just never ends. It helps me take a deep breath when I remember what you said about my body’s response . I try to think of it as just a chemical reaction in my brain, a response to stimuli and not to actual danger, and that is calming sometimes. I don’t understand why the images come back to my mind so often, though. I have struggled with anxiety most of my life, and have gotten pretty good at compartmentalizing things that I’m anxious about . I visualize a not-gonna-think-about-it-now box in my mind and I put things in it when I feel too anxious, but I have not been able to do that with these seed pod images.

  22. Finally found a site that does not post any pictures of things that trigger trypophobia while talking about it. Thank you, I read it pleasantly. Thank you so much. I was never like this before, I just click, grossed out and get over it. But not long a ago, someone posted it on facebook and I kept getting notifications. It gave me goosebumps all day. After that, everytime I see these kind of images, it gets worse and worse. I actually feel like I;m going crazy. Now its getting to the point where I just want to cry everytime i see things that triggers it.

  23. hi I have worked as a mental health professional for about 20 years. I often work with people with phobias and extreme anxiety. ive never come across a trypophobe Until the other day I had forgotten that I suffered from this condition. I had never given it a name. unfortunately my son showed me an image that he had found disturbing ( a lotus head photo shopped onto someone’s back) and he was worried that he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it for a couple of days. seeing the image triggered me instantly. My reaction was so strong huge revoltion and fear.i couldn’t sleep for 2 nights I felt that I had been catapulted back in time to when I used to experience this. I still cant remember when this was, but I think it was in my childhood (I’m 46).I’m very interested in this topic and I spoke to the lead psychologist at work today for advice as I was so troubled by images (I loved your description of it being like its engrained on your retina…very accurate !). he had never heard of it. He did suggest transforming the offending image in your mind. I am now visualising the lotus head catching fire and the ashes getting blown away. I also visualise myself treading on it and crushing it to powder on the floor. this has helped a bit.
    Reading your article has reassured me some as I identified with nearly everything you said. I have a reaction to clusters of small organic holes and cracked tree bark and other randoms. its good to know there are others who understand, no one I have sought reassurance from over these past few days has taken me seriously.

    • I’m glad im not the only one. I also imagine scraping whatever is is off until I can see a clean picture. Its difficult to get that clear picture though.

  24. Jesus thank god I’m not the only one. It’s sickening. It actually produces agression in me. My friend and I developed such a bad compulsion that we couldn’t stop googling pictures. Don’t ask why we were doing it, as it made it worse. That lotus pod photoshopped onto the neck that’s going around facebook at the moment was horrifying. In fact, I get itchy all over my body when I think about it. What was worse was the little things inside each hole. Honestly, these things are disgusting. Also, that surinam toad is so repulsive. It gets in on my mind and stays etched there for days. Someone needs to recognise this disorder as a real one, as I suffer greatly with it.

  25. The photoshopped lili pod on skin makes me want to peel off my skin. Is there a kind of medicine I could take to remove this thoughts? I keep on having goosebumps and i can’t focus on my work anymore. I’ve never felt this disgusted in my life.

    • It’s sickening isn’t it? I got it SO bad that I even went to bed crying one night. My skin gets itchy when I look at it. Honestly, it’s the irrationality of it that makes me want to set myself on fire or something every time I look at those photos. What’s worse is what looks like little people inside each hole.

      This phobia is quite bad for me I have to say.

      And the surinam toad? Oh my god, that’s the worst.

    • I too watched that. Some fu## shared that on FB and Tagged me :( and it has been more than a month now, but I am unable to get it off my head. I did too much of research, found and tried convincing me that it was Photoshopped, but to no avail. every time I have any itch anywhere on me, I start to feel that I will develop that too. Consulted a few as$$$$$ psychiatrists around but they have no idea of what this Trypophobia is. Wished some cure was out soon for ppl like us

  26. Thank you for writing an article that isn’t smothered in pictures that make me sweat and make my skin crawl. I’ve known about trypophobia for a long time now and half my family share my revulsions for certain images. Like many here the breast was the first one. The surinam toad is just the worst piece of footage I’ve ever seen. Cheese graters dont do it but recently I was driving behind a car and the brake lights had a pattern of holes. I had to turn down a different street because I couldn’t concentrate.

  27. Can only echo the comments. It is also compulsive for me in some sort of sick way. Ie I can’t stop myself from googling the images even though they gross me out.

  28. Like everyone else is saying – THANK YOU! – for not putting any images embedded in this article. I was actually very weary about getting to the end because I thought that the soothing images you referenced in the beginning were going to be trigger images and that it would be a sick joke. The way that I found this blog post was by googling “Trypophobia No Pictures”, then I put my hand over my computer screen so that I didn’t see the immediate Google image posts at the top. Then I scrolled up slowly so that I could only see the text links on the google search results page.

    I’ve known for almost 10 years now that I have trypophobia but I didn’t know what it was called. I came across that damn picture of the breast and felt uneasy about it but I could initially stomach it. Then a friend at work played a terrible prank on me and made it my computer background one day while I was at lunch. So I get back from lunch, sit down at my computer, move my mouse, and the first thing I see was that!!!! I believe it scarred me for life. I immediately started scratching all over and couldn’t sit at my computer until someone removed the image. Over the years, I’m sure I had some mild reactions to things, but I think that when I’m prepared to see an image or something, then I’m fine, cuz I can control my reaction.

    Then of course, recently those pictures of the breast and the lotus pod on someone’s neck started coming onto facebook and that brought back all of these horrible memories. I nearly threw up in the airport when I saw it and I immediately had to “unfriend” my friend who had shared it. Then I posted, that I would “unfriend” anyone else who shared that picture on Facebook. So I now have 3 less friends. I’ve also had a friend try to show me a picture in person and I pushed him away so hard he nearly fell. You can’t mess with someone & their phobia!

    I think I’m in the same boat where if the holes are asymmetrical in nature then I get the “itchy & repulsive” response. Honeycombs, bubbles, etc… don’t bother me at all. I don’t know which frog everyone is referring too, although I am very curious, I will not be looking for that picture.

    I did have a friend find me a youtube video of someone explaining Trypophobia in terms of what similarities there are between different types of triggers and it was very interesting. I didn’t dare search for it myself because, again, they’re all videos of triggers and I just wanted something normal. If you want to search for youtube videos – DO NOT SEARCH FOR THEM YOURSELF! Also, reminder – youtube likes to recommend videos, after you’ve searched for other videos. I found this out the hard way, but going to youtube the day after I had my friend search for videos and saw that youtube was recommending Trypophobia videos for me to watch and of course the default images were triggering images, so I had to clear my history. That wasn’t much fun! Just a warning!

    Last but not least, (as I start itching now), I have found a way in my head to try to combat the reactions that I get when the images pop into my head. Similarly, to imagining that the pod is burning and blowing away, or that you’re stepping on it…. I pretend that I wipe whatever the image is, with my hand and it turns into a white vanilla substance and just washes away. Don’t ask me how I came up with that, but it’s just what worked for my brain. My suggestion would be to find what works for you, but NOT BY SEARCHING FOR THE IMAGE.

    To all my Tyrpophobes out there – I FEEL YOUR PAIN!
    To all those who don’t believe it’s a real phobia – WHY ARE YOU HERE? ;-)

    • I also feel that there is something under my skin that i need to expel. I have hurt myself quite a few times because of this feeling. I torture myself by looking at the trigger again and again. I plan how to destroy it. My friend tells me that I look like a psychopath when I am thinking about the trigger. But just thinking or imagining doesn’t help me. I need to destroy it with my own hands to recover from the anxiety. There are so many people I can’t look at because they have pimples or moles. I can’t explain to them that I am not being disrespectful towards them. Sadly enough, the thought of a foetus is also becoming a trigger now. When I see a pregnant lady I feel that there is something moving inside her. Everybody congratulates her while I am disgusted. I know I can never have a child of my own.

  29. thank you…this is informative and it helps !!

  30. Thanks for your help. This article is so informative. I got all the above mentioned symptoms and was cursing those who shared those pictures. I felt severe attack of anxiety after watching those disgusting pictures. Thanks again buddy. Stay blessed.

  31. Wow….here I thought I was really physically & mentally ill at the same time! Ditto, Fb photo shopped images of the lotus flower embedded to look like infections or wounds. I’ve been sick for days & could not understand what my physical symptoms had to do with flashbacks of those images…now I know, ugh!!!

  32. This is a tough one, I’ve never had a reaction to anything like this before, and like most it was a stupid Facebook.post that triggered it! The issue I have is since I saw it I’ve been having nightmare, I’m hardly sleeping because I get myself so wound up when I get into bed in case I dream about it. It’s becoming a real problem, since I saw that damn Facebook post it’s all I can think about and everything now makes me think about that picture and my nightmares. I’m really not sure what to do and I’m freaking out but I’m glad to discover I’m not actually going crazy and there other people out there who understand

    • That is exactly what has been happening with me. And I too was a victin via Fb as prior to that there was nothing I knew about the fear of holes

  33. I had been going through hell for ages without realising it could actually be a genuine problem (phobia?). I am so glad I finally tried to look for it over net with random words/my symptoms. It’s so uneasy yet relieving to read this article. Finally I can do something to deal with my phobia! Thanks a tonne for writing it down. :)

  34. How did u get it

  35. I’m so grateful for this article WITHOUT PICTURES…the effect of any such images lasts for weeks…I still have trouble going on FB thinking that I might see the image again…

  36. Wow thanks. It was so bad for me I have to take puritin syrupto stop the itching. The desire to look at the pictures knowing how it makes me feel is weird. Need help getting images out of my head.

  37. on July 24, 2014 at 7:56 pm | Reply ambili chandran

    Gosh…. Thanks a hell lot for this article. I have been suffering with this stuff since a while now, but could not even recognise it as a phobia (may be because, i didnt want to feel weird about myself as i have not heard of anybody around experiencing the same). The symptoms you have mentioned in it is like… Oh my god, its just very me, but apart from goose bumps, i feel something rushing from the back of my neck towards head (it feels so weird to explain as i am not sure of what you exactly call it )

  38. I also get this but when I’ve seen an image or a trigger its like this impulse to keep looking at it even though it produces all of the symptoms. That’s then all I can see in my head and it lasts for days, some times even weeks. Any ideas on how to get it out of my head?

  39. Thank you so much. And thank you for not putting pictures. I feel aggressive. Really aggressive. To the extent that i throw away my survival instinct and rush towards the trigger to destroy it. i have destroyed countless insect dwellings. I feel sad for the insects but I just can’t help it. The image is with me, rendering me useless and restless till i have demolished it. For me even a single hole can be a trigger. Or a single pimple on my skin. I always end up scratching them off. I think I get worried about what is in the hole or trying to come out of the mound. But i can only guess. It is very difficult to lead a normal life if you are surrounded by potential triggers..

    • I have been trying to understand what I was experiencing for YEARS. Sometimes patterns that should look normal..don’t look normal at all. When I was a teenager the top of pop cans looked weird, fans and anything with small holes or slits were strange looking. I started to itch and went into an immediate rage to break/or tear those things apart. Nobody understood if I ever mentioned it so I stopped talking about it for years. My episodes don’t come that often because I avoid looking at certain things. Right now I am having a horrible time not destroying half of my bedroom. My dresser drawers look weird, the cable box even shapes on a dress I just bought. I knew I shouldn’t have got it. I just feel like breaking everything that looks weird. Sometimes I just feel like dying because nobody understands. Blankets with flowers drive me insane. Light sockets, heat vents, holes in walls it all makes me itch like crazy and angry. I feel like I will destroy things. I’m so scared to look at anything sometimes. I feel a little better knowing this has a name but what can I do to cope? I don’t drink, smoke and no drugs so why is this happening?

  40. Thank you for the information, I will be looking at pictures of waterfalls before I go to sleep tonight as I am cringing constantly just reading this. Images I saw 10 years ago pop into my head as if it’s yesterday.
    All along I thought I’m sensitive to gory pictures and people never take me seriously when I explain to them how badly I get affected.
    I have another problem I can’t find any information on as well, if you have any advice, I’d appreciate it. I can’t touch velvet, I cringe just looking at it. I haven’t seen or touched velvet for a long time, but for the last week I constantly feel uneasy and shiver as if I’m touching velvet. The sensation has moved to my teeth and I have never had sensitive teeth, but it feels like I’ve rubbed them against velvet every day. Just like I usually can’t get the images out of my head, I now can’t get rid of this sensation.
    Any advice on what to research will be appreciated.

    • I too find these patterns very repulsive but i’ve never experienced fear, anxiety or itching after viewing such. i have crushed old yellow jacket nests in the past. I hate craters in soft textures. This is a fascinating discovery to me. Interestingly, i also experience discomfort with fabrics of similar texture to velvet. Especially during times when my fingers are “pruney”. As a young child i would geek out if i put on socks right after a bath. The soft fabric did me in. To this day certain fabrics are uncomfortable for me.

  41. Thank you so much for writing this. Someone just posted a photo on my facebook feed that made me physically ill and I took to the internet to see if I am the only crazy person who reacts this way. So glad to know it’s not just me and that there is a name for it! All the other articles I found online contained upsetting images. Really glad your article doesn’t have any pictures. Can’t thank you enough.

  42. I saw the photo of the lotus on skin image a few days ago, I found it almost impossible to sleep afrerwards as the image was and is constantly showing itself again and again. I have never had a problem with holes/clusters of before ( im noticing it now slightly) and this hasnt started affecting me outdoors so much, but the image comes comes to me all the time and I start shaking, gagging and have been sick on two occasions. I may not have actual trypophobia, but it terifies me. I feel stupid and have refused to talk to anyone due to them judging and not understanding, but does anyone know what I can do to help?

  43. That lotus image keeps resurfacing on my Facebook and then the horrid feelings, goosebumps and fear starts again. Thank goodness for this page. I didn’t know why I’ve been having such a horrible reaction. I wish there was a way I could ban all these images from my browser.

  44. on August 4, 2014 at 2:29 am | Reply Sharron Forsyth

    I have always had a slight aversion to clusters of holes but nothing too drastic until the afore mentioned images on Facebook. Now I am completely freaked out by images and can’t stop thinking about them. I get knots in my stomach that last for weeks and chills like someone walking over my grave. I can’t even stand to see baked beans or peas in the plughole when the water drains after washing dishes, I have to make sure there are none on the plates before washing them. Reading about it without images is bad enough, but it is very informative and I will be looking for picures of furry animals etc. Thank you very much Jordan.

  45. The thing about the human brain, “Once seen, it cannot be unseen”. Is there a way to get rid of the ‘disturbing images’?

  46. on August 5, 2014 at 6:25 am | Reply Susan Benson

    OMG! I now know I haven’t lost it….I saw the Facebook image and became obsessed going back to the image over and over even though I learned it was a fake I still couldn’t leave it alone. I have tried visualizing it going away but the image will pop back in my head even when it is the furthest thing on my mind at the time…. When in conversation with others it pops in my head. I am itching, itching, itching nonstop. I don’t think “desensitizing” works. I have been seriously considered seeking hypnotherapy to make the images go away. Has anyone tried that? Any luck with it?

    • I have heard some people have had success with it but myself I just tend to ignore triggers. It seems like with this phobia, the more you analyse it, you tend to make it worse for yourself. At least that is my experience. I have not had as severe reactions as I did when I wrote this post since I stopped searching up and looking at lots of triggers.

  47. I will try this. I shared my discovery with my mom and daughter who both are at a loss how to respond to me. I don’t like being in this position with them. I am supposed to be the strong one for them

  48. That is true. The more I talk about it the worse it becomes. But I just can’t let go. Also, I noticed that after partcipating in a discussion people who didn’t even know such a phobia existed started reacting to the triggers mentioned during the discussion. Pretty nasty!

  49. This is the first time I’ve read anything about this. I first noticed that I had this “phobia” 27 years ago when I was in 4th grade and I’m just learning about it now. When was the first time you guys noticed you had this?

  50. Im pregnant, was enjoying my pregnancy until 2 weeks again someone sent me a pic of a womans breast with holes….I saw this puc 8 years ago and had forgotten all about it uuntil 2 wreks ago…now l hate this pregnancy, whenever bub moves l feel so gross, l start visualising bub having holes all over her body…its so disgusting, I now hav trouble sleeping….heĺlllllllllp….l really need help. How can l stop it…

    • I feel for you. Hey, that picture you saw is not real, just try to keep it out of your mind. The more you think about it the worse it will be, honestly just occupy your thoughts with what makes you happy :) good luck

  51. Hello everyone,

    This is the first time I’ve heard about this phobia yet I have suffered from it since I was a very young child.

    I do have a question though: do you guys think this phobia could be induced by a traumatic experience?

    I’m asking you this because, as I said before, I’ve been disgusted by holes since I was a toddler, I have even been told by mom that when I was very young I was even disgusted by my own belly button…and my parents think that this was induced by something I saw when I was 2 years old. My dad’s in the army and one day I was visiting him in the military base where he worked and a soldier shot himself in the torso (my dad says he had a hole) and I saw him a few minutes after it happened; I can’t remember the exact moment I saw him but I do remember what my dad and I were doing just before we heard the gun shot and it’s a very clear memory of us playing chess (well he was trying to teach me how to play, I was only 2!) and when I recall that moment the whole scene seems to be in slow motion, we hear the loud gunshot and the memory stops right there.

    So yeah, do you guys think that’s what caused my phobia? And if that’s possible, do you think I could get rid of it? I saw the disgusting FB picture of the thing on someone’s neck and I can’t stop seeing it in my mind, and I’m itching all over.

    • Honestly, I don’t think so, people are quick to attribute causes to things they don’t understand. I mean, I don’t know your particular case, but personally I never had any particular such ’cause’ that I could identify. I just always had this since young.

      • Thanks for your answer; yeah, I’m not really sure my parents were right when imagining that this disturbing scened I saw when I was very young was the actual cause to this “silly” disgust I have of “silly and harmless holes”.
        It was very interesting reading about the things that calmed you and I spent more than half an hour browsing cute puppies’ pictures this morning and that was calming indeed and took my mind away from disgusting scenes. The calming image I have developped for some time now is imagining a metallic gymnastics horizontal bar…yup,it sounds crazy, but I think this image comes to me because when I was a child I was in a gymnastics group and there was this boy who was very talented and was always practing very hard routines on the horizontal bar…Somehow the image of that bar and imagining how smooth would be if I touched it is very calming to me, which is interesting because you also find that smooth and shining objects can help you.

  52. Thank u very much… 2 days in a roll I felt like I was gona die.. after seeing a wound fotoshoped about ganier products.. if u Google YOU WILL NEVER USE GANIER PRODUCTS AGAIN… u will c it

  53. I’m not sure Melissa. This is the first time I’ve learned that other people suffer from the same thing and I’m now fascinated by it trying to think of a cause. I’m not sure there really is one. The first time this happened to me I was in 3rd grade or so and my calculator broke on the ground. I picked it up and saw the backside of the numbers which were several holes in a pattern and I almost threw up. I was only 8 and I remember it like it was yesterday. Something about the pattern of holes set me off and I couldn’t get the image out of my head. I first saw the image on facebook 5 days ago and it still pops in my head today. The first two days I imagined those holes all over my body and even worse, my 6 month old daughters. Here’s a strange question, don’t think I’m crazy but has anyone out there been told they are a natural healer or capable of elevating or taking away peoples pains simply by being close to them? I ask because I’ve actually been told that by every person I’ve had a serious relationship with. I think this phobia might have something to do with my mind processing danger and always needing to know that it can fix a problem. A natural logical thought. Something about these images aren’t natural and my mind treats it like a disease that I can’t understand and I imagine it taking over my whole body. I’m I crazy?

    • Hi D, I think you will find my answer even crazier.

      No, I have never been told I’m a healer BUT I do feel in advance when something bad is going to happen, I hate being able to know beforehand and most of the time I try to ignore this “ability” because it really disturbs me. This began happening to me when I was about 13 years old and since then it has only become stronger
      What is very weird is that 2 years ago I casually met a young woman who is a friend of some friends of mine (I’ve never told these friends about this weird premonitions nor have I talked of it on FB or Twitter or wharever, mostly because I usually think that if I ignore those premonitions they won’t happen which is not the case, anyway) and we were having lunch and suddenly this girl asked to see my hands, she touched them and then she asked me if I usually know when bad things are going to happen…I was very surprised and said yes, and I asked her how did she know and she told me that I had very interesting hands (they’re very commonplace, nothing visually interesting about them) and that she had never seen hands like mine in a person who does not practice magic or occult stuff. I told her that no, I did not practice any of those things (I’m a Roman Catholic and that kind of stuff isn’t very welcomed in my religion though I do not judge those who are into that kind of magic) so she was as puzzled as I was.
      So yeah, not a healer at all (I wish I were so that I could have saved people I loved) but some crazy/weird/illogical stuff has happened to me.

    • Hi there D, your not going to believe this but let me start from the beginning, I have been suffering from this Phobia since i was around 10 and it comes and goes but always gets triggered by something i consider to be gross. Over the last few days an image popped into my head, i wont tell you what it was as i don’t want to gross anyone out but as per usually i get the unpleasant skin crawling sensation. Just like everyone here i have been trying to find a cure or a remedy to ease the discomfort. But nothing worked, But then i started to think deeply about what was happening and why. The crawling sensation would only happen if i saw something that was chaotic in pattern. It never happens when something is smooth or in good order. Then i started to think im i sensitive to chaotic patterns that are similar to an unidentified source. The i started to research and it brought me to this post. and then i read through all the post right down till i came across your post and then BINGO!!
      You said that maybe its some sort of defense warning mechanism that we are unaware of and that got me thinking again. And you mentioned healing so i thought of the obvious…DISEASE. so i googled disease under the microscope and there up pooped loads of images of microscopic disease all in horrific skin crawling glory. YUK!!! be warned if you try and google them for confirmation. I know people suffer from different types of images but the disease micros seem to be the general look of what triggers many people phobia, but now i believe we are sensitive to chaotic disorderly looking things that look like diseased micros and your body is sending you a signal to be beware. because naturally you want to keep away from such disease. Now i feel so much better as i have a foundation to work from. Chaotic thoughts are causing this so of course you have to thing have things that have beautiful natural order colors rainbows, the sun, water…. maybe its a 6 sense trying to come out but we have no idea. Quick question is anyone suffering from a sickness or disease that frequently get these phobias? i hopes this helps anyone out there.

  54. Thank you very much for omitting images and writing for the audience in need of information. I discovered today that this is a real thing and not just a personal thing and I could not read other articles due to the repulsive photos.

  55. It does help to avoid the pictures. I still itch all over so it’s hard not to think about it. Baby steps…alittle better each day and hope it eventually fades from my memory

  56. Praise the lord u did not add any images… I hav taken several baths bt I’m stil itchy all over nd no 1 understands me infact my sister told me to stop acting “white” whatever that’s supposed to mean… I realy hope the waterfalls and fluffy animals will help

  57. I never heard of it before. But then I have seen a lotus seed pod. It was a travel vlog and someone went to a botanic garden and there it was and I responded with goosebumps and disgust and I can’t get it out of my mind. Other things with holes have never triggered something like this to me. It is so strange.

  58. Many thanks for this write-up without any pictures. I have always reacted to images with clustered holes but this nasty Facebook image( I wont describe it) going around has got me so irritated and itchy that I’m looking online for why I am reacting so badly and looking for solutions. Now I know the condition has a name. I can’t describe how I am feeling. One website advised looking at more images and trying to change your thinking towards the images(e.g. reassuring yourself they are just images and can’t harm you). I have tried it but it is getting me more itchy and can’t get it off my mind. My advise is to stick to what you have read on this page. Avoid images like that. There is a strong desire to keep looking at those images and I still don’t know why. It’s happening to me but from tonight, I have made up my mind not to google the condition anymore(lest I see more images). No more looking for solutions as I have found the solution here. Good luck all.

  59. Fight that urge to go look again! You can do it:)

  60. That fb image did it all, i was ok till 2 months ago, then i saw that creepy image and i am ill since then, i m sleepless, crawling, fever, sweats, stomach disorder, headache, shoulder pain, body shivering and strange kind of weekness around lower and upper part of my body. i havent slept for around 2 months, that image is not permanent in my eyes, i cant close my eyes untill i keep my eyes opened all might then due to tiredness my body faints and my eyes closes themself. i have much more than this but i dont know how to explain, someone please suggesf a medical treatment, i need it badly

  61. I had no idea this wasreal, i honestly thought i was loosing my mind. But then my 14 yr old son saw the photoshopped flower pod, though we didnt know that in the beginning, he too was struggling with this image. I cant even sleep, weeks now actually, but having a little insight i think will help us both stary to cope. I still feel foolish that i cant stop thinking about someyhing thats driving me nuts. Neverthe, Thank you so much for the infor.

  62. on August 22, 2014 at 8:32 pm | Reply Keisha Washington

    Thanks alot….really helping me!!! Bc i’m freaking out behind a horrible images on fb….on the skin full of holes….omg!!! I can’t get rid of this image in my head. My skin crawling so bad….HELP!!!

  63. Man, this is gross. You know NOTHING about. All of a sudden you see a wonky picture and…well you are blown! The image fixes itself as firmly on your brain as that cyst on the shoulder. And the curious research into it that inadvertently follows only makes things worse. Thanks for this article minus any triggers.

  64. OMG that Facebook picture of lotus seeds on the neck is taking over my life, over a week now and I cannot brush it off and its making my skin itchy and burning. I am so cranky and struggle to even sit leaning anywhere! No idea what do with myself and I keep grinding my teeth as i cannot forget about it.

  65. I have come back to add more comment. It is nice to know you can feel better like I am feeling now. I felt like my brain should be replaced few weeks ago but this is me feeling better. What have I done? I made sure I stopped looking up the word trypo…… on search engines(e.g. google) and stopped talking about it.( That was where the real problem started).

    Our mind is very powerful. It can work for us or against us. Every time I remember those images, I try(hard at first) to quickly discard it. If I am on my computer. I look for beautiful pictures to calm me down. My rationale is, if a film gives you nightmares, you will be asking for trouble if you keep watching it over and over again.

    Time they say heal wounds but this won’t happen if we keep hurting more by looking up more images as a result of searching for solutions. To be honest, most people I think will react to these pictures but the difference is some people discard and move on, some find it a bit hard to forget, some very hard to forget and some dwell on it.

    If your mind is programmed to say you have that condition, then it will be in your head and mind all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I react so badly to these images( and even started taking note of things that never used to bother me before).

    I am still in the process of cleaning up my mind but I must say I am feeling better than few weeks ago.

    Trust me, that feeling will go away. Just give it time and try not to dwell on it. Find something else to occupy your mind.

    All the best

  66. i thought i was the only one who experienced it. glad to know im not alone.

  67. Thank you! This is something that has only been an issue for me for the last 3 days but they have been the worst 3 days ever! I saw some of the photoshopped seed head images on stupid facebook and was astounded by the level of panic and anxiety they brought forward in me. I have been crying, I’ve not slept and have totally freaked out 3 or 4 times!

    Its so hard. I know they are not real, I know they are made up and I know they are just there to make you say ugh! But I cant get it out of my head. I imagined them appearing on myself throughout the night. Being tired is not helping me! I really don’t know how to stop it right now. I’m battling with myself. trying to keep busy but I am dreading going to bed as this is when Im pretty sure it will be at it’s worst.

    I’m not a stranger to anxiety and I know how powerful the mind is. I have to keep that in in my head when they pop up. I have to quash this otherwise I think I might actually lose the plot completely.

    I will try to employ the tricks/methods in this article. Thank you.

    From ‘feeling messed up’ :(

  68. I and another close family member have had this since childhood. We didn’t discover each other had it until we both had had problems with it for a couple of years. Until today I never knew anybody else knew about it, had it, or that it had a name. This is me, right down to the crazy curiosity that makes it hard not to look at pictures that I know are going to bother me.

    That said, even the text descriptions in this article of images that trigger it are enough, I wasn’t able to read through the entire thing. If you hid those behind a link, you’d be doing a service to some of us.

    In the last half hour, I made the mistake of clicking on a link to trypophobia.net in hopes of getting information, whose owners decided it would be a good idea to plaster the most explicit, graphic images of trypophobia triggers on every page. I don’t know what kind of sicko does that, my day is ruined. I have a very angry letter in the works. Anybody suffering from this should AVOID TRYPOPHOBIA.NET and TRYPOPHOBIA.COM, it’s a very sick prank.

  69. Many thanks for writing this article and to the responses. I too thought I was going insane after seeing the infamous FB lotus pod in the skin. I can’t even explain the feeling that came over me but it was an irrational fear that I felt possessed by. I wasn’t necessarily nauseous but as the day went on I felt an overwhelming feeling that something was very wrong and the anxiety caused me to break down and cry. I couldn’t get the image out of my mind and at times it became animated, turning, etc., or I would imagine it on someone’s face as they were talking to me. The second day I felt the aggression everyone is describing and felt the need to destroy the holes with my fingers, and irrational thoughts of wanting to rip my skin off, terrified me. Also, certain tail light patterns now also make me very uneasy, which began after seeing that image. I sound insane as I write this but I have NEVER experienced anything like this in my life. I thought I had also triggered some kind of repressed memory because it came out of no where and have never suffered from this. . I wish I would have found this page much earlier as I wouldn’t have felt so alone in my recent discovery. It’s good to know I’m not alone. It lasted about a week before I could focus on other things.

  70. It is from the same family as OCD and anxiety. Months ago I posted on this thread and I can promise you, I had it bad. My friend and I were punishing ourselves by trying to google the worst images. That surinam toad is the worst for trypophobia, it gives birth to hundreds of frogs through holes in its back. I thought I was going to kill someone with the aggression it produced in me

    Some advice; stop looking at pictures and stop feeding the OCD. It worked for me and I am ok now.The phobia goes and you will be okay.

    Think of a clear running river in your mind and flowing water. It really helps :-)

  71. I would have never known I had Trypophobia if I hadnt seen the photoshopped picture of the lotus seed pod on the skin on facebook. Im not afraid of holes its the discomfort it brings things in holes that move, things coming out of small holes, so grosse I hate it , its yuk that frog with eggs on its back yuk. This is only some of the things I find yuk.

    I agree with Shin clear mind with good pictures.

  72. Totally taken by surprise by this involuntary irrational reaction to the photoshopped pic in skin. Nice to know I’m not alone. I found it helpful to talk about it. To know I wasn’t crazy. Most friends even if they don’t share the phobia sympathize with you and reassure you. I also looked at the pics in order to desensitize myself to the FB images that were shared. It did help me. I deleted Facebook from my phone because the fear of running upon it caused me anxiety. I have no problems with the images except the skin. That’s where they get disturbing. I am in the medical field and have seen all kinds if gross stuff. It was hard to understand why a plant with what looks like blueberries in it would bother me so much. Once I separated the photo shopped images in my head, I could concentrate on the real pictures instead of the altered images. I put five pictures on my cell phone. Three of the real green “plant” and two photoshopped. And I look at the real first and they aren’t bad. Then I look at the photoshopped ones and see how they are not real and they are altered, color and all. Why someone would do that I do not know. I also prayed about it. And I do feel that God dulled the image in my head. Good luck to all fellow sufferers. And feel better knowing you are not alone. And not crazy.

  73. To know I’m not alone, to know it’s not irrational, to know others have gained back control, is so very comforting to me.

  74. Thank you- this is the first article I have come across that has no images and has actually helpful ideas. I am trying to not focus on it but I am itching all over and sick to my stomach today from seeing, for the first time last night, images of granary trees. I had nightmares all night about my pores opening and woodpeckers storing acorns in the holes in my body. It was disgusting and horrifying. I woke up several times in hot and cold sweats and freaked out even more because I was afraid the sweating was opening my pores more. I don’t want this to control me! I don’t know where this fear/sickness stems from, I’ve had problems with it for a long time.

  75. Thank you so much for your informative article, it has helped me understand that I am not alone nor losing my mind. I too only briefly saw the infamous photograph on facebook yesterday before deleting it and reporting it as offensive. I have never had this sort of reaction before to an image and I now feel nauseous, itchy, weepy, have constant goosebumps and also feel quite irrational. Initially I felt compelled to view the image but thank goodness managed not to, however it is still fresh in my mind and trying to sleep is difficult. I will try to follow the advice on this site and hopefully things will improve. Wishing you all the best of luck and once more thank you.

  76. I had no idea this even had a name or that it was a ‘thing’. Mine started from the child’s skull xray showing all the teeth a few years ago (I feel sick to the stomach even typing this), the lotus photoshopped on the body images really do it for me and you’re right, the images won’t leave your head but sometimes I just want to see them (how does that make any sense)?! Holes I can do but lots of things inside lots of holes… makes me queasy, eyes water, just horrible. Thank you for not including the images.

  77. I’m so glad I found this article. For years I’ve wondered what was going on with me and finally I have a name to put on it. The lotus pod thing creeps the bejesus outta me! I have tried explaining it to people before only to be met with confusing looks and brushing it off as being weird. Thanks for this informing article.

  78. Thank you! Not only did you share some insight on what is going on with me, but you explained a visual I have not been able to get out of my head for some time, that I can now put to rest. –What a relief!!

    Since there are so many with this phobia, I was wondering are there any of you who also visualize things when they are being discussed? This is another issue I have that I am trying to pinpoint. Many times it is a good thing, but other times I visualize so graphically that my thoughts bring me to vomiting or other non controllable reactions.

    Thanks again!

  79. I’m having the same experience and torture today. I have deactivated my Facebook because of those disgusting pictures.. It seems demonic seeing how its disturbing our life. It hasn’t been long for me, but I can’t control the itching. I feel for those who have to seek treatment..God has taken a lot of horrible things out of my life so I’m going to pray about this… We can overcome all things through Christ who strengthens us. Be Strong everyone… Thanks for the information. I feel better, God bless

  80. I have ALWAYS had an aversion to anything with small holes, symetrical, clusters, any number. But my worst episode of this “phobia” which I never heard of before and never in 66 years spoke to anyone about until this week (to my sister) has been happening over the past 3-4 months. I’ve been in my home for 3 yrs. now and never had any type of a bug problem. But for reason late spring brought a bunch of tiny black beetles into my home along exterior baseboards and they were quite visible on my winter white or cream colored carpet. Well naturally, black on white looks like “holes” to me, but I didn’t realize that. Then 3 months ago I had surgery on my left foot and one month ago on my right (an even more painful surgery), so I’ve been housebound 100% of the past month and 90% of the past 3 months. Being confined can play havoc with anyone’s imagination, but I am a writer and need creative outlets and research opportunities and people in general, so it’s been a challenge. And while I lay in bed I’d think of those damn black beetles. So a little over a month ago I decided to have my carpet shampooed. The high suction removal of the water tended to “open up” thousands of tiny holes creating dark openings in the carpet, into which my mind placed hundreds of thousands of beetles or their eggs. So I started vacuuming like a mad woman. Never enough vacuuming…….I needed ANOTHER stronger vacuum, and then I became hysterical when it appeared millions of these beetles were beginning to pour from the baseboards around my carpet. One night this past week I rationalized with myself that this cannot possibly be happening, it must be me or my eyesight. So I got a powerful flashlight and turned on my new powerful vacuum, attached the crevice tool and went for it…..NO BUGS. Just the combination of this horrible phobia, light angled against the openings in my short light carpet and a huge imagination? I feel sick and sweaty as I write this. Now I have three vacuums out in my living room, one in the closet, and 20 Mule Team Borax and bug spray on my kitchen counter and thank God I got a handle on this before I tore the carpeting out as I finally decided to replace with wood floors. Maybe its the pain medicine too. But I have ALWAYS abhorred holes and found out my sister does also. Wait til I email this article. She laughed her ass off at me earlier when I confessed I’d found out there were no bugs lurking in my carpet!

  81. Hi, I just found this interesting article, and I cannot thank you enough for showing me that I’m not alone, that I’m not a freak of nature. I really don’t know if I should label myself as a trypophobe because I am not only disturbed by patterns of holes, but by other geometrical figures as well, to the point of developing a rash by looking at these patterns, and especially when a pattern is composed of several different types of geometrical figures, and particularly when these geometrical figures have depth. That said, sometimes these disgusting images will slip into my dreams, and this is what I dread the most, as the horror of those images will haunt me for days on end. You also mention fear being one of the trypophobe’s strongest reactions. But to me it’s simply revulsion. I can’t say that I feel threatened or afraid. I just feel that I want to scratch and throw up.

  82. Thank you so much for writing this. I’m a trypophobie I hate looking at pictures they make me cringe, if I watch videos I always cry. I think I’m crazy for having this but seeing and reading that other people have this makes me feel okay but I really need help overcoming this I think I need therapy. That is what a lot of sites say so I’m really glad that I found this article. I guess I’m not alone. I just want there to be a proper cure and explanation. For this phobia.

  83. Can someone please give an explanation as to why these things make us feel the way we do?

  84. When I see an image I can’t get the uneasy disgusted image out of my brain. I immediately become aggitated and have to force myself to think of a plain beige or white flat surface and calm myself down. It’s hard though and takes a long time. Doctors and counselors will think I’m crazy so ive never mentioned it before to anyone.

  85. Omg, I am 36yrs old and have NEVER, EVER thought there were other people who had this feeling let alone knowing there is a name for this condition. I searched the pictures that were mentioned in the article just to make sure and sure enough it triggered my goosebumps and shivering. If I look at a trigger pic for more than 2 minutes I start to get nauseous. Then I get constant flashes of the pic in my mind for like 5 mins and I feel miserable. It eventually goes away but I have to think of anything else. I have never mentioned this to anyone because I never knew how to explain the feeling and I know I would be looked at as crazy or weird. I saw a trigger pic today and decided to google, “why I get goosebumps when looking at certain pics” and found this article. You don’t know what a relief it is to know that I am not crazy, that there are other people who suffer like I suffer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for writing this article.

    • This is exactly what I did! I just decided to look it up a few minutes ago out of curiosity as to if these feelings are something that other people experience. It’s SO nice to know I’m not crazy! haha

  86. Hi all, I’m not 100% sure if I am trypophobic, but I do get kind of grossed out by those FB pics with photoshopped lotus pods on peoples’ bodies. Although I can’t say I get panic attacks or become incapacitated, I do get a bit itchy and uncomfortable. But the patterns in rocks, wood, etc. don’t seem to affect me, nor does the Surinam toad. It’s a cruel irony for us all that the worst triggers are FAKE photoshopped pictures of things that do not and could not occur in real life.

    Strangely, one thing I have found that seems to ameliorate the reactions is to view – sorry, gross – these videos on YouTube of blackheads being extracted from peoples’ noses, etc. Maybe it’s the sight of something being purged that counters the whole “creature in the hole” thing with the lotus see pods. But every once in a while a trypo trigger creeps into my head…usually, I can make it go away, but occasionally I will view a few of these comedone extraction videos and it seems to somehow soothe. Weird and creepy, but whatever works, right?

    Anyway – I am thankful I don’t seem to have as severe a reaction as many here – I truly feel for you and hope that you can find support and peace. Cheers and pleasant thoughts, everybody.

    • Thank you!!! I too don’t have extreme reactions to this like others seem to, but I definitely feel quite uncomfortable and have a need to get those holes taken care of. Just the thought of removing blackheads helped me. And watching a disgusting video of those strips removing them was amazingly soothing. How odd! Thank you thank you for the idea!

  87. I had no idea that there was a word or explanation for what I have been feeling for years when I would see images like lotus seeds photoshopped onto the skin or a sponge. I just thought I was weird when I saw images like that and just got so anxious and tense, wanting to just rip it up. Whenever I would explain this feeling to people, I would get the weirdest look. But now that I know this is actually something that other people experience and that it has a name for it I feel so much better! Don’t get me wrong, the images still bother me and make me angry hahaha, but it’s just nice to identify this. Thank you!

  88. This is mind-boggling to me! Thanks for the article and all the comments! it’s just that picture that triggers me and after weeks of introspection on this, I had to google it, which brought me here. For me, it seems to create an achingly strong desire to relieve that skin of those holes and I CANT STOP looking at it, despite how disgusting I find it.. It almost seems like a primate instinct to remove insects etc. The only physical reaction I get is great tension, but my skin doesn’t itch and I don’t get sick. However, this image is constantly with me and the only way to explain my reaction is a strong internal NEED to fix it. Like a puzzle? Like a disease that needs an immediate cure? I don’t know. The comment above about watching blackheads removed soothed me just THINKING about that, how weird is that!? What is the reason for this ‘fear’!?! I’m trying so hard to find a psychological answer and being a primate is my only theory.

  89. I hate it so much, but i also notice i get goosebumps with certain patterned lines as well, not just circles or holes. Is lines normal? I haven’t heard anything about that. for example, the only lined pattern that really triggers a HUGE reaction out of me is that show The Garfield Show on Boomerang network. look up a picture if you dare. is it just me? i got goosebumps and felt so sick i had to close my eyes for what felt like forever and calm down.

  90. referring to the lines on the cats back

  91. I i honestly thought i was the only person that such a phobia. Thanks to the person who did this website also no triggering pics…..thank God!!!. I came up with a few ways that helps getting over Trigger Attacks not a cure though.
    1. Not everyone needs to know about you Typophobia especially pranksters
    2. After an attack i stepped outside in -2 degree briefly in a vest and long john and my mind was off the disturbing image
    3. Excersice or a brief work out helped (push ups sit ups ect)
    4. Get out of comfort zones for a while aka bed during an attack you’ll not be able to sleep.
    5. Have a cup of your favorite tea. Earl Grey Please!!!
    6. Listening to my favorite playlist helps … Singing along is better too.
    7. T.v
    These help me but not TOTALLY tho the image is still in our heads. If please let me know if you guys have additional rememdies. I’m glad I’m not alone in this fight. Let’s learn to get over Trypophobia !!!

  92. Thanks for sharing and I am so relieve I am not the only one !!! for me is very bad when I get trigger I get physically sick, I vomit, get headache , nausea and dizzy too just by looking a picture. it sucks

  93. Yeah, i get goose bumps as well. Whenever i see holes i feel disgusted and get goosebumps all over my body. The fact that it looks soft and squishy disgusts me as well. I dint really feel dizzy but all that happens are goosebumps so yeah

  94. I just want to rip my skin apart right now.I feel so uncomfortable and itchy.Like something crawling under my skin.Like bees buzzing in my ears .I was on Facebook and click on a link that show an eyeball with some freaky and gross stuff almost planted in the eyes.Like it growing out of it.I think am going to unlike pages on my Facebook.I been experiencing this for years and thought I was alone…It a horrible feelings.

  95. Wow, I though I was going nuts. I saw a disgusting image of a lotus seed photoshopped onto skin (something about some kind of reaction to head and shoulders shampoo). It has been grossing me out every since I saw it. Why would someone do such a thing?

  96. so glad so many people feel the same way! I just came searching now because i was triggered lo and behold by a disgusting facebook pic (not of the lotus seed on the neck, i’ve seen that before though and cannot un-see it) of another ‘weird skin disease’ picture/link of the soles of someone’s foot with some strange pattern on it and then someone’s eyes as well where the eyeballs have been replaced with the pattern! Has any one else seen it? It made me feel immediately sick, shakey, angry, panicky, teary, and just awful and this i know will now keep popping into my mind at random points for the next month and more. It makes me so angry to know that someone has sat down and taken the time to photoshop that and post it online.

  97. TRIGGER WARNING. Thank you so so much for this article. Thank you so so much for also not including photos.I saw the photo shopped photo that surfaced facebook 10 years ago and it haunted me then. I was 13. When it came on Facebook I was bothered again. This time I stupidly googled what I was afraid of and came upon the name Trypophobia. Then I went to a website that was all about it And help. You’d think they would warn about photos. No. I went to read more about recent news and up came a horrible photo that had been photo shopped. I literally screamed. I was not expecting it. The next 3 days were awful. After that, everything triggered it. Triggers are everywhere. The shower head triggered it, but I love water and then somehow it felt healing to take a shower and I felt at peace with the shower head. However ever since, I’m more aware and I hate it. Bubbles in the sink have triggered. When I focus my mind on the fact they’re bubbles it helps, because I like bubbles. When I envision them as holes, they become horrible dangerous creatures. Today I bit into a truffle and it triggered it. I’m just so tired of this. I hate it. It’s so stupid. Like I know this is a stupid thing to be afraid of. Yet I have to rub my skin to make sure it’s normal. I just want to not have to deal with this anymore. When I get triggered, I pray and that helps. I don’t feel like I can face this without God. I just wish I knew why we have this. Why? Like what is so terrifying about holes? Even the words bother me. Also, I do feel better when they’re in a pattern And symmetrical. It seems less…threatening. With this phobia, I have something tied in. I would like to know if anyone else has this. I feel like I’m afraid of the holes because it’s like they’re alive. Like a virus or rash. This may be because of the snopes photoshopped photo thing when I was 13, I don’t know. But if I think of plants growing out of me, or even just things growing out of nothing or just growing, it makes me uncomfortable. Like when a new pepper starts growing inside a pepper. I’m afraid the holes will be alive and spread. I don’t know…I just want to be over this. I wish there was scientific research on it and that we were taken seriously. We see them everywhere. I wish you all the best and hope and pray that we can all overcome this.

  98. The infamous FB lotus pod on the neck picture triggered it for me (I honestly want to kill whoever did that and put that on there). I had a couple bad days after that, wanting to scratch my neck, feeling my heart race, and just obsessing over the image. I can relate to the feeling of wanting to destroy the offending object, and I have found my phobia generally relates to the pictures of skin. I did find a resource on You Tube that helped me, it was a psychologist who walked you through a meditative process. At first I thought it didn’t work, but it did help, so it is worth a try to those of you suffering.

  99. As someone who’s knowingly suffered with this and learned to deal with most of it over 30 years, I’ve found there’s an easy way to get past the stranger manifestations of trypophobia that worked for me. I still shudder but I’ve found eating things with cluster hole patterns works for getting rid of stuff like high density swiss cheese, aerated chocolate, and pomegranates. Eating them actually made me less afraid of them. I never had a fear of bubble clusters, probably because I took a lot of bubble baths as a kid.

    Because of that, the only heavily clustered items in regular life I’ve found are certain plants…and Wasp’s nests. I’ve looked at my own skin in confusion since childhood with a magnifying glass. Perhaps that’s why I guess there are “normative” and “irregular” clusters for me.

    The reason that the idea it’s a biological response seems agreeable to me is probably because of the wasp’s nests I’ve seen much of my life.

    So my goofy advice is– to avoid trypophobia in “normal” food items, eat them! Most of the other things like shower heads go away over time. For those folks creeped out by those photoshopped pics– just remember– SOMEONE was trying to creep other people out. It’s not that there’s something wrong with you– it’s that there’s something wrong with the pics.

  100. Thank you so much. I always thought I was the only one and there was just something wrong with me.

  101. Thank you so much for this article. I had nothing short of a meltdown after that lotus picture in June. Major panic attack. Even reading about it made my heart rate climb and I start to sweat and my stomach feels like a rock. I hate how the internet shows you recommended stories about this stuff and you sit there and think, “How the hell did it come to that decision” it’s the LAST thing I want to see. Last time it sent me to an article about a kid with 200+ teeth and I nearly vomited. I thought I was going nuts and I was the only one. Thank you again, Jordan.

  102. I’ve beaten the heebies but I still have the jeebies: am I 50% cured? : my report a week after seeing the shoulder image on facebook.

    WARNING, I’m going to discuss all manner of horrors because I’ve foolishly tried the full immersion technique to get rid of this phobia. When I saw the facebook image, I’d not forgotten there was this one weird repulsion I had but I hadn’t seen one of those images in a long while. It took several hours before I could go back and look up trypophobia for the first time. One quickly finds the lotus seed pod, the single most horrifying form of biotic life on earth. The weird thing about my trypophobia is that I’m not bothered by many of the common hole triggers, just holes with things in them that shouldn’t be there. In the week I’ve been googling images, including innumerable skin diseases I’ve idiotically looked at, none of them cause any more than something on the range of wow that’s gross to that’s disgustingly fascinating. I’ve even gotten over the “woodpecker tree.” But the seed pod still fills me with revulsion. As for the photoshopped seed pod in skin, I can finally see that it’s fake, and other skin ailments help with that. Tissue is just a mess, a beautiful mess. And things boring into flesh is disgusting but totally logical rational and just some other organism trying to get by. The seed pod in flesh is a total affront to consciousness. It makes absolutely no sense and yet all the sense in the world. At first I thought, am I seeing one creature with many eyes? Then I wondered if I’m particularly bothered that the rounded shapes seem to be trapped inside cavities just slightly too small for them to escape? Or was it just a design that said – something horrible is happening beyond your imagination, you should give up all hope.

    Then I came across the work of Geoff Cole of the University of Essex where he discusses the condition along the lines of a programmed response to a visual pattern that our brains read as irregular and dangerous like those found in poisonous species. If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably also tried the exposure route. If not, I’m truly sorry if I’ve set you off. But here’s a hopeful idea that’s helped me. I think what is particularly horrific about the seed pod (especially on flesh) is when a viewer is not only registering the poison alarm, but also has OCD. A week later, I still had the urge to FIX the images. For the first several days, that fix was a desire to crush the infected area, to pulverize it. That violent response made me think I’m probably responding to the wasps nest/poisonous pattern form of trypophobia, but the underlying guuuuh, I hate life feeling seemed more tied to the desire to groom the horror away, to clean out the invader. The number of holes that need cleaning amplified the panic.

    But now my jeebies are slowly fading as I try to separate those weird and wonderful instincts. If you can handle it, find the youtube videos of lotus seed pods being torn apart and the seeds being eaten. It’s sort of like watching a monster being defeated. Of course, you have to navigate around those awful videos, but I’ve watched all those too. They become silly and all you see is the mean spirit behind them. So those are my two cents. The brain programming that gave us OCD for evolutionary benefits and the one to warn us about poison critters are two different programs that come crashing together when some idiot combines them in a photoshopped image.

    p.s. I recommend writing your own story here. It helps too :)

  103. I am so happy to have found this page! I suffer from trypophobia as well and agree with everyone else on this page that I thought I was the only one. It started when I was about 10. I had a wort on my foot. (only one I have ever gotten thank god) I went to the doctor to get it froze off and after it had dried up and died there will still seeds in it. I was so sick and angry and I couldn’t describe how i felt. Everyone I told thought it was funny. I ended up getting a knife and cutting that piece of my toe off (not as bad as it sounds, only top layer of skin). Anyways, I have seen the Facebook hoax as well and it gets to me so bad. I feel like my body is heating up so rapidly, I’m sick, I itch and I feel that my balance is off for some reason. I’m so dizzy. I think about it for days and can’t stop. I’m so glad that there are more like me.

  104. on February 21, 2015 at 3:32 am | Reply Joyce Crawford

    I will be 70 soon, and I’ve had this response to ant and bee swarms since I was a child. Now, quinoa particularly the red kind will ellicit this skin crawling and itching sensation. I had no idea that anyone else had this until my son who is 40 shared with me that he does also. And I had no idea that it was a named phobia. My family and friends have unwittingly made fun of me, but I knew that I was not faking something. Thanks for putting a name and description and possible cause to it! Great informative article!

  105. OH MY GOD-I HAD NOOOOOO idea there was even a name for this- I’m 33 and have had this as long as I can remember- it started with honeycomb shaped things- and when i READ THE LOTUS flower boob thing- which I saw on facebook- ( which almost CONSUMED MY LIFE FOR TWO OR THREE DAYS out of such bothersome reoccurring thoughts of it—I’ve never had a term for this..
    * QUESTION- does anyone else, in reaction to those triggering images feel the need to either scratch the inside of your thumbs or flap your hands or have the inability to squeeze your hand into a fist? These are the strongest reactions I have had at least sometime in the past…….I am a Special education teacher and have NEVER come across anything like what I at least thought was a solitary problem–great site- what a relief to know I’m not alone.

  106. I am so happy to have read this . I have had this issue for some time now and actually looked up the botfly thing and immed got goosebumps then vomited . It has gotten progressively worse and I never knew there was an acrual ne for this so I thank you . I find it weird and disturbing but glad to know people have the same thing

  107. I had never thought about this phenomenon before. But recently I saw a photograph of a bird with somewhat strange feathers. This induced such a strong and inadequate reaction in me (I instantly felt like vomitting and perceived a strong desire to destroy this disgusting creature – which looks pretty harmless, when thinking about it). I was puzzled about this and started searching for a possible reason for this strange reaction. I found some information on trypophobia, but I agree, that this was not very helpful. Although I realized that there is a systematic connection to some discomfort that I experienced before, e.g. when looking at images of the Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt or even some kinds of LED-tail-lights of cars, but occupying myself with trypophobia didn’t help but made everything worse. I totally agree with Jordan. The best thing is to just forget this shit as quickly as possible.
    However, one hint: The British psychologists Cole and Wilkins have published a paper on this topic, which is accessible for review. It explains the possibility, that trypophobics are not crazy, but inherited an old fear from evolution. Be aware though, that figure 1 at the end of the paper shows a potentially triggering lotus photo.

  108. Hi there….. ( this is a post i replied to way down below but re-posed it higher so people can see it it starts from now.)……. your not going to believe this but let me start from the beginning, I have been suffering from this Phobia since i was around 10 and it comes and goes but always gets triggered by something i consider to be gross. Over the last few days an image popped into my head, i wont tell you what it was as i don’t want to gross anyone out but as per usually i get the unpleasant skin crawling sensation. Just like everyone here i have been trying to find a cure or a remedy to ease the discomfort. But nothing worked, But then i started to think deeply about what was happening and why. The crawling sensation would only happen if i saw something that was chaotic in pattern. It never happens when something is smooth or in good order. Then i started to think im i sensitive to chaotic patterns that are similar to an unidentified source. The i started to research and it brought me to this post. and then i read through all the post right down till i came across your post and then BINGO!!
    You said that maybe its some sort of defense warning mechanism that we are unaware of and that got me thinking again. And you mentioned healing so i thought of the obvious…DISEASE. so i googled disease under the microscope and there up pooped loads of images of microscopic disease all in horrific skin crawling glory. YUK!!! be warned if you try and google them for confirmation. I know people suffer from different types of images but the disease micros seem to be the general look of what triggers many people phobia, but now i believe we are sensitive to chaotic disorderly looking things that look like diseased micros and your body is sending you a signal to be beware. because naturally you want to keep away from such disease. Now i feel so much better as i have a foundation to work from. Chaotic thoughts are causing this so of course you have to thing have things that have beautiful natural order colors rainbows, the sun, water…. maybe its a 6 sense trying to come out but we have no idea. Quick question is anyone suffering from a sickness or disease that frequently get these phobias? i hopes this helps anyone out there.

  109. Just to add what i have already said i looked up cancer under the microscope and a video on youtube came up on the search and certain cancers look like the Lotus photos…hmmm the plot thickens..more research.

  110. on March 12, 2015 at 2:54 pm | Reply Rhonda Andrews

    Hi, several months ago someone posted on fb a picture of a dog with both of its ears infested with huge ticks. Ever since then I’m obsessed with looking at images of any pictures of the same types of images. I look for them 4 /5,times daily several times a week. I love dogs and cat understand why I want to see these hurtful photos of these gross images. I’ve looked at the photos so many times I feel very obsessed.

  111. Can you please respond to my post.km

  112. I have a question, does this Phobia includes the need to itch or my case is even worse; because, besides being disgusted by clusters or other organic small holes , I feel irritated and the need to itch all over my body but , especially my hair, and it’s terrible when I’m in public cuz I have to resist the urge to itch. Please give me an answer.

  113. When I first saw the image of Trypophobia my skin hair stands Immediately and it won’t stop standing until I forgot about this things. Everytime I remember the said image I was like all of my hair stands even in my face.

  114. Gosh you are awesome. I found this horrible picture on google and start goosebumps, and I wanna puke. After I see the picture, I don’t wanna know anything about honeycomb it was very traumatic

  115. I very much appreciate the lack of any illustrating images in this article. As someone who suffers from this, I have tried studying it online to help better understand it, only to be continually assaulted by images of the very thing I dislike! (understandably, but still)

  116. This is exactly what i suffer with and my family and friends did not understand. I cannot stand looking at clusters or chaotic patterns even rows of christmas lights can get to me, goose bumps, itching especially my head, feeling angry and sick, so glad im not mad

  117. Hi everyone, I have been struggling with this lately, after seeing lotus seed images that have been mentioned. It was a few weeks ago and I literally wretched and couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. Growing up I never liked the look of honeycomb or frogspawn, but it was nothing more than a feeling of discomfort. This latest incident confused me and to be honest scared me a little. I agree with others though that the more we think about it, the bigger it becomes and the last few days in which I have been tired and stressed out with work, it has seemed much worse. I was so freaked out with the lotus seed on skin thing, i tried to desensitise myself to it, by looking at it a lot. I thought i was okay after a while, but then the next day it grossed me out again. yesterday someone posted a picture of a severely sliced hand with dozens of cuts on the fingers and I have felt sick ever since. I sweat and find it difficult to focus for some reason why i see things like that. I have wondered if its generic or something I have experienced. The only thing in my childhood that was as gross was a bite that got infected in my skin from a fly of some kind. It became swollen and then when it popped (sorry) it left a hole that even writing makes me shiver, because it was similar to the lotus seed hole, albeit it just a single one. Thanks for not putting up the images. I don’t care if i never one again.

  118. Everyone in my family thinks i’m crazy when I describe how I’ve been feeling after I get triggered. At least now I know what it is and that i’m not alone. God I pray the itchy/skin crawling feeling stops soon. :'(

  119. Oh dear. I just developed this horrendous feeling from hell a couple of weeks ago. I never had it before and could look at all those pictures. Now, all of a sudden, just even reading this article, I am getting chills, goosebumps, and itching all over. I can’t look at those pictures or others that are similar like the insides of a cantaloupe with those seeds and other gross things. It is getting worse by the day. I can’t look at shower drains, or ANYTHING with dark holes. I do not have anxiety attacks or nausea, I just want to claw the darn things to pieces.

    I have no idea how this happened. I will admit that I am under an unbelievable amount of stress and have bad depression.

    I wisthis would stop. I am tired of tingling, itching and goosebumping. This sucks. Even the word “hole” is making me itch now.

    • Thanks for this article , I had no Idea this was a thing … Just thought I was a little Odd. Tho finding out it was a thing has made it worse … tho this site was the second site I cam to … The first was that godforsaken article with all the images … I only responded to less than half of them but the ones that I did respond to were revolting … Im still Itchy…

      Yup de-seeding cantaloupe was my first thing that grossed me out as a kid.
      I love the taste of the fruit but God damn those … /sigh.

  120. on April 20, 2015 at 7:49 am | Reply Yair Nanda Aung

    i hate trypophobia

  121. So do I, and the way it all of a sudden came on, I never had it before until the last month or so, now, ANYTHING almost makes my skin crawl and I itch, it sucks.

  122. I dont have tryphophobia but when i heard about it i just researched and get interested in knowing about it most commonly i found only fake and photoshopped images and a video which is not related to tryphophobia but they used it for fake…i hope no in dis world has holes in their body..it’just a freaking internet drama..dont afraid abt it think it just as a prank..
    The only useful article..thank u

  123. I was 6 when first triggered a head injury in a clunk click advert – it was so hard to explain and i truely thought i was the only one. I tried to tell my daughter aged 20 doing psychology degree and some months later she came home and said it was discussed in a lecture. i did all the googling activity once i had a name but this is currently ruining my life. i’m on day 11 of body shuddering and panick. i am desparate i really dont think i can live another day. i truely dont want to go on. for me it was the eye, the childs head xray and teeth below milk teeth and that pigging frog. i will never discuss again with the people i love cos i don’t ever want them tl suffer

  124. Great article. Does anyone else feel the weird desire to search the images once in a while – even though you know you will get a bad reaction from seeing them? I immediately feel nauseous and my skin crawls looking at any of the photoshopped images that come up in google. I feel the skin on my scalp tighten and my back gets itchy. I remember also being afraid of crumpets when I was a kid, as well as the inside of bones, and honeycomb. I also suffer from anxiety and OCD… I wonder if its more common in OCD sufferers.

  125. on April 29, 2015 at 4:33 am | Reply Nirmal Shanthi

    i feel it first time when my dad plastered his broken hands and saw really small clusters of holes on plaster.feeling of something living inside. dad use to tell i have some sort of mental problems by seeing my reaction.and honeycombs too.

  126. What does it mean if you like looking at trypophobic pictures? I find myself unable to look away from clusters of holes, bug, eggs, etc. I’m not sure why as everyone seems to hate it whereas I like it. Is that weird?

  127. on April 30, 2015 at 3:41 pm | Reply Steve McCarty

    Oohh: I have suffered from this condition for my entire life and I am 70! My response to the images that stimulate my trypo reaction are severe and powerful. I have tried to avoid such images for my entire life, but even today, when I see one I tend to stare at in and glory in the terrible response that it engenders. Presently there have been images posted to create a trypo reaction and I wish that I had not seen them. I figured that if I stared at them that I would become endured, but that has not been the case! I see the images over and over and in walls and in people’s faces. It is horrible. This is no laughing matter and it will take me a long time to get back to where I was before I starting seeing these images. Looking at them, for those of us who suffer from this condition, is not a good thing.

  128. on May 7, 2015 at 1:00 am | Reply Kimberly Weinberg

    Thank you! I am an editor and yesterday was working with photos of beehives. I was completely anxious and creeped out, but didn’t really know why. Then, in telling my son last night, he said, “There’s a name for that. Don’t Google it. Whatever you do, don’t Google it.” Which, of course, practically makes someone Google it. I wanted to find out more about it without having to see any images, but that’s virtually impossible, so I really appreciated this post.

  129. I can’t take a bubble bath because the bubble formations are so gross! I almost panic- I can’t take a relaxing bubble bath without seeing the holes form on top of the water. It is so terrible and wish it didn’t happen– these genes ):

    The best thing that has worked for me is transforming the images into something else in my head like immediately turning all the holes into blue berries and then it just looks like a bunch of blue berries next to each other (:

  130. I am kinda glad to know I’m not the only one…. I’ve always found clusters, holes, and conglomerations in general as gross!!! However the other night I had a horrible nightmare with this nasty trypo stuff behind my head under my hair. I saw it twice very clearly after having an electroencephalogram (of course this was all in my dream). The image was so clear I photo-shopped it and can’t it out of my head. I’m seriously thinking about looking for professional help. I feel anxious, nervous, completely out of it :'( I can’t focus and feel like crying.
    Hopefully being aware that this phobia exists will help us all deal better with it!

    • Hey ceci I hope you are feeling a bit better now. My initial trigger was similar to yours. I was going to go and see the doc but found this page and it helped a lot. when you posted this comment I was feeling the same way I know thats not much consilation but remember you are not alone. I am over the worst and fighting it. You will be ok but if your still feeling it bad get yourself to the doctor and talk to them. same for everyone else.

  131. Thank you so much for this! I have been suffering from various trypophobic images over the last few weeks. Though I’ve always had a sort of reaction to them, it only got worse when I saw a Buzzfeed article in regards to it. And, as you mentioned, I suddenly had this morbid fascination to look it up even more. And now the images all stuck up in my head, playing over and over again like some kind of broken record. It even reduced me to tears at one point.

    The best thing that has worked for me has been looking at soothing images and listening to some calming piano music. Some nice jasmine or chamomile tea helps too. But whatever you do, do not look up more trypophobic images! It does not help in the slightest bit!

  132. It is interesting to hear all your comments. But, I continue to like looking up these images. They do not make me feel dread or any negative things. It’s hard to describe how it makes me feel; but somehow I like them. I recently discovered looking at pics of people afflicted with small pox. The spots on people are mesmerizing. Should I be seeking professional help???

    Is this a bad thing? I’d love to talk with someone that feels the same way.

  133. There is a commercial on tv that has to do with allergies not really which medication it is advertising because I have to instantly turn away before my anxiety rises. There is a women and a cluster of flower envelope her nose!!! Wow! I start to hyperventilate if I don’t turn away and it takes awhile before I can get myself to stop thinking about it. Try explaining this phobia to someone and you risk them thinking you’re nuts. Nice to know I’m not alone.

  134. on May 17, 2015 at 4:24 pm | Reply Stephanie T

    Its not only clusters or holes for me, unfortunately. Cracks in walls and floors and mold and rust affects my trypophobia just as much as the holes in my macaroni (need to stop typing and think of nice things now).

    Googling my teactions to each of those things led me to the same term every time: trypophobia. My mother has a liver disease that makes her itching uncontrollable and she also has the reaction to disturbing images like the ones mentioned. I’m not sure which I would rather have. A life threatening liver disease or trypophobia. That’s how bad this phobia is for me. I get scared to tears and back away itching. I really need a way to stop this because I think I’ve been overexposed. I hope your tips work.


    It’s been a week since I thought I was trypophobic, today I DECIDED TO ACCEPT that I AM NOT! In my opinion it is all in the head and the only fact to have a “label” or term to the fear of holes is making us all sick!
    Seriously, think about it: Most of the people here has only get more anxious or afraid of trypo pictures or real life holes after “learning” they are trypophobic, but they are not!!

    I haven’t made a real study, but about 80% of the people I’ve talked with and showed some trypo pictures, found them also gross, some even thought they were also afraid of them. 5 % would find them interesting (crazy people), and 15% would be indifferent to them. Now let’s face it and please think about it: asymmetrical holes, dark spots, bumps, clusters they are all HORRIBLE, they are because they aren’t healthy, they are the manifestation of diseases, infections, or poisonous animals or plants. I think it’s SO NATURAL not to like them (some people would always be indifferent). Now, there are some other structures in nature similar to those scary holes that REMIND US of those patterns so it’s again NATURAL to dislike them.

    My personal history: I’ve never liked those type of holes since I remember, BUT I wasn’t scare it either until I had a dream where those holes where in my skin (that was 10 days ago) I FREAKED OUT! So much I was in complete panic, I was afraid, crying so much and I didn’t know why but it was driving me crazy. Then I took what “could have been” the worst decision of my life: I googled “horrible image I can’t get off of my mind” and this article between others pop up. It explained my fear so well and well it made believe I was trypophobic. THE FEAR ACTUALLY GOT WORSE, the most I googled it, the most images I would see and the most people I would find with this phobia. I actually learned that this is the “most common phobia” and then I asked myself why? Because those holes are horrible almost for everyone, and the huge amount of PHOTO-SHOPPED pictures that are in the internet makes it worst, specially if they are on skin. Then the same websites (sorry but I almost think trypophobia is a disease someone created to damage people psychologically) put those horrible holes in more structures that we can easily find in our daily lives such as shoes, walls, etc. Most people stared at the pictures and freak out because of the nasty holes and immediately think they are trypophobic. From that moment they think they are afraid of holes and the mind game starts!! People start looking for holes EVERYWHERE and RELATE them to those nasty ones we’ve seen in photo-shopped pictures. Now every hole is nasty, the ones in the toilet paper, in the carpet, the one of the shower cabin, etc. every hole causes nausea now, even the word “hole” gives us goosebumps which is completely ridiculous!

    WE ARE MAKING OUR SELVES SICK by thinking there is this phobia about holes. Stupid game people is playing with us because they know most people find holes repugnant so now they photo-shop the most nasty ones and make them public. Images are so strong they can stay in your mind, furthermore they are addictive! You don’t like them but want to see more, it scares you more and make you think you are trypophobic and now you have the “right” to freak out about any hole you see in your daily life as “it remains” you to those nasty pictures you saw on the internet.

    STOP GOOGLING/ SEARCHING AND READING BOUT TRYPOPHOBIA!!! You will just get worse. No one has this disease, but you can only make this psychological damage to your self by believing in something that is being exposed by evil people through the media.
    I am almost recover and decide to abandon this game, but thought I should share my thoughts of how I’m healing myself.

    • You are not, I take it, a clinician, and what you are posting can be damaging to people who are suffering from this. You state that this isn’t a real disorder but then go on to say that people who like looking at these pictures are “crazy”. It is all part of the same thing – OCD in different forms.

      This is an anxiety disorder, period. it is very real, and I am glad you are better, but it doesn’t help others for you to be dismissive. It’s NOT true that “everyone finds holes repulsive” or that “this is a created psychological problem by sick people”. 16% of the population suffers from this, that we know of, and of course it could be higher due to all the people who do not get help. You are not encouraging people to get help, and that’s my issue with you.

      A trained and compassionate therapist can help people with this. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” treatment, though exposure works for some. GUIDED exposure, with a TRAINED THERAPIST. For some, it doesn’t work and they need medication, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. My point is, just telling people to stop looking at pictures as the cure-all for everyone is not fair, nor is it accurate.

      To everyone else out there who has this: If it’s interfering with your life, please see a therapist, particularly a cognitive-behavioral one. No one is going to think you are “crazy”, no good therapist will, anyway. We just want to help. We don’t want you to suffer. I think I read a post here by another therapist who also has this condition – see? Even therapists get this, it’s human, it’s ok, but if it’s causing distress, please let us help you.

  136. you have no idea how relieved I am to know that 1) I’m not crazy and 2) I’m not the only one who deals with this. I didn’t even know it was a thing until just a few minutes ago. my trigger is honeycomb. even typing out the word freaks me out honestly.. I bought a new laptop tonight and one of the pre-loaded background images was my trigger. when I saw it I immediately felt panicked/anxious/shaky and my boyfriend, who is amazing by the way, knows about my issue with that particular thing, completely understood and felt bad that it was there. I told him about it, and only him, because he is so gentle and understanding. Most people would probably think I’m weird for it, but I can’t help it. I want to rip them to shreds, destroy them, etc. for as long as I can remember honestly. I am not going to google any other info on this as I don’t want to freak myself out further, and probably there would be even more trigger images that I don’t want to see. I hate feeling like this and maybe it falls under the OCD category or something because I have a touch of that as well. (mainly with doing the dishes.. silverware has to be completely separated/categorized while I’m washing them or else I feel anxiety..). All of my OCD symptoms started after giving birth to my second child. I developed post-partum depression, anxiety/panic attacks, and OCD. For the most part I’m ok and am not on any medications anymore thank GOD. But I did think I was crazy about the imagery I mentioned before.. I thought I was the only one and that something was terribly wrong with me. I now know and am thankful that I’m not alone in the struggle. <3 thanks for this article!!!

  137. I could never thank you enough for putting this up. I have been extreemly fearfull and itchy for the past few days after seeing somthing flashing up on tv. It has been the most horrifying experience of my life and I genuinly thought I would never get the image and others out of my head. I was seeing it in everything from plug holes to my cats face and thought I was going mad. Tryphobic patterns then began being superimposed on everything. I have been in a state of terror for the past 3 days and nights. I didnt know there was a name for this and thought I was the only one to experience this kind of reaction to these kinds of images.

    Now i feel i have some understanding of what this is and why it may have been happening, i feel I can at least start to pull myself together and get out of this loop of terror and disgust.

    For me I think It is a primeveal fear of percieved danger which brought on a feeling of fight or flight. The constant images in my head and allover itchyness then lead to panic which just elevated this reaction. This lead to some kind of feedback loop and constant imagined images.

    Now I dont feel helpless or so fearfull. minuite by minuite I am calming down now. The loop has been broken and I am returning to normal. I am not going mad. I understand now what has been happening. to me.

    As I said I cannot stress enough how gratfull I am to you for this. I wish I had looked sooner but was scared of what I might see. I must not let it become somthing bigger though so will neither aviod nor search for more images. As you said I would just rather not expose myself to them on porpose.

    I wish you all the best and will never forget how you helped me today. The last 3 days of terror are now over. : )

  138. I’ve had this since i was very young (around 7). It have gotten better growing up, almost 31 now and so much things are now triggering off the symptoms. The past month or so it came back with a vengence. You hit the nail right on the head when you said you’re at war with your mind. I have a very visual imagination (use to draw but not any more). I guess now i can say have a phobia, wish it wasn’t this one but something more easier to deal with.

  139. It has been nearly a week now since the episode I talked about above and though it is still with me a wee bit I have found that some things are helping me and thought I could put them here incase they might help others.

    Partly technique, partly approach and partly an objective assessment of a seemingly irrational response to an imagined thing, it has overall been of some benifit already.

    Imagine the images are melting and almost immedietly become flat and uniform. Imagine somthing very big. and I mean very big like a galaxy, a nubulea, a vast ocean. an immense waterfall or somthing like that. (excuse bad spelling please ). Ttryphobic images are for me related to scale so think of the macro or immense as oppossed to the micro or the small. Get away from that small and intricate stuff straight away

    One of the ways the above article has helped me is to show me I can “fight” as well as “flight”. This doese not however have to be an aggressive response. I use an old Buddhist mantra I know or I imagine using my martial arts against it. This helps me deal with the imagary in my head and improves my martial arts practice in the “real” world

    If the images are making you feel wound up in an anxious way then you can channel this energy by imagining you are fighting it.

    If this response makes you more agitated then think of somthing soothing and peacefull like a vast and beautiful landscape. The North Pole region. Imagine you are flying high above the ground and can see for miles and miles. Just keep it big and unfucused no details.

    If it is a real object and not imaginary then realise that it cannot harm you and just dont look at it again. If you have no option but to look at it, or even touch it for example if you are at work then do so with porpose and in a calm deliberate manner. you are therefore “choosing” to do so and you are not going to let it scare you – even though your unconcious reaction is to make you feel this way you are in control and you know there is no real danger.

    This will empower you and show you it is no real threat to you. However please do not stare or dwell on uncomfortable images or objects. You must take some responsibility for yourself and make choices which are helpfull to you. Do not test your fear responses on porpose as you can only make matters worse.

    Do not expect the above or any other tecnniques to be 100% effective especially at first. However you should feel some benifit straight away. Over time you can develop these further and you will become stronger.

    Think of what techniques YOU can use. Everyone will have their own skills and experience which they can adapt for their own personal sittuation. At the very least your mind will then be occupied with contructive positive thoughts whiich will help push the images to the back of your mind for a while.

    As soon as you have deployed your chosen techniques get up, or move, and do somthing practical. Get something positive. happy and or soothing in place as soon as possible. Or just get the hoover (vacume) or duster out. If all else fails get the kareoke machine out and as we say here in Scotland…Give it Laldy !

    Go on repeating the above for as long as it takes. You might be at it for a long time and feel like giving up but remember you are taking control and dont give up.This is only half the battle. The other half is what your mind, body and emotions are doing when dealing with these images be they imagined or real the response is the same.

    “fight or flight” Itching, nausea. fear and panic, disgust These are for me the most prominant but you may have others. They may vary in intensity frequency and length at different times. As Trudgett says above the worst are prolonged intense and invoulantery and in your head. These images create a response in the body just the same as if they were real. At least this is the case with me.

    But, finding out why my body and mind and emotions are responding in this way has helped me get a grip of this fear instead of it getting a grip of me.

    This is my bodies reponse to a percieved threat. This response exists to protect me and there is nothing I can do about it. It is in fact instinctive, Just like getting butterflies before a job interview or when going somewhere new and unknown like the first day on the job after passing that interview I was scared of..

    Sometimes though it resembles the reaction I feel when I realise or feel that a spider has wandered onto me, or a wasp has got a bit too close for comfort. or when I suddenly jump with fear when watching that scary film I chose to watch except recently it was prolonged and constant and very very scary. Thankfully I found this page which helped me instantly. I realised I wasnt the only one and that under the circumstances my fear and panic itching and disgust were completly natural…even If it did seem out of control and horrible.

    Anyway, getting back to that tiny wee spider ( I am a bit scared of spiders). It isn’t going to hurt me is it…not really. And that wasp, well when that happens I might just calmly move away or even stay very still because I dont want to make the wasp mad do I ?. And that spider…. well I would never kill it even though it scares me. I would just get a grip of myself and help it off me and hope it gets away before I forget its there and stand on it by accident.

    What I mean is that there is often a difference between what we know to be true and the way we feel about somthing. What we can control and what we cant. What our mind knows and way our bodies and emotions behave or react.

    Realising this might not stop the response but I hope it will reduce some of the symptoms immedietly and trigger your body into a return to normal, or near normal levels of alertness faster. Becuase now you know you are responding to fear by feeling more fear. Now you can see it for waht it really is…nothing real.

    So don’t be affraid of feeling affraid. but don’t in the case of tryphobia make yourself more scared. Don’t get caught up in a loop of imagined fear. Realise that there is nothing of substance to fear. Let your body do its thing but remember this. YOU ARE NOT IN ANY REAL DANGER. You cannot contol your bodies physical, emotional and mental response because it is an autonomic defense reaction to a PERCIEVED danger. The response is the same but you know whats really going on. Nothing…nothing “YOU” need worry about, not really.

    You are not therefore going mad but you might have to ride the sittuation out for a while till your mind and body get to grips with the sittuation and realise that you are in fact completly SAFE.

    Meantime tell yourself you are ok because I know you will be ok. Phone someone if you can and tell them what’s happening to you right now and why,. If not tell someone about this as soon as possible. Tell yourself that you are ok and that you will get through this because I promise you you will.

    At some point these images will leave your mind and you will go along happily for ages without them.:Later, If they do come back you will be less affected and better prepared to cope with them. You will get better and better and dealing with this. And remember that you are not the only one. As I know now there thousands if not millions of us out there. Your response is completly natural and you can deal with this.

    At this very moment there is probably someone else somewhere in the world who is experiencing the same thing as you. I wonder what you would say to them right now if you were there to help them ?

    Thats what you should say to yourself now and in future.

    Finally I would like to say that this article has made me realise 2 things.

    1. I don’t have to “flight” I can instead “fight” I have a choice becuase I am a human being with free will and the ability to solve problems.

    2. There is an old Buddhist saying ” the solution is in the problem” which I have never understood untill now. In the case of my own tryphobia I can uderstand it in the following way…….If it is my imagination that makes these images appear in my head in an uncontrolled manner with a high frequency at certain times in my life. Fine, so be it. I might have to live with that.

    But I now know that I can also use my imagination in a controlled and deliberate way too. I can counteract, disolve, destroy, distract. Indeed I can do anything I want to inside my head to oppose these images to the point where they don’t bother “me”

    Therefore the solution “Imagination” IS within the problem; “imagination”. They are you could say 2 sides of the same coin and that I think is what the “saying” was saying.

    As to my “bodies” reaction. well I am sure that over time it too will realise that in the case of these images there is no REAL threat….not really. And so its reaction will I am sure become less and less and less as time goes by.

    Thanx again Jordan Trudgett for this article and to you for all your own experiences. And to all and sundry out there who feel the fear. DONT MAKE IT WORSE….. DO NOT SEEK OUT IMAGES RELATED TO TRYPHOBIA……I have not and will not do that to myself. The ones in my head or those in the environment and on tv are enough to cope with.

    I hope I have helped someone else in some way. Thankyou if you have read all of this. Writing it has helped me. I hope in a few weeks I will have mostly forgotten all about this website and tryphobia……well I can allways hope : ).


    Remember not to kill that wee spiders they canny harm you. If you kill the wasp….well then your a far better aim than me …..GOOD LUCK and all the best.

    • Thank you, thank you!! Thank you for taking the time to share your solutions! Your comment is very soothing and helpful.

  140. This is a difficult one to explain but having read the above I think i have a problem with this too. I’ve always had the skin crawling thing with patterns and holes, my stomach is going just typing this. But (and please excuse punctuation and grammar here, I’m typing as quickly as possible and chest is doing that inward revulsion thing). Two things are really messing me up at the moment to the point that I’m potentially going to fail my first year of my degree for Fine Art.
    1) my chickens are doing their annual and natural moult and the feathers are poking back through now. I

  141. To carry on – I broke my ankle recently and my brother in law stupidly told me about what is happening under my cast. Won’t go into details and I’m sure it won’t be like he says and I really shouldn’t have googled pictures and I have basically stopped functioning since our conversation on Sunday. My mind is totally over active and I feel physically ill the whole time. I want the cast OFF, even though the rational side of me knows that I’m being stupid.
    Signing off ….
    Absolutely miserable and tired from lack of sleep because I dream about it too.

  142. My trigger was the “Weird diabetes trick” ad, where many indentations were left on this girl’s thighs from kneeling on frozen peas, supposedly. I couldn’t sleep for many nights due to my inability to get the image out of my head. Couple days ago I decided to face it and hopefully get rid of this phobia once and for all, as I remembered how I used to be afraid of ghosts and scary movies, and I overcame that fear by forcing myself to watch scary movies alone. So I started with staring at the “frozen peas” picture periodically, and later made it my desktop background… When I look at it, I ask myself why is it that I am bothered by this image, and since I obviously don’t have a real answer for it, it fear starts to dissipate. I still get a little bit of the chills when I first lay eyes on it, but the total disgust feeling is gone, and most importantly, my mental image of it doesn’t bother me anymore. I haven’t conquered the fear 100% but I feel that I am close… My method might not be for everyone, but I’d just like to remind everyone that fear is not absolute and the same way it can be developed, it can be erased.

  143. Thank you. It is nice to finally have a name for how I feel when I react to certain things. And to know that I’m not alone or as werid as I’ve always felt. Although it was hard to read this because I started to imagen several of the things that irritate me and making me angry because of the irritating pressure I feel behind my eyes and frontal lobe. Its hard because starts out simple enough but if I can’t calm it down soon everything start to irritat me, patterns or even broken patterns, texture, certain touches/pressures or palls on my skin. And that last part makes it hard to calm down. It also something that you didn’t mention, so I wonder if you have heard of that before? Either way its nice to have a name for it since I’ve lived with it since I was really young and I seem to react more as I’ve gotten older. Thank you.

  144. Thank you thank you thank you. I have never once thought of looking up this subject, just assumed it was some weird “wiring defect” in my brain. Now today after uncovering this topic, it is both a relief seeing I’m not alone but also quite the torture (as nearly every other web search on this topic will pull up PHOTOS that make my stomach lurch). Thank you especially for the disclaimer that there were no pics on this page. Ditto on some of the comments of similar reactions to repeated patterns, clusters, bubbles, and from me, please add “dotted swiss lace” to the list of triggers. Ditto on the reactions as well, especially these key words: cold, tingles, shudder, discomfort, nauseous. Grandest irony: getting goosebumps from the sight of goosebumps.

    Now… how to validate this quirk of mine and educate my loved ones without inadvertently encouraging them to taunt me with upsetting photos…? People seem to find it strangely amusing to test my reactions out by showing me pics, because they are unable to just take my word for it. I’ve found that it’s easier repressing my physical repulsion when in the presence of offending pics (or lotus pods) than it is to explain what is going on, because starting *that* conversation always end with people trying to gross me out on purpose. (It’s like when you know the milk’s gone bad, but you still point the carton at other people and go, “Smell this.”)

    Also, thanks everyone for the solidarity.

  145. Weirdly enough I’m not that effected by the locus plant itself as much as other things but as soon as I see it photoshopped onto skin I’m screwed.y body feels itchy and I squirm constantly sometimes words like even hole can trigger images in my mind

  146. Thank you so much for this really. Good to know im not the only one suffering from this. I just got triggered from a pic in fb I’m itching so much, i’ve spent the last 15 minutes scratching and i’m about to cry. I keep on picturing worse images than the one i saw and I can’t stop.

  147. Thanks for writing this post with out putting up a picture. I have know certain pictures gave me the crawling and itching skin but did not know so many others felt the same way. While researching it, I think I have driven myself into a panic as I exposed myself to loads of picture. I appreciate your advice on keeping away from such picture.

  148. I would say I’m a trypomania. I simply love making holes on a rather soft surface(like skin) and wipe clean of its insides, thus making a clean, smooth-surfaced holes. At first I thought my love for plucking hair was just for the sake of the hair, but I realized I loved plucking hair because on certain parts of my body it displayed visible holes on my skin.

    At young age I was also terrified with now all-cliche photos of trypophobia, but now that I’ve realized I’m actually a trypomania and look at those photos it does not give me any disgust or fear at all, and at some degree those photos give me satisfaction(albeit not large. I guess it’s because I know they aren’t real).

  149. Yeah! I am not the only typo maniac on the planet! I feel so much better now. Thanks Silados for your post.

  150. on July 4, 2015 at 10:26 am | Reply Jennifer Adamson

    I was actually scared to click on this page …as when I had an horrendous reaction (that lasted over a month!) I tried to find out why and it just made it worse with all the pictures ….I suffered itching for 3 days/nights then what I can only describe as post traumatic stress in the following weeks …I ended up feeling displaced like I wasn’t myself ….I thought I was going mad …..depressed ….crying and the following months were spent avoiding looking at anything remotely reminding ….i mean I’ve been on this planet 35 years and never experienced anything like this and after seeing the toad and boob thing I was suddenly noticing everything …just awful …..I have spoken to a pchycotheripist .and doctor …they new nothing of this (I advised them not to google it) I like your page and the think of smooth surfaces is great ….I imagined a permanent black marker in my head and everytime an image popped in (sometimes in dreams!) I marker it black and that’s what really helped bump the images off …thanks for no awful picks …and letting me no I’m not mad

  151. on July 4, 2015 at 10:33 am | Reply Jennifer Adamson

    P.s please tell me that now I have clicked on this facebook isn’t going to decide to pop up links all over my feed I googled boilers the other day and ever since boiled adds have been showing up oh dear god!

  152. on July 4, 2015 at 11:08 am | Reply Jennifer Adamson

    P.p.s ..I don’t think this is a phobia nor should it be classed as one ….this is not irrational fear as so many people react similarly …I have emitaphobia have done for years and years ….it’s no where near the same reaction ….my fear of vomit Is totally irrational ….my fear of the REACTION I will have to these awful imagines, not the images themselves is not a phobia unless it’s a phobia of itching, anxiety, panic and depression …..that is not to say it’s not real (the reaction) as I think we all no too well (unfortunately) it’s very real

  153. This is new to me. It started with a photo of a hand mangled by a paper shredder. Very regular slices in the hand. It stayed in my mind for months. Then that damn peas in the knees photo popped up online. It was an ad for heart attack prevention. I think that they are using peoples trypophobia to get them to click on their ad.. My reaction was so over the top, that I started searching to find out if the photo was real. Next thing I knew I was on one of those Typophobia sites with all the triggers and it was all over. My mind is a mess with all those triggers flashing up every few seconds. I have to go now and try some of those wiping our techniques before I lose it..

  154. […] understands the ethics behind writing an article involving this particular phobia and this is Jordan Trudgett. All the facts about Trypophobia that I’m writing down in here is taken from his […]

  155. Thank you very much for posting this article abou this phobie. Thank you for all you very good advice. Currently sat itching because i couldnt help myslef after someone posted that seed image on facebook. I couldnt help myself. I went through all the images and i am still itching everywhere. Nice to know that it is a natural response to the images so that cheers me up. Wish i could stop googleing the still things as im very much curiosity killed the cat person haha will now watch a movie now to try and take my mind of these damb images. After all the people said abou the frog no i will not watch that lol cheers again for no images :)

  156. on July 22, 2015 at 8:07 am | Reply liza vorster Komlosy

    My response is only when it is on human skin or living things. Not on objects in nature. Does this mean you get different degrees of this.

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  158. Lotus seed shitt photoshopped on somebody’s neck to freak people is the most disgusting image I saw, it freaked me bad and I just wanted to destroy it And clean it somehow in my mind spoiled my amazing day. Knowing however that I am not alone is one relief. May God clean this disgusting and shitt crapy people from earth.

  159. Hi all
    I didn’t know that I had this phobia. It is very difficult for me to concentrate on any task since I saw the pictures on a Facebook post that was shared. I have written a short email to Facebook to request blocking these kind of images or at least warn the user about the possible effects before displaying the images. I have also give several reference links to explain the trypophobia. I have also sent email to Google and YouTube to request the same thing. But I don’t think it will have any effect until unless they have received a significant amount of complaints. I do not wish any person to have the psychological effect as I have and am experiencing. So if you care please raise with Google search YouTube and Facebook. Fingers crossed they may decide to do something.

  160. Thank you so much for this article. I have had this phobia for years noe and sad thing is my daughter also has it. Didn’t even know that it had a name and that so many people have the same issues. Thot my daughter and I were just losing it so Thank you again.

  161. Why I look see images of holes I feel sick and once I nearly puked

  162. Just googled it and let’s just say it was one of the worst decisions of my life! I’m completely creeped out. Threw my phone half way across the room and I refuse to pic it up. Not to mention how light headed I feel, I keep imagining those nasty holes all over my skin!!!

  163. when i imagine that it can happen to me , i want to suicide !

  164. I’ve never thought about the shower head like that… now the idea’s in my hand. DAMN.
    I think my case is less severe but now I went and looked up pics and I felt on the verge of tears. I still feel anxious and disgusted and there are goosebumps all over my skin OTL. I should’ve never googled this…
    When I was a kid, looking at skin cells made me feel seriously disgusted and I just thought I was so weird (now I don’t feel this way anymore). Not sure if that counts as trypophobia but I’m disgusted by holes too, and I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  165. Who ever put these images on Internet can’t be right in the head making folk ill like that hope karma gets them fast

  166. Okay so, I was watching The Today Show today and they showed the picture of one of my TOP triggers! With no warning! And they showed it in order to talk about the phobia, Trypophobia. Why would they not give a good warning I cannot stop thinking about it. I do not know what to do! All Matt Lauer said was “take a look at this picture” I looked up and FREAKED! I am a very loyal watcher of the show. I mean I watch it everyday! Now I cannot stand the voice of Matt Lauer or the show. I am terrified that the next scene will be that picture.

    \When I get my triggers I think that the little circles or holes are growing out of my heart..I do not know why.I do not want to trigger anyone’s phobia so I wont describe in full detail what my very specific triggers are. But I cannot believe that The Today Show nailed it on the head for me! Anyways I really just wanted to vent about this. I did write on there facebook wall about the situation.. So mad at them! .

  167. I was getting ready yo head for work early this morning and while watching the news i was surprise that it was actually part of the topic for the day. I am kind of glad that trypophobia is being recognize by the public but deciding to show all sorts of pictures (without warning) that could trigger off the symptom wasn’t very smart on there part. For most of the day i couldn’t get the images out of my head. I tried explaining to a guy a work with about it and he was ready to drive me to the nut house.

  168. I’ve suffered from this my whole life. As a child I thought the anxiety of looking at honeycomb was a fear of bees. I thought some past event must be in my brain and that must have caused me to hate the image of holes. I saw an image yesterday that sent me over the edge. Never before has it affected me like this did. So I googled my symptoms and found this article. So relieved I am not creating my own problem and that it is real.

  169. I’m very relieved to have found this page and actually realise, like most of you, that I’m not alone and that you have the same problem I do! I do have vague memories throughout my life of having uneasy feelings when seeing certain images from nature, but I have never really had a bad reaction, just a ‘creeped out’ feeling. But when my friend posted the ‘You’ll never use this shampoo again’ FB hoax showing the lotus seed pod picture some of you have mentioned above, I had an instant and overwhelming reaction to it. Since then, I haven’t been able to get the image out of my head and have barely slept. It’s basically affected every aspect of my life because I can’t think about anything else! I have no idea how to stop it and too make things worse, I am almost compelled to view the image again, even though I know it will make things worse. Before I found this page, I honestly thought I was going mad, but I have felt better since reading your experiences, if only to realise that it is a genuine affliction and not just ‘me’!

  170. Hey everybody. Reading all this through was very calming and nice. I saw the picture of that lotus pod on Google a few days ago and it gave me the creeps. My skin would feel itchy and Id feel goosebumps and have unpleasent images of it. Its so nice to know that its photoshopped. I feel better and not alone anymore. Thank you Jordon, this was amazing.

  171. Oh my goodness, yes! I have had this for years and never knew what it was or why. And like so many others, it’s those darn lotus pictures on skin that cause the biggest problem for me. Also enlarged pictures of viruses etc. Always stuff in nature rather than man-made stuff. I get sweaty, really tingly and I can’t stop scratching because I feel itchy everywhere. I understand so much about depression and anxiety but I just couldn’t understand why I was having such a strong physical reaction to something that couldn’t harm me. For ages I tried exposure therapy and forced myself to look at pictures but that was a terrible idea because now I just can’t unsee those images and they keep me awake and stop me from eating. It’s a nightmare. Thank you so much for creating a page and article that talks about this and explains it…and doesn’t actually show any of the pictures!

  172. who ever put these photos together should be ashamed of them self s and hope karma gets them big style

  173. I’m so upset with the “fact checkers and pundits” out there that keep referring to this condition as just some teenagers grossing themselves for fun by viewing weird images on the internet. That is the furthest from the truth of true sufferers of this phobia, and the professional community needs to recognize it because its real and life altering.I never really new the true impact of a phobia till this happened too me.
    I’m a 51 year old male that was cooking dinner one evening and a pic on Facebook caught my eye, and was really bothering me for a bit, I just wrote it off as something gross or weird, but it kept flashing in my head through the rest of the evening and i started to feel a sense of panic, fear, and dread. It was so horrific, I thought I was having some kind of emotional break or something, so I went online to ask others about my situation, it ended up being a bitter-sweet situation, hence; I found what was going on with me and others that had the same experience, BUT, I also kept running across other pics that just made the situation worse. I spent a whole week troubled by the images in my mind. It has subsided somewhat since, but now certain images that have never bothered before now have a dreadful impact on me. This is horrible!!! and every time I try to research it, I end up with images that trigger it.

  174. Thank you for posting this. I’ve had this since I was a very small child. I had a dream once that I had these white, bulbous things growing from my arm (not holes but sort of) that would burst when touched and multiply by the red number on the one that was burst. I also remember being really freaked out by the home screen of Super Mario 3 because of the “pods.”

    I was looking up duration of carpal tunnel yesterday for work and came upon a drawing of the carpal tunnel and it totally messed with my head and unfortunately, I went on the “exposure” route and it really almost ruined my day. It’s just awful. I hate this. Like many of you, the images just keep rolling through my mind and I cannot get them to stop. Everything I see looks like it has holes in it!

  175. Thanks for this I thought is was only me. I can’t look at holes touch seeds or thinking of them makes me feel sick like I am feeling right now writteng this I work in a coffee shop and there are drinks that have seeds on them that I can’t do and I cry and feel like I want to get out of my own skin. it seems to be getting worse as I get older I wish there was a little bit more help out there tho so I could get it .

  176. on August 31, 2015 at 3:10 am | Reply Prudence Anderson

    Awe I thought I was crazy mostly everything I looked at Greek me out I have to close my eyes, from that picture on FB I’m going nuts I can’t even look at my shower head. Thanks guys.

  177. i have been through a similar event. I saw a disgusting image on social media and couldn’t get it out of my head. Please visit this link on youtube.
    It helps you erase a certain memory. This is not my video but I found It very helpful.

  178. Thank you so much for this article! From the time I was a child, I have had issues with this to varying degrees. But until I actually googled it I had no idea it had a name and there was anyone else who felt like I did. At least now I know…

  179. I don’t have it bad but I once watched this video of pictures of holes in people’s body’s and I found that I became ichy, uncomfortable and couldn’t sit still if I find myself thinking about it I itch my body all over and get someone to scratch all over my back because I become nervous, but everytime I see images I find myself looking at them more to figure out what is going on. Every time I get a verruca I have to put a plaster on because it almost scared me that I’m gonna wake up with holes all over my body, just reading that and writing this I can’t sit still and all my body is itchy

  180. Thank you for this article. I started to cry while reading it.. Because I felt so alone and I became non functional whenever I saw such images.. I felt nauseated, my heart raced, I was repulsed and I just wanted to cry from fear. I didn’t really understand it well and so when i went to my boyfriend with it, he found it funny that i was scared of ‘holes’. He wanted to try and scare me more because he found it funny. Finally something that I can show him. Thank you

  181. Thank u for this blog! I understand why I was feeling weird now when I looked at the scam p hotoshopped image of holes on skin, I thought I was going mad and thought it might of had something to do with been abducted by aliens and been put in a wall of pods!!! thank u for explaining!

  182. I just started experiencing this recently with the skin/hole thing. I keep seeing the’s images rand only on the internet. It’s like a car accident, I’m so disgusted, yet can’t stop thinking about it now. I am clammy, and anxious just thinking about it. I have the strongest urge to want to get the stuff in the holes out of there, and it is literally freaking me out that I can’t do anything about it . Is this part of it? Why did the skin hole thing Jumpstart this reaction so bad? Ugh!tr

  183. I am young and today someone mentioned “trypophobia” so I decided to look it up. This was at about 8:45-9am this morning and every time I even think about the word “holes” I get extreme shivers up and down my body. I saw the pictures and they just keep replaying in my mind. How do I get rid of them?

  184. Thank you so much for writing about typophobia. I thought I was going crazy. It was triggered by one of the Photoshopped lotus pods. It was posted on Facebook and has been stuck in my mind for few days not. I did have a nightmare about it. Not about the lotus pods but about a cluster of bumps. Ugh! I am glad to know if I take the proper steps it will go away. Damn that person who posted that!!

  185. This article has been a great help to me. I was fine and never had anything like this, holes of any kind was no problem. I am 40, never been affected at all. Then by accident, I saw the lotus seed breast thing by accident on someone’s face book. I didn’t know what it was, it was just the picture close up.

    I imagined It as being a severe wound or some poor animal in a laboratory with worms trying to get out. I was damaged. I kept seeing it in my mind and I felt sick to the core. I still didn’t make the connection with holes, just a horrible picture.

    I thought if I can find out what it is, then knowing it, it might make sense and I will be ok. Then I saw, in one of the newspapers that shows you adverts that you shouldn’t really click on as it is quite spammy. It said strange phobias. It was a picture of holes in wood. I was curious. So I looked further. Then I saw more images and I have never got over it.

    I hear the word holes and I feel ill. I have even tried contacting google images to try and get those photoshopped lotus things removed but couldn’t find an e-mail. It is vile. I now seem to see holes everywhere, like I am obsessed. Whenever I have looked for help, it is like the writers thrill themselves with showing me the very thing that makes me ill. At first I have found myself punching my head because I just cannot get this thing out of my head.

    I keep searching now for hole pictures like a self torturing habit. I feel like I need help, yet I was ok until I accidentally came across that picture that is not even real. I was not a trypophobe at all, but now I feel mentally ill. I just can’t get this away. I look at everything differently.

    Thank you so much to the writer for his kindness.

  186. I can’t believe how common this is…I am a clinical psychologist and have had this response to various images over the years and could never understand it…I knew I was compelled to look at images even though I was repulsed by them and have spent hours going over and over google images and photoshoped pods, literally retraumatising myself! It makes so much sense that there is an evolutionary basis to it and why we feel utter revulsion when looking at them. Sometimes when i have intrusive thoughts about the images I see them on people’s foreheads when I am talking to them, it’s the same as experiencing actual flashbacks when you have suffered from serious trauma, but no-one believes how disabling it can be. I still can’t stop the compulsion to to look at them but now immediately afterwards I look at pictures of cute puppies in outfits or sleeping with their teddies (seriously it helps).

  187. I can’t BELIEVE that this is ACTUALLY a “thing.” I always thought it was Just Me. Part of what is so horrifying is not knowing WHY it freaks me out. At one point I had a theory that it was repulsive because it’s like a visual image of “obsessional” thinking (to which I am prone).

  188. This site is a marvellous help. It is so good to read the experiences without the pictures. I type in the first three letters into my computer and there they are. I just hate it. That lotus seed pod on the skin has scarred my head. I see it and it just won’t go. I now feel like I see holes everywhere. Those pictures should be banned. They have affected a lot of people in a very bad way.

  189. I was traumatized after I had my 2nd baby that’s when I seen the fb photos hopped image and google trypophobia i began to smoke cannibis went on heavy medications started to see a doctor pyschiatrist and community pyschiatrich nurse as I went through a manic epos ide from the images as they are traumatizing thought I was being cursed or haunted became parotid trusted no 1 was seeing these holes everywhere in everything it’s got slightly better but the image of the Chinese girl with it photos hopped all over her and the eye make me angry itchy upset disgusted it haunts me they won’t go away I wish for help I watched a video that may help some by a pyschiatrist in Munich havening technique for tryphobia on YouTube it’s best if you let someone else search it as the disgusting trigger images come up on the bottom recommendations also clear your watch a d search history after there are no trypophobia images in the video sometimes I want to die or set myself on fire I see the phobia in my kids toys and kids programmes and weird objects the bottom of shoes cut up cardboard I’m slowly getting better but it’s a battle we need to fight for a cure or a therapy

  190. I never knew I had this affliction until these horrid photoshopped images started appearing over the Internet. I remember I once read about this condition on cnn and thought to myself ” thank God I don’t have it”, because the article included an unaltered image of a honeycomb which I find really relaxing actually.

    I then made the mistake of googling this word and was bombarded by these hair raisin. Images on google images. I had a pretty severe “episode” to those images in that I could not function for the next week! The images kept playing in my head over and over again even when I tried to sleep. Nothing and I mean nothing helped.

    We need to do something about these images. Google needs to take them down or ate last not show them when you search the condition. I hate that you cannot doable image search when you use google.

    Also- I may sound crazy but given my last episode, I wish nothing but a painful death upon the horrible people who created these photoshopped images. Why why why would you torture other humans this way just to get hits on your stupid websites advertising snake oils!

    • I so agree with you. I too never knew I had it until I came across that lotus pod photoshopped on skin. It is repulsive. It makes my blood hot and cold. I now see holes everywhere and in everything.

      I can’t believe what is has done. I was traumatised and kept seeing it. I kept punching my head to try and get rid of it. I couldn’t sleep. It was imprinted on my head. I was ill.

      My husband knew there was something wrong. I said holes, holes, I can’t stand holes. We share everything. I thought it was just me who had this big hang up and I showed it him quick so we weren’t keeping secrets. He now has it too.

      It is a mess. I have tried and tried to search for a contact for google to try and get these removed but can’t get anywhere. They are surely hurting a lot of people.

      I feel your pain. I have tried a bit of the desensitising approach and agree with this site, it doesn’t work. It does make us work.

      Bless you Sister and I do wish you well. x

  191. Hi again. I posted before because what had always been a mild affliction has recently become very severe and debilitating and I was so glad to find this site and also feeling very desperate. I thought I would post again because I have found something that has started to ease the anxiety surrounding this (a little bit – well, enough to start functioning again anyway) and it may – just may – help someone else.

    I actually found inspiration in Harry Potter (where else?!) Bear with me here…So, there are Shape-Shifters caled Boggarts and they can turn into whatever scares you the most. The way you get rid of them is to think of a way that you can turn them into something ridiculous or funny…kind of like super-imposing an image over the top so that they no longer look frightening. So Neville is scared of Professor Snape, so he imagines Snape in his Grandmother’s clothing and suddenly Snape doesn’t look frightening anymore.

    Ok, so when I was a kid I loved to play with Hama beads. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT Google these if your fear of holes extends to man-made objects. They are plastic beads with holes in the middle that you put in patterns and pictures on a grid – a bit like honeycomb – and then you iron over them and the beads all stick together and you are left with a solid piece of art. I am lucky I guess in that holes in man-made stuff don’t bother me….it is only in natural stuff like plants or animals etc but I can totally see how these beads might freak some people out if their phobia is extreme, so as I said, please go cautiously.

    So lately I have been freaking out whenever I see the middle bit of a plant like a sunflower and the image was staying in my head and making me all itchy and panicky. And then I realised that if I relaxed my eyes, it kind of looked like a circle of Hama beads and because I loved those so much as a kid, it became a comforting image rather than a scary one. Now there is no way at all that I would be able to apply this to those awful photoshopped images and it is still very much early days but every time I start to get an image in my head, I imagine the beads and pretend it’s just a grid of those and it genuinely has started to help.

    Of course, this is just my process and I’m not saying the Hama bead approach will work for everyone or anyone, but I think that the idea of turning the image into something else that isn’t scary is quite effective.

    I’m sorry this is such a long post and probably sounds like complete nonsense, but I have been so upset and so panicked by this awful phobia that I was just so relieved to find something that eased it a little and I wanted to share that, just in case it could help someone else.

  192. I saw a revolting image on Facebook and it has caused me to have frightening obsessive thoughts for the past week. I now see holes in absolutely everything and feel like I’m going mad.

  193. I always end up freaking myself out thinking about this. It drives me crazy. I can’t look at ant hills without my skin crawling and I have to get rid of them. I don’t panic when looking at symmetrical clusters but if the holes are mostly the same but naturally just a little bit different (size or shape) I freak out. The lotus seed is the first trypophobic image I ever saw. It flashed across my phone screen during a video and it haunted me for days. When I saw it again in a different video weeks later and the guy freaked out he said: “Ah! My trypophobia!” I googled it. Worst mistake of my life. Even just thinking about it makes my skin itch wherever I can’t see it (under my clothes, especially on my thighs) and I feel as if Ineed to check for holes on my person but I’m too scared to look. I find myself looking for anything remotely trypophobic in my everyday life just so I can stay away from it.

  194. No matter how scared I am of this. I can’t seem to stop looking. Mostly I’m afraid that somehow it will get me on one way or another and I feel like nobody understands how terrifying this phobia (or whatever you want to call it) actually is.

  195. since reading your page knowing theres others like me im more able to cope its not so traumatasing i was ill for year now it just disgusts me i never thought i would get other the trauma disgust upset itching or no longer want to set myself on fire i still dont like the images but not as bad please try havening therapy for trypophobia on youtube get someone else to look it up as disgusting images come up under the search also delete watch history and other history so it doesnt pop up in your recommened videos the next day to help all sufferers it works may take a few days not jus keep doing it diazepam may help serious suffers too i feel your pain i was on heavy medication and seeking alot of pyschiatric help cos of this phobia sufferers im now able to control it and move on thank god

  196. I just resently found out i had this “phobia” i had such a horrible panic attack to the point that my heart was racing and i thought i was going to die.
    How it happend? I was going through facebook and i saw a photoshopped picture of the lotus pod on a hand and i just lost it. Clustered holes dont freek me out its just the PHOTOSHOP LOTUS ON SKIN OR BODY PARTS THAT PUTS ME IN PANIC.
    Reactions: itchy skin, chills, goosepbumps, heavy breathing.
    But i am determind to get rid of this phobia so i started doing googling pictures and reminding myself its not real, but everytime i see a picture that triggers it my legs get weak, and i suddenly get a terrible low back pain also i feel like i must use the bathroom (#2)
    I must get rid of this phobia, something so unreal cant control my life. I refuse to let this ruin me.

  197. I only discovered i had this phobia recently but i have always hated the look of crumpets and diseases or these lotus things, but the pictures of the holes within skin or the one in someones eyeball are what really bother me like it makes my whole body go tense and itchy and i genuinely feel like im going to cry, a lot of the time the thought of it keeps me up at night and i am constantly worried about getting these holes on my body…
    Because i think if i know for defo that theyre not real it would really help thank you

  198. These holes are definitely photoshopped. I first came across it when I saw someone had shared it on face back. It haunted me. I got over it a bit though. I then saw one of those “Click-bait” things about strange phobias. I clicked in and saw trypophobia. The worst think I did was try and understand it!
    I found out eventually it is a lotus pod (how I hate those things and could spend hours smashing them to pieces, they are so ugly – not that I want to smash every ugly thing to pieces!)
    I have even tried to write to google for these images to be banned but can’t find contact details and so many have shared them now.
    I too never knew I had it, I have never liked clusters of things but holes never bothered me until I saw this.
    It is certainly not real. It is a lotus pod superimposed into someones skin of various places. It has affected a lot of people and this is what these sick people want.
    When I get tempted to search for it, I look for pretty things instead, like blue skies or green grass, dolphins, mice, it can distract you. God bless you.

  199. What I don’t understand (besides all of it) is the OVERWHELMING repulsion to the images while at the same time experiencing an OVERWHELMING compulsion to see the images. I too am the most disturbed by the photoshopped lotus pods. Whoever started this image going around should be convicted of a crime!

    I appreciate reading about others’ similar experiences and that I am not alone in this. I hope we all overcome and heal. We are better than this! ❤️ To you all!!

  200. I have seen a picture of creepy diseases in fb. Since then my mind started getting the image again n again in front of me by which what ever I see I start converting into that picture and I feel like vommiting n don’t feel lyk eating anything

  201. Thank you so much. My first attack was when I was 15yrs old( Im 34 ). I had seen black bugs clustered on a wall. I ran away and cried. I also felt itchy and I couldn’t stop scratching myself. I have realised that they are days when its worse and almost any thing with a rough surface triggers these reactions. I didn’t know there was a name for it and they are thousands of sufferer too. I am now feeling an overwhelming compulsion to google lotus pods…… I will try not to.

  202. Well this page helped me by a lot,I’ve been suffering this kind of phobia since 2 years ago when I saw creepy thing on skins…

  203. on October 22, 2015 at 9:04 am | Reply Charlotte James

    I definitely think I have this. When I was younger I cried and uneven frost on the window. And when ever I look at tryphobic images it makes me feel really sick. I also get shaky and cannot look at the image for more than 10 seconds. Does it sound like I have the ‘phobia’? Please reply :)

  204. So one dayI was casually looking on Facebook and BAM a horrific picture of some pod looking thing came across my facebook! I literally deleted the person so I wouldn’t see it again and then could not get the image out of my brain for days! It bothered me so much I told my family about it…my little sister told me about the phobia…so I decided to google it! Bad decision but it’s this weird thing that I feel like I can’t the image out my brain and will somewhat be obsessed with it for days!!! Glad I’m not the only one!!!

  205. Yes, the worst thing we can do is google this word. It is horrible. For me, it is affected how I see many things, even things I would have once thought beautiful now make me ill. I see indentations where there are none. I see things that simply are not there, my imagination runs away and make me want to run away from myself.

    What has helped me is still searching for holes but not just holes, I search for “Mouse Holes” and it comes up with all kinds of sweet pictures of mice. Squirrell holes, very similar. It brings to light that holes are not all bad and can be a good thing. It is natural, it is what horrible people make o them.

    The lotus pods are insanely ugly and I get the compulsions too. I have searched for lotus flower and they are beautiful, how can something so beautiful come from something so ugly I wonder to myself. It is only as the images go further down it gets to the horrible but you get a lot more of the nice if you just resist temptation.

    I try looking for nice things like “blue skies” or “yellow skies”, or “purple trees”. These things can fascinate and are a beautiful distraction. Let the light in to conquer the dark.

    I still am affected, but I am better than I was, and I am so thankful as each of every user of this site is, for their being no pictures. It does seem to be the only one.

  206. Now I know what this is about me that is weird! Sapsuckers (like a woodpecker) tapped on a tree and made holes, I feel sick thinking about it. Maybe I need to think of Woody Woodpecker and his laugh. I thought I was alone and am glad there is a name for this weirdness. I hope I didn’t trigger anyone else. Thanks, Mary

  207. before this, i actually feel safe bc i thought i don’t have any phobia. i’m fine with heights, clowns, etc. and actually, i DO feel normal with beehive or lotus or some bugs hole. but after seeing images with holes on PEOPLES skin i just realized that this is it. this is my phobia. i’m sweating rite now and i wanna throw up so badly. i will never feel seeing lotus and rock holes the same way again. ew ew yikes ugh. please help.

    • I am very slowly getting over this. There are a lot of cruel people out there who seek to make fun of phobias. We can think of any phobia and do a search for it and the most vile images of that phobia will come up which are not real but photo-shopped. It is a game to some people but it is no fun for people who have a phobia.
      No, it will not happen to you because this has not happened to anyone, if you are referring to the lotus pods embedded into skin. It is not possible for that to happen. It is a cruelty. If we look for arachnophobia, there are all kinds of very horrible things that are just not real.

  208. What if someone is really scared over like anything, could it happen to them (for example me.)?

  209. Thanks. I just googled why do I freak out over clusters of holes and coveted my phone anticipating disguisting images. I have suffered from random clumps of circles and nobody understood why. I figured it reminded me of a disease or like mold growing in the corner….. I recently saw a video of a woman with googly eyes all over her gave and she started shaking her head and I lost it. Kept getting waves of goosebumps and couldn’t unsee it. Putting my back to something firm helps and transforming the images into something else helps too. Good luck my fellow trypophobians.

  210. Thank you so much for writing this! I do have trypophobia as well so I was a little hesitant to click on this link even though it said no trigger photos. I am so happy to know I’m not the only one! I have had this since a little kid, and everyone makes fun of me for it and will intentionally show me images! I don’t necessarily get scared, but I get goosebumps, I get super itchy everywhere, I get the heebiejeebies, and my skin just crawls and I can’t sit still! I made the huge mistake of googling images of trypophobia when I was trying to
    Figure out what I had to see if it was a real thing and now I’m scarred. And just yesterday I was looking up lotus flower and images of the pods came up, didn’t know they had them! Even just thinking about these grosses me out! Natural every day things that do it for me are sponges, pasta (like macaroni), bubbles from soap, those Hershey air delights, bread, certain sweaters, bee honeycombs, grills on trucks (have same shape as honeycombs), those stupid face wash commercials that show pores in people’s faces, shingles the virus, this one isn’t an every day thing but the spongy lattice that’s inside of the bones (had to find that one out while taking a health class in college)… The list goes on but thank you so much!!!

  211. Awesome article! Always knew I had a problem but people didn’t understand and often told me to just think about something else. As if it was that easy. I too have suffered since childhood. I’m very hypersensitive to images and I’m recently trying to come out of an episode. I was triggered big time and before I knew it, hours later I was agitated and very upset. My meditation and breathing skills helped me get through it. But those images still appear from time to time. I think I inherited this because my mom used to have similar symptoms. I’m also bipolar and always thought that this was tied to my illness. Thanks for sharing! Peace, love, and blessings.

  212. I heard about different types of phobias on a radio program. When I heard about trypophobia as “fear of holes” and they made fun of the people that suffer it, I thought “come on who in the whole universe can b afraid of holes” like 3 months later I was checking my facebook status and saw an image that freaked me out badly, I was shaking and sweating and felt nauseous. It was a post about breast cancer, it was like a breast without nipple and with a lot of holes instead. Just remembering it makes me feel sick. I did not know what happened to me. I could not focus in anything at all. I was afraid of facebook. I wanted to run and hide but I did not want that my husband realized I was that freaked out. I really tried to control myself but it was not under my control. A day later I started my research, It was trypophobia and I did not noticed before but makes perfectly sense with other disgusting moments I had all my life about gross images. It only affects me if is on skin of humans or animals. If I see a bunch of straws together does not bother me at all.
    Thanks for not triggering images. This is an excellent article.

  213. Thank you so much for not putting any triggering images, this is the first website I’ve been able to read without literally hiding from my computer. I recently discovered that I had this. For me, it only affects me if the holes are in flesh. I was so confused when I started to freak out and feel sick while watching an anime where some people were getting shot, because I usually love gory stuff. When I heard about this phobia, I remembered what happened and tried to research it more, but every website or article seem to have a trigger image. I have a very active imagination, so I get panic attacks sometimes thinking about it. I also have strong reactions to blackheads. Strangely, when I have experimented with thinking about different scenarios, I don’t seem to have the same reaction with the idea of tunnels through skin. As long as the hole opens somewhere else I’m fine, even if I can’t see that opening. If I know it’s there, I’m fine.

  214. First of all, thank you so much for understanding us and for saving my sanity..I can’t thank you enough for writing this one..everything you said up there proved that I’m trypophobic….This is the first site and the best site that I’ve searched to know more about that trypophobia thingy…. because you didn’t put any triggers..thank you so much! It’s really my first time to read about such because I am so afraid to see those images but I was so freakin curious about that thing if it’s really true or not. Then I got the courage to type on the search bar (even typing it gave me goosebumps!)Do you know, while I’m reading your article, I was having goosebumps the whole time and even now that I’m typing this comment. In my whole life, this is the first time I had goosebumps for such a freakin long time. This whole thing just caused a great deal of discomfort and all sorts of unpleasant feelings towards me! Nevertheless, thank you very much! I hope we can get over this! *hugs

  215. Thank you for this article with no triggering images. I understand now what I am experiencing for a long time. I know now that weird feelings when seeing clustered of holes or bumps .

  216. I’m so glad to see that I’m not alone. Never experienced this so severe until the breast pic on fb. I’ve cussed ppl out and even unfriended friends and family. It’s so bad that I can’t sleep for weeks, and the image odds stuck on Nagy brain for months. I hate it and want to scratch my brain out. I really need help. I really thank you for not having pics

  217. It’s not really the holes that bother me but when there is stuff in the holes. I feel obsessed with getting it out and cleaning it. Does anyone else ever have this reaction? Sorry for the visual but I had to get it out. I’ve never read of anyone else having this type of reaction to trypop.

  218. I just typed that and never thought I’d find a name for it and ugh the first link I clicked had lots and lots of gross and triggering images I just kept scrolling down it had nothing to do with explaining the phobia, it was made to freak us out. I wish if there was some kind of pills or anything that u just take and make it go away cuz I’m suffering from it right now and kinda need my sleep.

  219. thank you so much for this! i was never able to explain myself about how i felt when i saw centain patterns. now i can say “trypophobia” and people can look it up! also thank you for not having discomfortable pictures on this page (: xo

  220. The difficulty with this is that them looking it up could pass on your suffering to others. For me, it is all in my shoulders and arms. I just can’t stand it.

    I was getting incredibly troubled by this, and kept wanting to cry or hurt myself. Those damn ugly fu%%ing lotus pods. A trouble shared is a trouble halved, so I thought. No, some things are contagious. This I shared and saw my dearest friend suffer as much as I have. It was triggered by me showing it.

    It is vile and I just do not see things the same again after seeing those damn photoshopped holes.

  221. My trigger image was a Facebook hoax. I’m sure Lot of you know the Bra Hoax. It said to make sure that you wash your bras after you bring them home from the store because of this insane disease.that would form on your nipples. To this day I can’t get the image out of my head. My skin crawls just at the thought. I feel like it’s forming on me even tho I know it’s not. I get mentally freaked out. To make it worse this you tuber Onision has a video about it and to my curiosity I watched it and made it 10 times worse. I really wish there was a way I could get rid of ever seeing this I have even considered hypno-therapy so that when I do see a realities image in the future I won’t process it the way I do now. I hate that people who doesn’t have this make the pictures and post them all over the web. It’s not right. It’s literally traumatic no matter how real or fake the image is.

  222. What I do if I’ve seen an image online or TV that disturbs me, is that I close my eyes and reimagine the object to be made of wood or marble and that I can sand the offending holes from its surface. So if it something organic then it becomes a statue or carving that my mind erases away the imperfections and I envision the holes being planed to reveal something smooth. I hope this helps a little for someone else cope with this issue.

  223. As Vivienne says above, something similar that can be a big help is … where it is holes that can’t be filed down (such as the horrible ones in skin) is to imagine filling them in with cement and then smoothing it over. No more holes but instead completely filled in and painted beautiful sky blue like they were never there at all.

  224. I saw a triggering image and now i can’t stop looking them up from time to time even though i feel disgusted. How can i stop?

    • It is awful the compulsion to keep looking them up. I get it too and just sit there looking with a straight face of disgust and churled lip! It is grotesque.

      However, for me there is some light. I start to search instead for things like purple skies, white leaves, green moon. What you can find can fascinate and distract you.

      I also do searches, though this does not always work for things like mouse holes, wildlife water holes, glass holes, pigeon holes, plug holes etc. This is a reminder that holes are 1. not limited to small clusters of photoshopped holes and vile ugly holes, but also that they can be something of beauty and purpose. I do not search tree holes.

      When you search mouse holes, some adorable pictures come up!!! The above is not a cure, but it has helped me a lot.

  225. I touched a python(in in traditional dance)and wrapped it arround my neck ,Believe it felt nothing compared to the feeling I get when i see trypophobic images.I didn’t sleep well last night after sseing a hand full of holes.As am typing this i have goosebumps allover,my skin is already itching.Oooh my God its…THEFEELING IS BAD AND THE IMAGE KEEPS FLASHING ON MY MIND.

  226. im not sure if this matters i just saw either a photo shopped or tattoo on a person where there was multiple holes in him forming a octagon i get a good look at it and it looks like theirs worms or something inside them and i suddenly feel like im going to have a heart attack it freaked the crap out of me so i look up trypophobia and normal stuff like pomegranates beehives and stuff dont freak me out but when i see holes on a person similar or close to the same one as the first one i saw give me the same feeling its only the ones on people that bother me, im not necessarily scared of it more like i feel like my heart is gunna burst does that mean i have trypophobia? or does that mean seeing things coming out of a person is what bothers me?

  227. thank you so much , to know that image is fake helps a lot but not completely the itching right now is bad just from reading this and the comments . who ever thinks it was funny to make that image is a very bad person . i do worry about it popping up while surfing the web . the reason i came here was i was looking to find a way to help get it out of my head . my main feeling was if it happened to me to soak my hand in gas or or cut it out with a razor blade and many other ways to get rid of it , so strange my mind would even go there . again thank you for taking the time to talk about this after it is not longer triggered like it is at the time of writing i think i can just just tell myself its fake and move on to other thoughts , you have been very helpful . ty Will.

  228. Thanks for all of this valuable information. I have had this phobia for a while now. Although I had not had any thing come up to trigger it for some time. Then I saw this image online, and I swear I had a panic attack for over an hour and scratched myself raw! I just wanted to find more information about this, and THANK you, SOOO MUCH for not having an tigger photos, something that many pages do have.

  229. Hi, thank you for making a post without those disturbing images im not health professional but i do have a few tips for dealing with this condition i also myself not as severe as everyone else but is mildly dealing with.

    1. Remeber its just a plant, and its harmless i did research on this plant and found out its edible and actually a good source of vitamins and very healthy for you.
    2. When the image appears in your mind squeeze and clench and your muscles together let the image be there for a minuite or two and then release all your tensed muscles and imagine the plant as something else like a beautiful rose or a pretty japanese blossom
    3. If you ever seen images of these on skin its fake! Some sinister person trying to pick on this phobia made that themselves to be funny, but this just goes to show you that this phobia is harmless and is nothing to worry about.
    4. This might be hard and temping but DO NOT look up pictures or research anything relating to this you have to give your mind time to heal away from the image to overcome it
    5. If you close your eyes and see the image keep them closed!! this image cant harm me, let the physical sensations happen and eventually itll die out and you will not be as sensitive to the phobia.
    6. I saw this on youtube and it work made my fear go from a 8 to a 2 ! Stroke your arms from your shoulders all the way down, rub the palm of your hands together, massage your face and hum a little melody and look far to the left and far to the right repeat until you feel better.

    I really hope this helps someone and i suffer from it to we are not alone and it will get better its only temporary this can be fixed dont let this meany little butt head plant ruin your life! Lol

    • @Unique, Thank you so much for your kindness. It is indeed a help and very constructive. It must have been hard for you to do that and I just want to see how grateful I am. Searching Trypophobic help and such things is like having an alcoholics anonymous meeting at a pub. All the horrible things are there.

      Thank you again and much love to you.

  230. It started Years Ago when I received a chain email of a beast with maggots growing in it. I haven’t been right since. I literally won’t look at trigger pics. I’m too scarred. That pic of that woman’s breastfeeding is still vivid in my head from 2005……. I’m curious did anyone ever see this pic I’m referring to?

  231. Thank you so much for this article! After 45 years in this world, I can finally put a name to that disgusting feeling. Just reading the article made me sooooo itchy. I’m happy I’m not the only (weird) one though! Ha!

  232. I think I am gradually getting better. Slowly and I am still repulsed but slowly getting there.

    For me I am realising that I am far greater affected by holes with things in them, such as Tafoni Rocks, Lotus Pods (of course!), those trees where woodpeckers have stored all their acorns, etc. I still don’t like holes and I can’t stand things like coral. Even though coral is not holes, they look like it. I still can’t help looking for things and I just seem to stare with a look of contempt and I can feel the disgust showing on my face.

    I hate them so much, it affects my sleep and my awake. I see things so much differently now since my mind was poisoned. Things seem to merge together, things that look nothing like hole clusters, look like cluster holes to me, even patterns on clothing.

    I see things into things that are simply not there. Google could do something to get rid of some of these images, they affect so many people and make a problem in people where there previously was nothing wrong. I have tried to contact google, report images and such but of course is a waste of time.

  233. Love the site gave me some techniques to use. I was first affected when someone on my facebook shared the Breast image I cant even speak of the photos or i get physically ILL and Angry. I’m a mother to 4 children one who is 13 and finds Humor now in saying Hey Mom look at this and there an image is. Now I have learned thanks to your information is a trigger image. I have OCD , ADHD, and augoraphobia. I just assumed it was one of those affecting me. I mean a photo can’t have this much control over me I thought I was literally In bed unable to eat, think of anything else, talk, or drink for that matter for 3-4 hours from glancing at an image for a moment. My son who is 11 is having the same reactions As myself He is in bed now unable to eat or drink Because my 13 year old is tormenting us with these photos OR he will talk about it acting like he wants to help saying Mom eat Honey COmbs and as he seen me becoming serious about it becoming less patient as this isnt funny he is taking it too far and doesnt realize its serious. Now he says he itches all over from it. Can someone have a reaction to it after viewing it a few times with no effect then all of a sudden it affects them. Because Im like DOnt even say it Im trying to forget it exists seriously. It is the subject not allowed in our home. Not being funny my stomach is in knots I feel sick i feel hot I feel angry. I feel the person or persons spreading these images to those of us NOT looking it up NOT wanting too see it should be able to hold them accountable in some way I mean it is affecting my life here I cant function. It isnt fair I didnt ask to have this shared on my FB wall. Goid bless you for this honestly awesome site. I will stay in touch ,.

  234. Thanks a lot dear, your articles super helpful. and it’s true it’s really hard to handle my phobia, and yeah I just learnt it’s a phobia from your articles. Seems my phobia getting worse because I can’t see it at all. Even imagine or remember the image can create my goosebumps.

  235. I was shocked to see these yucky images, I get pukish feeling, anxiety and anger. But was at ease to know that I am not the only one to suffer from this. ? Ok I don’t have phobia for these holes but I have disgusting and too much yucky feeling when shown on skin . I my mind force to go back and see the images and keep feeling yuck, I don’t know why. And I hate those people who photoshop on skin and publish it on fb and WhatsApp.

  236. The image doest get out of my head. I have not been able to eat, sleep or act normal. I am losing my sanity I feel. Help me!

  237. With so many people experiencing this phobia, there needs to be more resources/research to aid in treatment/cure!

  238. Thank-you for posting!!! I always thought I was crazy when i saw those types of things like pomegranate tops or bell pepper insides and the feelings i got were so confusing…the simultaneous feeling to kill what i was looking at and cry at the same time. Finally knowing what it is, is super helpful…also now i don’t weird about avoiding seeing the things that make me feel that way.

  239. It’s great to know I’m not alone like so many of you here. For me it’s seeing these things on skin. I can look at the lotus pod with beauty, the honey comb, bubbles, etc but the fake things people photo shop on to skin makes my skin crawl. I literally want to scratch my skin off or take sand paper to it. My skin crawls all over my body and I can’t stop itching. But it’s only fake photos, none of the real natural images. I wish people wouldn’t create fake images, these are the ones that get burned into my mind and won’t go away. I like the puppy images and the hamster. And your suggestions about how to deal are helpful. It seems like when I see a new image on accident I just can’t stop thinking about it. After a while it gets old and not so mind controlling, but the first few weeks are the worst. Thank you all for your comments it makes it easier knowing I’m not alone.

  240. I just had this when i was watching pewdiepie his “top 10 things you should never google” at first i thought it was just jokes but when i got to trypophobia i just had it and i feel so itchy and just scared all the time when i remember that trypophobia and i wanted to get rid of it please HELP!

  241. Ruchi… I have suffered from this condition all my life but I thought I was weird. I get goosebumps with a crawly sensation all over my skin and have even reacted by getting hives.I want to destroy the clusters immediately.My son also has this condition so it can be hereditary.

  242. I would like to add my thanks. I had nightmares as a child that were trypophobic in nature, generally forgot about them, and only recently saw the incredibly disturbing photoshopped images on clickbait ads. The constant recurrence of the images in my head, the chills, the itching, the anxiety that approaches panic. Your post, as well as some of the comments here, have helped a bit. I hope I can convince myself that being afraid of Photoshop is kind of silly. Until then, my unlimited love to all who suffer as I do.

  243. […] Want to read more about it without the images? Click here. […]

  244. stay off FB today people! there is a photo of a hand covered with honeycomb holes!!

  245. I am one of you all…. how I wish FB investigate on those people who originally post those pictures, obviously with the bad intention of causing this kind of fear. They have to be funished!
    Otherwise, i pray for all of us to be supernaturally healed and be freed from this nightmare, in Jesus name. Amen

  246. man i thought i was the only person who felt this way about things other people don’t think twice about. like the honey comb pattern on things that arent honeycombs and cracks that are either too thin or too wide when you can’t see where they end and bubbles that look like skin bubbles and the thought of undertow and things crawling just beneath the skin.. thought i guess th last 2 are pretty usual fears… glad i came upon this

  247. Similarily here, except I know it’s present in a large majority of the population, albeit mild or a little above mild. In my particular case, it’s pretty extreme considering my bedsheets get soaked in blood due to me scratching my body all over unconsciously while asleep but it sucks to hear that no research is being done on it, as I’d love to receive at the very least some sort of therapy for it. :/ Thank you for the article!

  248. Hi Jordan! Thanks for writing this article – seriously, I was near tears in the end (that hedgehog!). THANK YOU for your balanced and informative view, for skipping the scary images (thank you!!!!), and for your practical and helpful opinion on how to overcome it. It really sucks and can be awfully scary to have this, of course you know, and it’s just such a relief to read that it can get better.
    Lots of love!

  249. Hi Jordan and Friends: I actually can’t believe I’m writing about this. About 10 days back, someone sent me a very horrifying image on WhatsApp (similar to the one ‘ALK’ mentioned above) of a giant waterbug that can create holes in the hand or honeycomb hand? That produced a strong reaction within me and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I also did what the others do, googled the hell out of trypophobia and felt extremely uneasy. Never in my life have I experienced this sort of problem so I thought my confronting it will help me get over it. Once on FB I saw some picture of teeth which was horrifying but did not affect me to the extent as this one. I know this problem must’ve been dormant somewhere because when I was about 10 years old, I got this wart on my big toe which spread and wouldn’t go away. I could see a cluster of “black seeds” in it that are in fact blood vessels but that sort of was traumatic for me – the pain and the fact that it wouldn’t go away with medications.

    Yesterday I was making pancakes and the bubbles/holes triggered and reminded me of that hand with holes and various things over the past week. I told my husband to take over while I tried to get over the fear. He researched last night and came up with a video that claims to cure typophobia in 30 mins. It’s essentially a psychotherapy technique called havening that delinks the object from the emotion associated with it. I tried it out and I can definitely say it reduced the anxiety. The guy says do it several more times if the feeling hasn’t gone completely. Please know I have absolutely no interest in promoting this video and reviewed it before considering going to the doctor to help me get “rid” of this image that is stuck in my mind. You all should try it out too.

    Beware: there are trypophobia images on the right pane of this youtube link which you can try to ignore by focusing on the main screen and maximizing it quickly or putting a cover on the right side of your screen.

    Hope this helps reduce the anxiety and pain of this condition.

  250. everytime i close my eyes that horrible picture runs all over my mind and i keep scraching myself.feels like crying.i feel so help less coz m able to overcome it,sometimes m nt able to sleep also.please help me how to rid out of it.please help me.

    • Dear Princy.

      I have had so many sleepless nights and horrible days over this. That damned lotus pod. I just hate hate hate it. I see holes in so many things where there are none. My mind is warped to visions. Things I once thought was beautiful, I see differently now.

      I am slowly getting better. When I get the urge to look at holes, I distract myself by doing a search for something such as “Green Skies”, “Purple Trees”, “”Orange moon”. Some of these images can fascinate. Truly beautiful and the experience far outweighs than what I would have had.

      However, I still look at holes and hate them. What has helped me is looking for different kinds of holes such as leaf holes, sock holes, curtain holes, water holes. It brings home that holes are not just those repulsive little holes. We need to get back to what a hole actually is. The lotus pod is probably the worst example of holes.

      I have realised now that I don’t actually have “Trypophobia” like I thought I did. I was not scared of holes. What I had and still have is an extreme repulsion of something that is manipulated by selfish people in order to repulse me and many other people. I hate these things so much.

      I think it is the shape of the holes in the lotus pod, the horrible raised piece with something inside and yet protruding and how it is not round. It is one of the ugliest things in nature. I would love to be left on my own with a load of these things so I could smash them all into oblivion and make a pulpy mash!!! Hate them, hate them, hate them.

    • My heart goes out to you. While I can’t tell you how to make this stop completely, I have to say that subscribing to this comment thread is the closest thing to a support group we can find. Years after this post, there are still comments on an almost daily basis that reminds us we’re not alone. The only other thing that works is to simply avoid the images. Unless we breed Suriname Frogs or grow lotuses, we can avoid this horror. Spend your time and attention on things you find beautiful and fascinating, and not the things that worm into your head and make you horrified and miserable. I know this only kind-of works, but it’s what I try to do. I hope it helps.

  251. Update after my previous post, while the video helped me considerably with the horrible image I was forwarded, something weird has happened. I am now seeing patterns, holes, dots everywhere which I never saw/noticed – from the shower head to clothing patterns, in food. Seems like something has been activated in my head and I need to deactivate this function. If anyone has had any success, please share!

  252. Trypophobia

    These images are clearly repulsive and disturbing but they seem to go beyond that. There’s something horribly primal in the disgust they elicit and it seems to even go beyond the practical implication that they warn one of danger from harm or disease.

    I remember long ago noting a certain fascination and disgust for the patterns formed in bone marrow and afterward seeing other “hollowed out” images both natural and man-made, that indicate elements of erosion, decay, or the slow collapse of wear over time. I think there is something these patterns hold in common with images of ruins, as one may see in some 19th century paintings (eg. Caspar David Freidrich). The imagery also conjures an odd foreboding or violence one sees in eruptions, caves, fragmentation, and death (in the broadest definition of the word).

    As someone who takes interest in astrology, I have to note what I see as an archetypal symbolism related to Scorpio /Pluto. Because most of these images involve a disruption to a surface, one may perceive a Libra to Scorpio transition — the transition of surface appearances and “beauty” to a dark journey to those things beneath the surface, toxic eruptions. I came across these images and their intrusion upon my mundane week as the planets Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and Mars were all transiting my natal Mercury (the kind of “transits” one would expect upon “going crazy”).

    When I first came across these images on the internet, some appeared harmless to me (eg. bee honeycombs, bubbles) but ones that depicted human skin were terribly disturbing, particularly images showing a palm of a hand covered in small pits — absolutely revolting beyond words. I thought I could move on and let the image dissipate but found myself in the period before wakening the next morning, seeing nothing but this image. After awakening, the entire day this ugly thing held my thoughts. There is obviously something obsessive about the minds tendency to dwell on the thing against one’s will (are people prone to obsessive thought more sensitive to these images?). I remembered that the psychologist Carl Jung had noted (when debating Sigmund Freud) that “even the penis is a phallic symbol” thus suggesting that there is something even more basic in the universe that shows up in mundane life as such things we may call “phallic symbols” (penises, guns, rockets, etc.). I mention this because I believe that these images draw their sway over the psyche in a similar way — they represent, in a very pronounced way, some primal universal archetype that touches the nerves of existential awareness.

    It shouldn’t be lost on one that these textures appear also in some abstract artworks that disturb on subtle ill-defined level. Another affinity could possibly be discerned in the “bad trip” imagery one may experience under a psychedelic drug or perhaps even the hallucinations a psychotic may encounter.

    I think that the potency of response some have to these images goes beyond a mere hard-wired, “that may be a health threat” appraisal.

    There is something very science fiction-like about whatever these symbols represent. I’m at a loss to truly guess, but it is all beyond simple gross images that merely disgust, and there may be some revealing information to be gleaned from further evaluation of the phenomena.

    • I also feel like these images are bothersome because they represent a injury, In a way, it basically triggers the same respone in our brain as PTSD, thus the nightmares, the image getting stuck in our head (partially OCD) and having to re remind ourselves not to think of this image (anticipation anxiety) If you were working at a hazardous job and witnessed someone get serverly burned or injured the same response would trigger in your head (like youre having to this phobia) you witnessed a traumatic event so your brain is trying to protect you by constantly showing this image in your head dreams other objects etc… By telling you “hey i dont like this object it hurt me keep me away from it!” but its occuring in a over reactive manner, to treat this phobia the OCD and Anxiety needs to be targeted so if you seek out counseling or want to do self conseling find remedies for OCD thoughts or Anxiety and combatting these feelings, trying.to target the phobia itself will be difficult considering theres a lack of research and too many trigger images, I really want to help anyone who needs it as much as I can so I will be reading all of your responses and post!

  253. I am lucky enough to say ive recovered from this phobia so there is hope out there for us! I started by staying off of facebook for a while and not looking up this image, to give my brain time to heal what we have experienced is a form.of trauma, i also started a workout plan doing cardio 5 times a week.hypnosis and meditation before bed as wel as lots of prayer and going for walks socializing with friends and relatives and not.isolating myself, this took about 3 weeks but i also practiced re focusing on something else its called the “white polar bear effect” basically tell yourself not to think about a white polar bear and you will picture peace helps also. i believen all you guys you will all get better soon!!

  254. In my earlier comment I forgot to note, as many have, appreciation to Jordan for not only an excellent commentary on this topic but also the very considerate sense of not posting “trigger photos.” The phenmena intrigues me enough that I want to read more but most sites — especially Youtube — have those horrid photos.

    After a few days of recovery, I feel compelled to quickly see the images that I found so disturbing (morbid curiosity?) but I discovered that that is a bad idea. It just puts you back to another day or more of mental torture. Don’t even risk it.

    For what it’s worth, as I sought to weaken the grip these images had on my thoughts, I discovered it to be somewhat helpful to imagine them coated in blue paint like some costume or prop. Doing so made them notably less “organic” or “real looking. They then kind of look like a film special effect. Also, mentally addng mocking or silly imagery seems to help too — ribbons, confetti, or anything that makes them funny or stupid looking.

    ‘Just a thought, it helped me a little.

  255. Thanks for the nice article. Actually I found a disturbing pic on FB and it was eye photoshopped with beehives or something. Seeing that I got a goose bump and it was for a week. Please watch this video which will be the psychological remedy to get rid of the trypophobia



  256. Omg I am so happy I found this I’m Literally 12 years old and I got so scared and mad and almost cried Whe I first saw a picture. This helped me a lot

  257. Thanks for the informative article. My daughter has trypophobia. Her phobia can be triggered by some written book pages, which impacts her ability to read/study. I’m wondering if anyone also experiences this and any additional advice that you may have.

  258. Oh my freaking gosh! You guys, I got to this article after I googled “why do I get goosebumps all over my body when I see or picture a group of insects or holes” and this is the only article that has the closest thing to try and help with all the body itching, the goosebumps and the irritation! It really feels better knowing that I’m not the only one. Ever since I was a kid (around 7, 8 years old), now I’m 28. It’s been a week now since I’ve seen the picture of holes in a hand that is caused by an insect (now I know it was a hoax to trigger this worst feeling ever)! I cannot erase this picture from my mind and I see and feel it in everything I see now. The has been my worst case ever. We could really use some help, if more research can be done in order to come up with a solution for this horrible feeling. Now I know I’m not alone, and thank you for an article without pictures. Typing this with goosebumps all over my body, lol.

  259. Thank you so so much Jordan for this article. Until today i didn’t even know there was such a condition and thought I was just “abnormal”. I first got a reaction when I was as young as 7. When I tell people about it they laugh it off and think i’m too sensitive. Sometimes the itching and stress get so bad that I cant sleep through the night. The fact that I have chronic urticaria make matters worse. I’m so grateful for this article and all the info and encouragement posted on this page.

  260. i have studied Auto CAD with the turned off grid because i couldnt stand that regularly placed dotted shit. Those days was torture. Laughter of class mates and fear of teacher scolding. :/

    Thanks. Yeah you got it right. Images.

  261. I’d like to thank you. I have been feeling these goosebumps, itching, skin crawling for years. Today, during a research for a translation I saw this photoshop of a lotus seed pod on the skin (writing this gives me goosebumps and a terrible itching all over) and I started feeling really really bad, and I simply couldn’t take the image from my head. I thought of overexposing to deal with it because I thought that this was pretty irrational, and then I saw the term trypophobia for the very first time in my life. And when I tried to research it what I got were exactly the so-called triggering images. And I couldn’t click in any of that. So, first of all, thank you so much for explaining it without the images. Second, thank you for talking about it in a way I didn’t feel stupid! Yes, I’m afraid of holes and patterns. Yes, I get nervous and goosebumpy and ithcy. Yes, it may be irrational, but I do feel it. No, I’m not abnormal, and I’m not the only one in the world.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  262. Thank you for this article….I was beginning to think that maybe it was the onset of dementia or something like that. The first time I noticed it was a few years ago when someone posted that “photo” of that lotus seed pod on the scalp that was “caused” by using a certain shampoo. I got nauseous and still do when that pops up and also other images. So glad to know it’s a phobia and not dementia….which my sister was recently diagnosed with.

  263. this article is so informative, i didn’t know much about trypophobia until I read this article. :)

  264. Thank God im not alone! Trypophobes we are not alone!! I was informed that trypophobia relates back to ancient instinct to avoid poisonous things with holes.

  265. Thank you for the article – I have been wanting to read on others experiences since I found out this was even a thing. I had never explained it to anyone before (had for as long as I can remember; now 25) and when I finally did to a mate a year ago, he knew what it was!

    Thank you very much for not putting triggers in, I was almost too afraid to look at what my search engine brought up!

    FYI – I get nauseous and angry. I also get a very strong urge to take a butter knife to the objects/ images in order to smooth them out. It doesn’t matter what it is that was the trigger.

  266. Just like Liam said,

    I just want a knife or something similar to smooth that off.

    All trigger images i’ve seen made me unconfortable and itchy. The worst are the ones with animals carrying or giving birth their babies. Spider, toads and so on.. Gosh That’s bad

  267. I never would have imagined being impacted by that frickin’ lotus pod on the shoulder/back picture. I have experienced EVERYTHING everybody has mentioned- total revulsion, nauseated feeling, sleeplessness, and I found myself getting so mad, even reaching out to imagine tearing the thing off. I’ve been itchy for 3 days now. I too have imagined surgically removing or scraping the spot clean, destroying the thing just so I can move past this. I first saw it on Friday night, had to go all weekend with the image popping into my head, and finally was at work and too busy to think about it, but it STILL popped up a few times. Especially after dinner, so I came up to make myself look at the thing, so I did. Wasn’t as bad, since I kept telling myself it was just photoshopped. Actually clicked on the “play” icon but it took me to a static site and didn’t play. I imagined all kinds of wiggly, wormy crap. So- after reading and realizing that honeycombs don’t bother me, or eggs in a carton, or I LOVED snorkeling a few months ago in Mexico, so I think it is the idea of that kind of out of control growth on the skin full of countless things that just makes me react. Thank you for sharing this information about Trychopobia and to everyone who is sharing. I hope my thoughts help someone put it in perspective, too. You can’t control what you don’t understand. (I’m itchier than ever just writing this!)

  268. Thank you so much for not having triggering images! I’ve noticed that my reactions only seem to come about when the holes are wet or in flesh. Coral freaks me out (I still love the colors of reefs, though. I have a ton of wallpapers from Finding Nemo, since there aren’t any hole clusters visible)
    One time, my parents were in Florida and found a bunch of sponges (the aquatic animal) washed up on the beach. They found one that was roughly a rectangular prism and brought it home, joking that it was Spongebob. My sister insisted on keeping it in the shower, where it would get wet. I think that freaked me out more because it used to be alive, even though it doesn’t resemble what my brain thinks a living organism should look like (this also happens with starfish and sea urchins. I think I’m just terrified of aquatic invertebrates…)
    A few years back, my little sister got a bad case of athlete’s foot (or something like it). She had this black /thing/ embedded in her foot, and I legit could not be around her when we were at home for weeks, even after it was gone, just cause it wouldn’t leave my mind. Patterns in skin from something being pressed on it doesn’t really bother me, until it looks wet or shiny, then I start feeling anxious and nauseous.
    Unfortunately, I was trying to get some images of the lotus blossom for a project when Google Images happened to pull up a shit-ton of these kinds of pictures. I thought using Google Japan instead of Google US might help filter stuff, but it didn’t…
    (side note: anybody else here deal with trichotillomania or dermatillomania as well? I can’t leave any sort of bump on my skin alone without having to pick at it, the resulting wound then sets of the trypophobia)

  269. Nice to find out I’m not alone. I’m actually surprised that there are so many out there. I made this mistake of googling this affliction and found a mass of pics that just about brought me to my knees. LOL The holes make me feel a little nausea but the core feeling is, this is sooo wrong.

    Wondering if anyone else here is intuitive. Wondering if there is a connection of sorts to these common responses.

  270. I can’t believe how those last images helped me calm down. You the real man!

  271. I just want to know, does anyone else break out into hives because of it??? Because when I see it I start itching and then I get hives on my legs, chest, back and face.

  272. Hello everyone! After suffering from this horrible phobia since I was a child (over 25 years now) I finally have a name for my condition. A co worker was kind enough to listen & knew someone else with the same phobia. For the first time in my life, I have this overwhelming sense of relief that I’m not alone. After reading this wonderful article, I shed a few tears, and I’m ready to begin feeling better about it and no longer suffering in silence. Thank you to everyone who commented as well, I kept nodding my head in agreement…only to further the validity of this condition.

  273. Hello Everyone this is my second response to this forum. First of all thanks for jordantrudgett for this useful article. Let me give my background and how I relieved from this phobia…

    I am 35 yrs old male working as a software engineer who undergone lasik surgery recently and due to this I had a dry eyes.
    One night I while I was facebooking, one person posted picture with fake eye disease (Lamprey eye disease). I was shocked after seeing this pic and as a result I got a terrible goosebump and itchy feeling throughout my body for three days. Then I later googled to see if someone else having same feeling and endup in this site.

    I also found another website with useful remedy :


    However above theraphy was useful only for someextent. I taked to my physician who adviced me to take claritin liqui-gels to reduce my itchy feeling.

    but when itchy feeling gone, i developed white bear syndrome where I was obbessed with trphobia pic in my mind and totally depressed.

    Now let me tell you how I got rid of this after suffereing 1 month.

    First realize its just our perspective and you own thoughts and it not real.
    I believe it cause you disgust and due to that you will end up in severe disgust feeling.
    so to reduce this practice deep breath thinking youre safe.

    You have to use your will power and strength and figure out why youre are having disgust feeling.

    I realised and promised my self that I will not develope disgust feeling for anything in world and started understanding the meaning for the nature to have this creature lamprey and lotus pods or anything you have disgust feeling.

    I watched lamprey videos in youtube and realised that its a wonderful creature and sea food. this understanding gives my 100% relief that I am obbessed with unreal thoughts and now started loving lamprey.
    Similary if you have disgust feeling for any holes or lotus pod watch a video or spend your time to understand whats the nature purpose to have these existed in this world..

    Please PLease dont carry this suffering for you whole life.. Bring your will power and stregth to overcome this fear..

    I still feel bad for the kids who have this suffering and I am ready to do anything for the people who was suffereing for this.

    My english not that Great but I telling believe me its is pain and please please believe its your own perspective and can defenitely GET RID of this…..

  274. I have to mention one thing. I do lots of prayers to God and believe HE the one who help me to recover from this.. So pray pray pray if you dont believe in God Meditate Meditate Meditate….

  275. Oh my god, I’ve seen images before and never realized why it disgusted me so much or why it had the effect that it did on me. Tonight I saw a picture of a bunch of holes in someone’s hands on IG. All I could think about was things living inside of my skin and eating their way out. This was the worst reaction I had ever had. I googled tryophobia and when the images came up, it was game over! I suddenly got sick to my stomach, my chest started pounding, my ears were ringing so bad that any surrounding noise was muffled out and I got very very dizzy; almost to the point of unconsciousness. Then to top it off, here I am over an hour later, still itchy as fuck!! I need some help! Is there anyone else out there with the same experience that I just described?! GOOD GOD

    • I experienced same expereince as you…take deep breath . Please read my comments above. Also understand you get this feeling when you’re in stress. So do more yoga and meditation. Dont worry its all your wrong belief and imagination. It is nothing to do with reality. Self realize that .. you will get it rid fo this feeling soon.

  276. It is a terrible feeling. I saw the lotus flower on the breast and something on a fingertip last year. It messed with my head so bad thinking about it made me sick. I was told I was being dramatic, it just kept popping in my head. Eventually led to me not sleeping for 3 days because it’s all I could think about and since I suffer from anxiety I ended up having a panic attack when someone posted it again. I had to block the people who sent it and got myself obsessed with a book before I finally started sleeping again. I saw it again end of last year and immediately foud something to distract me, thankfully the reaction only lasted a few hours that time. I have anxiety just typing this message. Pm

  277. Thank you so much for this article without pictures – I have had this phobia since I was a little girl and all my family and friends know of this. My nephew told me there was an actual name for our fear and when I researched it – of course as you know – they brought up images so horrifying that I am still shivering from the memory of the images I saw days ago. Again, thank you for the article and I before I always thought I was alone because no one that I know has this.

  278. Thank you so much for not having any photos. I wanted to know why my body was reacting to pictures of the internet. It got so bad I deactivated face book account because people kept posting pictures and I would itch for days trying to get the image out of my mind. Now I know I’m not alone and I also wont make the mistake trying to research trypophobia. Thanks again !

  279. Took me a good month to get over seeing trigger shots. Does anyone else feel fear or sadness with these images along with skin crawl/sickness etc. I feel fear but sadness with it.

  280. @Tmart- I get that too. For people who are sensitive to them, these images express all kinds of powerful negative emotions. Sadness, anger, and pain are what I see most often.

  281. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been grappling with this thing my whole life and never knew what it was or why seemingly harmless images made me feel so absolutely sick and made my skin crawl. I saw an image just yesterday on the internet that has been affecting me non-stop ever since. Since I was little, I’ve had these seemingly unreasonable responses to certain triggers. Finally, I know it’s a real disorder and I’m not the only one.

    Thank you so much for posting this article.

  282. thank you for not posting pictures :)

  283. on March 24, 2016 at 11:59 am | Reply AnnMarie Nelson

    It was only today that I found out that there is a name for my problem. My trigger is small holes on the skin. Oh my god, I just want to take a shower and clean my skin! I itch, get goosebumps from head to toe, cry and want to throw up. Can this be cured? I need help! This is terrible. Just thinking and talking about it freaks me out. I need help!

  284. Wow, thank you for posting this.
    I had my first proper attack last year when someone posted a horrible image on facebook. For days I couldn’t sleep, eat or look at anything without feeling sick. My mind would constantly replay the image over and over – I had to leave work early on two consecutive days and remember at one point I was just screaming with tears and frustration into my pillow. I had no idea this affected other people and generally thought I was going crazy. Over the following 3 or 4 weeks it started to get better and I was able to push the images back before they had any negative affect on me. Ive not had it as bad since but I definitely have to be careful. I notice I am more prone to being revolted by things when I am hormonal, over tired or run down so I try to take good care of myself and as you said ABSOLUTELY avoid being curious. I try to look quickly away from things that may start to affect me too.

    My husband found out that this was called trypophobia and I made the HUGE mistake of googling it. BAD idea. That was two weeks ago and I’ve been having moments every day – nothing like last year but its there – I just put some rice pudding in the oven and there were a few pieces floating at the top – even that seemingly inoffensive dessert had my skin crawling.

    Something interesting though – I had a small rash on my skin for a couple of weeks last year and this did not bother me at all. I don’t understand how a brick can freak me out to the point of tears but a blister on my ankle or an actual rash doesn’t bother me. We are curious things aren’t we.

    I suppose there is some evolutionary benefit from being revolted by certain things but it seems our brains have overgeneralised this instinct into something far less beneficial. I hope others take comfort in the fact that they are not alone and share their ways of coping if they have found anything that works really well.

  285. Such a strange phenomenon. When I was a kid I saw my mom cooking gravy. When it bubbled I felt this overwhelming urge to stab and destroy the bubbles in the gravy. I never said a word about it and it has gotten worse over the years. Then one day my 19 year old daughter saw a slice of tomato on the counter and she took a fork and proceeded the destroy the slice of tomato. She said it made her feel an uncontrollable urge to destroy it. I was so astounded. I told her I had the same problem all my life. We are both very open about it now. My other 2 grown daughters get creeped out but don’t get the urge to completely destroy the offensive object or image. I am 48 yrs old. I had thyroid disease my whole life and so do my daughters. I had thyroid cancer. My husband does not have any reaction to such images and he thinks we are crazy lol. He also has no thyroid disease. I wonder if there is a connection since thyroid disease does cause psychological and physiological problems. I find that when I am hyperthyroid my trpophobia is much more intense. I have no thyroid and rely on synthetic thyroid hormone so my levels fluctuate. Does anyone else have a thyroid disorder with trypophobia?

  286. I do not have thyroid issues, but I do have tryophobia.lol..My wife on the other hand does have thyroid issues, but yet she is not affected by anything that could potentially “trigger” her. My wife has hypothyroidism, which is the most common for weight gain, but she stays skinny.. 120-130lbs. Maybe you could do some more research and find out if there’s a link to tryophobia and hyperthyroidism. Possibly also the traditional hypothyroidism person who’s one side effect is weight gain.

    Just a few ideas for you. Good luck! Post back and let us know if you find something between the two!

  287. I have this condition and only found out through a buzzfeed article what it was I had! The first time I ever felt it was when I was watching an episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets laser eye surgery and while he is walking out his eyes start crusting over(omg writing this is messing with me) and it was a whole bunch of little white clusters covering his eye balls….this was like 15 years ago so never knew what eff I had. The worse for me is when I try falling asleep sometimes and I have vision of different types of cluster like bubbles, holes on the wall or skin and of couse honeycombs..the closer they are to each other the worse I feel it so I wake up and try and fall back to sleep. These past two nights ive haven’t been able to get to sleep till 2 am because of it.

  288. I am so pleased (but also saddened) to have found so many people with the same issues. Mine started with an email – the infamous breast pic and it worried me for months. I eventually googled it and found the damned lotus pod. I think I may do some research for my blog and try and get some tips from the mental health profession if Im can. My son also has it – he had to leave science class last week when the subject was cell formation – he was sick to his stomach but his teacher new what was happening and allowed him to leave. I for sure think it is something primal – inbuilt in us. I need to be able to wash the dishes though and not freak out with bubbles!!

  289. Thank you for not including images, jus readung about it was more to handle. Thank you, very informative

  290. on April 3, 2016 at 6:16 am | Reply Hope is Real

    Long story short, I have had this almost all my life but I get over it one way or another In about 2 weeks or less. But since I discovered I have alil anxiety it’s alil harder now,I was recovering from an anxiety episode then I stumbled on the lotus image on Facebook. It got worse I started seeing holes in things I avoided for years like car hood/bonnet of cars,kitchen skink,shower nets etc.

    I believe mine started when I had an injury as a child that freaked me out, traumatic experience is a trigger,not necessarily an injury any form of trauma then your mind looks for an escape or excuse and trigger images amplify and misdirect.

    I really want to get back to my normal life so if anyone can help with a permanent or something that will make me see the world around me like I used to I would appreciate,I can’t look at kitchen sink bubbles any more.

    Well this is what helps me —don’t google these images but if you do come across them man it and look away but try to hold the disguise or feeling in.

    Distraction…keep your mind focused on stuff,work,games and comics music anything.

    I am starting to believe hypnosis may work because when ever I sleep and wake up these thoughts are not there for the first 1hr but then I remember then bam it gradually becomes a part of the day but I believe by Gods Grace will I will be healed. It’s so painful and disruptive.

    No ones really giving a solution. I believe we have to do something, conduct a research,create a questionnaire we all fill to find out the cause or trigger the. We can move forward with a permanent solution. I believe it’s possible we need to have a productive avenue to talk or a chat room.

    I would really like to talk to someone on a daily bases so we can both check in on each other, talk therapy helps.

    I also believe this is sorta genetic,my mum has described this to me several times and my big bro had an experience once with the multiple eyes on a ladies body.

    Someone holla at me so we can be checkin up on each other.

    • Hey there! I can feel your pain and believe me I was there to the point of crying and not being able to sleep… I read a lot and decided not to put much attention to it. Try to avoid checking images and thinking positively that “I’m not sick and holes won’t affect me”. Couple of tricks I’ve learned about to do when I see a trypo image is to immediately look at a flat surface like the sky or a wall, another one that really helps, is rubbing with two fingers something flat and soft like your arm or a table (I do my arm).
      I’m feeling way better than exactly a year ago (when I posted the hell I was going through in this forum), today, I can normally look at sink bubbles, shower drains, etc; but yeah if I get to ever see a super nasty trypo picture I rub my arm, look at the sky, and think of something else. The phobia lasts about 5 minutes now :)
      Good luck!

      • on April 4, 2016 at 12:34 am | Reply Hope is Real

        I was doing great yesterday and suddenly I was exposed to the everyday triggers,like the metal net at entrance of my house,bubbles etc. went on the stressed out panic but I was alil calmer than previous day. After the panic died down I had this sense of tiredness, like giving up fighting this thing.allost felt like going to bed if not I was on the move to a church programme. I am starting to feel like giving up on everything.tears in my eyes but I can’t cry(being a real man) lol

  291. The simple word “hole” used to give me the goosebumps before and therefore I’d associate any cluster of holes with the phobia. It took me probably a whole month to move on of my biggest panic attack (one year ago). I know it is easier said than done, but really give yourself some time to digest it but help yourself and AVOID doing more research on it and hurting yourself. MOVE ON AND LET THE WOUND HEAL. And yeah, that includes this forum, forget about this whole story. In couple of weeks you’ll see how a positive mind can do wonders :)

    • on April 4, 2016 at 4:07 pm | Reply Hope is Real

      I guess your right,Positivity Rules All (PRA)…

      Bye bye forum people, see you when I am %100 like CCI. Lol

  292. on April 4, 2016 at 11:59 pm | Reply Krystle Tyykila

    I thought I was the only one.. Images or even words read about holes makes me sick.. And even as I type this I’m sick.. Reading comments I was honestly throwing up… But I want to know how to fix it or make it better.. I’m afraid to go online or Facebook for fear I see a image with holes.. I get goosebumps and chills and my shoulders feel shakey , my brain like imprints the images and until it goes away I’m sick.. I need help some how this fear needs to leave.. I don’t know when I got it or even how but I hate it.

    • on April 5, 2016 at 6:46 pm | Reply Hope is Real

      Well I have started feeling better..I even saw an image similar to the lotus plant but I didn’t flinch (although internal struggle last for about 20mins) but baby steps at a time. You have to first condition your mind, reinforce it. Then don’t search the images,also toughen yourself so exposure to these thing won’t affect you but overall distraction,as everyone has said,total distraction,read a book,watch an engaging movie,work out etc. if you confront it without confronting it (know in your mind,this thin must stop this troubling me after this episode and I would work towards getting better) I believe you will get better after this episode and it won’t trouble you like previous trigger episodes. We can keep In touch. Mail me on handsomejob9@yahoo.com

  293. Oh god this was so hard to read but thankyou so much.

  294. Now, i know i am normal. I thought i was an allien on earth. If everyone has the same reaction. It’s normal . It just that im more sensitive than others. Lol

  295. Read the article, all the responses, and I was moved to tears throughout.

    All my life I thought my behaviour toward what I deemed disturbing, or out-of-place images and sightings were irrational. Others merely figured me oversensitive, childish, dramatic.

    Earlier today I came across images of the wrap-around spider species found in Australia, only — apparently.

    Now, I not only identify with trypophobia as of now, but I also struggle with anxiety and OCD. As well as arachnophobia. It’s nearing 3am on a weeknight and I cannot sleep. I am still highly grossed out and disturbed by these images from earlier as I want to fix what was so horribly wrong with them. In which world can spiders flatten their own bodies, and against a tree bark that already complements their camouflage? I wish to scrape the affected areas clean. I wish to never come across such a highly chaotic representation of nature or surfaces against what I’ve known for over twenty years.

    I fear this fear of possible danger unto me and the inability to “fix” could only worsen with time.

    And what I could encounter that’s triggering is nearly inescapable. I wish I could clear my memory of all the hauntingly disturbing images I’ve seen today and in the past (some mentioned in this thread too).

    That aside, I really just wanted to express my sense of gratitude that this piece and community exists that is free of triggers for those like me. As distressed as I still am, I can take an ounce of comfort in knowing that I am not alone. And better yet, that this is a clinical disorder, not some “childish” behaviour on my part.

  296. Thankyou! This has helped a lot, especially the last section. The pictures at the end actually put a huge smile on my face because of the contrast it was weird.

  297. At one time I thought I was being attacked by demons of some sort. One day friend said I bet you have trypophobia. I’m glad to know there is a such name & it’s not demonic or a figment of my imagination. I still pray it goes away. Another friend sent me a gross pic of some lips & now these images keep coming to my mind causing these horrible goose bumps & triggering more gross images. I wish she hadn’t sent it because I haven’t had symptoms in a couple of years before her pic :-(

  298. Thank you for creating an article without triggering photos! I still had to get through some on my Google search before coming across yours, but I was thankful to read about it. I suffer from PTSD- not sure if there’s any link to that- but this started in my early twenties with clouds and soap bubbles, and now has progressed. I hadn’t had a reaction in the past year and have been trying to explain it to my therapist. I sent her this article, because it explains it so much better than I could!

    • I’m glad this article helped you. Thanks Dana.

      • Thanks for writin this article

        For me it was triggered by an episode of Bizzarre Foods when I saw food with gross texture i was repulsed then i googled the term and my whole day was transformed. I found the disturbing images online that just spoiled my mood i got very tebse and upset .
        I find avoidance helpful, never lookin at the photos works for me because once you look your day is spoiled.

        Your article was enlightening and going through other peoples commennts was comforting in a way so thanks for this

  299. This article really educated me. Thank you, Jordan! Now, I want to say this for all of the readers and people who commented. Trypophobia cannot be understood, right? And trypophobia is completely irrational, correct? What does this tell us? That we do not have the science or technology to figure it out yet? No. The insanity and evil of trypophobia is not scientific at all. It makes complete sense, however, when one sees the plan of the Enemy—Satan—which is to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan wants to steal your comfort, your joy, your peace. He wants to put fear in you. He wants to kill your happiness and destroy your spirit. There is a cure to trypophobia, by the way. His name is Jesus Christ. All need to put their trust in Him and receive His joy and peace. Say the Savior’s name: Jesus. Bind the evil spirits. Rebuke Satan! Jesus is Lord. Pray to Him for His wisdom and peace in your trying situation. Yes, there are Christians who suffer from trypophobia, and Satan wants to attack them especially. They need to take authority over these evil demons in the name of Jesus and pray to God for deliverance.

    Luke 10:19— “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

    John 14:13— “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name [Jesus], that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

    P.S. This doesn’t mean that disgusting images won’t bother you. Those images are open doors for Satan’s schemes; do not look at them. However, honeycombs, lotus seeds, and sponges are God’s creation and should be fully appreciated and not contaminated by the devil.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your comment. I am non-religious so I can’t say I share your point of view. But my opinion is that there is relatively little known about this condition or reaction apart from us all sharing what we know. I think for most trypophobes, just understanding what they are feeling and knowing other people are out there the same way goes a long way to feeling better.

  300. I don’t think you should bring religion into this. Sorry if I offend you, but that’s my opinion. I don’t believe in Satan or hell. I don’t believe that God is wrathful or vengeful. We are all a creation of God, so we are all god. For God to condemn us would be God condemning his/her self. The Catholic Church re-edited and wrote their version of the holy bible circa 200 AD. But this isn’t stuff that you will be taught in Sunday school. They created fear and still control people like you through fear. Let all of the fear go and then you may truly get past trypophobia. Let your fears of “Satan” go. For all that God knows is love. Hate and fear were created by man. Think I’m lying? Do some hardcore research and you’ll be amazed at the things you yourself can uncover. I over took my fear of trypophobia and have no issues any more. There is no evil. So stop believing in these “demonic” beings that are trying to mess with your psyche. You are your own creator. And sorry if you have a problem with my beliefs, but if you would like to challenge me, I can throw you some quotes out of the bible that tell you that there is no life after death, a little bit on homosexuality and other things as well. For if you believe everything the bible says than it must be true! After all, man wrote the bible. But most people wouldn’t know that these inserts even existed in the bible, for people on read the parts that they like. LMAO

    • Thanks for sharing your opinions, K. I am so glad you have been healed of your trypophobia, also. I wanted clear a few things up and I’m glad you are willing to talk. First of all, I do not live in fear. I am not afraid of Satan. I have been given courage to fight against him through Jesus Christ. If you want me to prove my beliefs about Jesus, God, and the Bible, I can. But first I want to ask you a question: since humans apparently do not know what causes trypophobia and it is basically a hopeless wandering through confusion, wondering how you can get rid of this horrible fear (thankfully you being an exception), what other answer is there? What could possibly be the cause of this fear if it is not Satan? How could humans be the creators of something that they themselves hate and don’t understand? What I am trying to get at is this: just because we as humans live in the physical and can’t see or understand the spiritual, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because you cannot see a microscopic parasite, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and won’t try to destroy you. Satan is that unseen enemy. Don’t assume he doesn’t exist because you can’t see him. Blindness to his existence will make it easier for him to attack you.

      Now for the proof of the God of the Bible, the validity of the Bible, and the sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Most historians agree that Jesus as a person existed in early AD. Most knowledgeable atheists believe that Jesus did exist, but that he was simply a great person with many followers, not the Son of God. They know he said some pretty crazy stuff, like, “No one comes to the Father but by me,” and many people claimed to have seen him perform miracles. So I want to ask you this for the sake of… (continue on next post)

    • argument: If Jesus really did rise from the dead on the 3rd day like the Bible claims, would that make all of Jesus’s claims true, and would that make him the Son of God? If your answer is yes, please tell me and I will continue on to prove that Jesus did rise from the dead.

      • Anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs is going to see this as a hijacking of a thread that is otherwise a very helpful resource for those who suffer from trypophobia. If you derive strength from God, cool. But don’t be telling people that Jesus is the only way to stop the suffering. Not cool.

        • Dave, you can take this as me hijacking a thread, or you can see the reason I have chosen to comment specifically on the cause of trypophobia and the cure. The reason is that I understand how serious, how grave the situation is. And I realize that people are going to continue to suffer, until they swallow the truth. You said that I claimed that Jesus is the only way to stop the suffering. I didn’t say that. There may be some rare cases in which Satan decides to stop attacking these poor people. On a larger scale, however, there will be suffering here on earth until Jesus comes back. So you are partially correct about what I believe. What I do not understand is how people who seem to not be curable of this fear can be so closed minded, can have such little faith. I thought we were looking for answers. How come what I say about spiritual intervention is so unbelievable simply because humans demand physical evidence? There will not often be physical evidence for nonphysical activity. It seems that there is not only a spirit of fear involved in trypophobia but also a spirit of error and pride.

          • I suffer a lot from this but I do not consider myself “Trypophobic” as I do not fear holes. What I have is an intense repulsion that runs through every blood stream in my body. Since seeing those holes in the shoulder my vision has changed. I see things that should be beautiful to something horrible. Even raised bumps remind me of holes, I can’t stand the word holes, I can’t stand the word hole even.

            Patterns on clothing, positions of food, textures, those woodpecker storage trees and many more. I am extremely repulsed and affected by such horrible sites. The Marks and Spencers adverts seem to target us, the roasted garlic one was horrible, yet it isn’t even holes but it brings it all back. The food advert with pomegranates, meat with garlic shoved in.

            My arms feel like they could fall off. My own skin makes me feel sick sometimes. Uneven dust, melting ice cream, certain flowers, middles of flowers, bottle tops (plastic caps), pen tops (I must use retractable) and many more things just repulse me.

          • I am so sorry for your misery. Please, submit yourself to God and pray for deliverance. Say Jesus’s name. Read the New Testament for guidance.

    • Michael L.
      There’s a point where you take the hint and simply keep your views to yourself, you hijacked the thread to preach on a matter that has nothing to do with religion of any sort. You are forcing your beliefs on someone who expressed their dislike of you doing so, and by doing so you are harassing them. Quit it.

      • ha·rass·ment

        aggressive pressure or intimidation.

        What I am doing is not harassment. Everyone has the right to not read what I post, and I have the right to speak, especially when it is the truth.

  301. Thank you so much for such an informative writing. I came to know more about your blog only, thanks again for educating me.

    Now I realise, I grew up with this phobia since my boyhood; may be from age 9 or so. Never know how I had this phobia. I don’t know even if it is my phobia or anxiety only, as it doesn’t seem to have any severe effects on me yet; like many people do have. In fact, I learnt this term only a month ago while reading Reader’s Digest online. However, the feeling I get after visualising either Trypophobic images or anything in real, is EXTREMELY unpleasant, disgusting! I was looking for possible solution or cure and came by this one:


    Have a look if it helps you.

    I wish you all to get rid of this phobia as quick as possible.

  302. Hello all. I have had this fear since at least age 8. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have found this blog. Mainly because I always thought that this fear was something I should hide from, run away from, and be ashamed of. I personally feel that early trauma in childhood from something really scary and out of our control is the deep seeded cause. Its natural to be repulsed by something repulsive. The difference here I think is that we imagine things to be something that they are not. Like the lotus seed pods photoshopped onto human flesh…really creepy, but really FAKE. We have to help remind each other that this is a response to something imagined. I feel it is time for me to leave these thoughts behind because they are a waste of time. We were given natural responses to images like this for our own safety (bugs on our skin or whatever), but for these responses to happen randomly (in my case), or regularly is not normal, and we need to bring our minds into reality and not allow our minds to trigger our nervous systems into freaking out. I can say that facing the idea by reading everybody’s post and of course finding this blog has really helped me I think. I hope that anybody who suffers from this will be relieved of it forever, but I think the first step is talking about it.

  303. Here is a link for that therapy video to help with trypophobia and has no triggering images. https://www.hypnovita.de/info/definition-erklaerung/was-hilft-therapie/trypophobia-cure.html

    • Warning: Two posts up I entered a link to the therapy video that does not have triggering images. However, I just found out that after you watch the video once, if you go back to the bottom of the page, there are triggering images the second time, because this page is linked to youtube. Again, if you watch it the first time, there is nothing there, but after the video resets, it brings up images from youtube. Sorry.

  304. Wow I just googled how to get my mind off something that made my skin crawl. I had no idea about this. Thank you so much. And the fluffy photos are so helpful.

  305. Those listed under the worst triggers are BAD for me, especially the toad and the lotus on the breast. I’m kind of coming off a mini panic attack right now because I just saw like three images on my Facebook newsfeed in succession…which prompted me to do a little Internet research that led me to this article. It sent me into full blown shortness of breath, nausea, creepy crawly skin…my husband was shocked. He’s never seen it. I usually contain it. Another bad trigger for me is tooth anamolies. Pictures of mouths with too many teeth or X-Rays or skeletons with the permanent teeth up in the skull that haven’t erupted…I’m freaking out typing this. Honeycombs and bubbles don’t bother me at all, though…mostly the stuff with the body. I never knew this was a real thing. I thought I was just wacky. I’m glad to hear it’s a legit phobia, and I’m not alone.

  306. Thank you for this. That is all I can say right now.

  307. Okay, you guys asked for answers. I gave them to you. You can apply them to your life or not.

  308. What is confusing me and i can’t stop thinking about. Is yes, i relate to what you were saying about the fear, i get like a shortness of breath and fast heart beat, even just reading this article. BUT i also am completely fascinated and almost want to see more, while still being afraid. I want to touch it, not just touch but like rub with my nose or lick it and destroy it, i don’t understand. Somehow i stumbled into trypophobia fandom and it’s association with skin picking, do not google it, faint of heart. I don’t think I’ve ever been so afraid/repulsed while being fascinated at the same time.

  309. Thanks, I am having an attack right now. This has helped me. I have shared it. This has explained what I have experienced since childhood. My mouth tries to shut from within and my brain amplifies and mobilizes whatever I see. I have been able to evade but today it was worse. A whole evening has been ruined and this has salvaged me. thanks

  310. Thank you, this article has help me a lot to understand my fear, Trypophobia, and thank you Michael Lockwood, you are right about Jesus Christ, as i was reading this article i felt chills and all cause of the description but i read your post and made me feel better and reminded me that Jesus Christ is the answer.

  311. Thank you so much for this page. I have this and never knew it had a name. I recently saw the lotus flower photoshopped onto a person’s neck and it triggered me horribly. Just thinking about it now makes me itch all over. Horrible feeling. I also have the need to “Destroy” patterns when I see them – thorny tree trunks are another one. Yet, repetitive wallpapers, or the sight of a honeycomb/beehive is no problem. It’s all related to that “disease” look. Hate this, but it helps to know I’m not alone.

  312. Yeah seriously that picture of the human body with the super imposed lotus pod….I end up gritting and grinding my teeth and get inexplicably angry and I want to punch things. And it’s usually lasts a couple

  313. This phobia is ridiculous! I never knew that I suffered from it until about two years ago when my mom had me doing dishes. We had hot chocolate with breakfast that morning and my mom put water into the pot to make sure that the chocolate we used didn’t stick… I won’t go into details on what it looked like but all I know is one second I was fine the next I was having a panic attack and I scrubbed the bottom of the pot so hard that I scraped off the pigment and chipped the linoleum with a spoon. Scary part was that I didn’t even register that I was doing it! All I knew is that I had to destroy that damn pattern.

  314. When I see images of holes in skin I have that image in my mind a lot and I start to think that I have the image on my knees or my elbows I start to get the image out of my head but I cant I wrap my knees or elbows up in a blanket so I don’t feel like its on me. The worst image for me was the massive holes and tiny space between them with the creatures inside.

  315. Do people purposely post these images after articles because they want to freak is out?! I will get done reading an article on fb and then at the end they will have all these “miracle cures” for things and they are so gross looking!!! Or this one with imprints of circles in someone’s skin (sorry if that triggered someone) I just don’t get why these images are everywhere?!

  316. I saw the image on my fb feed and i havent been the same ever since :( I cant sleep, cant think. i cant get the images out of my head and they give me crazy anxiety. i really think am going crazy. my life exists before and after the image.
    is there a cure?

  317. Hey☺Omg I think I have suffered with this phobia ever since I ca rememberI hate looking at those picsI only realised what phobia it really was last week when I searched fear of irregular patterns of holes.When I saw trypophobia,I searched it on google images just to see if it was the right thing and I was disgustedMy worst ones were a pne with holes in the eye,holes on the hand with seeds in it and beehivesWhen I see those pics I just want totear my face offOnce I actually made myself bleedMy besties and my boyfriend has it

  318. on May 20, 2016 at 12:55 am | Reply Longman +2348059685525

    i just saw a picture on a friend’s phone last nite and that was it, i couldn’t sleep till morning and even till now i am wide awake but dutifully irritable only just now i discovered what i am suffering from and wont say the pic i saw so not to trigger responses. I am only waiting to get tried today so i can have a good night rest but first i will drown my self with work. But then i got me thinking as Dumbledore does to his memory, can hypnotism help block or make me forget this images?

  319. Thank you so much for this! I’m a sufferer and i never knew there were other people out there like me. It’s so lovely knowing I’m not alone. I’ve suffered with this “phonia” since i was a child but even then i knew rationally that there was nothing to be afraid of but i would still be extremely agitated, nauseous and frightened. I find it really hard to get others to understand what is happening to me when i get triggered but i have shown your post to the close members of my family so they can have a small understanding that I’m not being “ridiculous” and this is a real fear shared by others too.

    Thank you so much! Amy x

  320. I appreciate you for providing the information without the pictures. I get so nauseous and it feels like billions of spiders are crawling all over me.

  321. I have this issue and it reared its ugly head again last week with a vengeance. What triggered it was someone on facebook linking to those lotus pod on skin pics and saying in the article that it was from the zika virus. Only at the end of the article did it say this was put together by a university drama club to test out new makeup appliances. They got in trouble because in their tag line they said “Problems with zika that the CDC is hiding.” The CDC was not amused and is going after them. I really freaked at the picture (stop reading if this will set you off, please) of some guy whose eye is replaced by the mouth of some type of reptile. I suffer from depression and this really thru me into a funk for a week. My shrink said it will take awhile to go away. Now, I don’t want to sound like some old old man, but what the f**k is wrong with people creating images like that. Isn’t there enough ugliness in the world without creating some for people to freak by. Some pics actually are tagged “I hope this pic sets off your phobias, f**kers!!!” Pure hate.

  322. we need to hire someone who don’t have this phobia to investigate for us. I know there is a scientific explanation out there, but who will take the risk to search around all those nightmare. I stop eating for a FULL day 24hours, when I come across one, I will bite myself to blood just to be able to not think about it, I have to keep cutting myself until the image in my head is gone, so FUCK YOU people who still play posting them online, specially on social media. this is a real problem someone need to find a cure before someone dies

  323. on May 23, 2016 at 1:53 pm | Reply Susan O'Dee

    THANK YOU. A friend innocently posted the horrific Surinam toad on Facebook and I could not stop thinking about it, looking at it, etc. I thought maybe if I understood it it would stop freaking me out, but it didn’t. Then I ran into all these other images and the next thing you know my normal anxiety level was going to 11. And I can’t seem to stop triggering it.

  324. One thing I have noticed quite a bit on this blog is that many people have had this since childhood. I honestly believe that most of us were traumatized by something that really scared us, and these sorts of images trigger that trauma. A feeling of losing control. After all, our skin is our largest organ and it protects us from all kinds of things. So it is natural to want our skin to be healthy and these pics are the total opposite of that. One thing that has been helping me is to keep reminding myself that they are just images. And the images are triggering a feeling of trauma which is now over, but my mind remembers it for survival reasons. I try to think of myself as having a paper bag over my head when I am having an attack, and that bag represents me being fooled into thinking its dark outside when in fact I just have this bag over my head. Its all in MY head. Its not real. Just keep telling yourself that its not real, take a deep breath, look at your skin and see that there is nothing there, and that you’re okay. if you have an attack, Its not your fault and it WILL go away. Focus on smooth warm beautiful things that ARE real.

  325. Thank you so much for this post.. Yeaterday i realised that i m going crazy n depressed with this feeling. Thank you so much once again !!

  326. the pictures at the end helped.

  327. I am highly try-phobic once I looked and saw a hand with many holes in it and threw up (no lie). I always get goosebumps when I look at it and even when I think about it. If you have ever played “try not to cringe.” It is literally impossible, for those who aren’t tryphobic. Is there anyway to become un-tryphobic.

  328. Just, disgusting. I’m felling so disgusted by trypophobia. I just want to forget about it and I wish I never googled it.

  329. y when I first came to find out about this…it made me very nervous and I didn’t like the images, but then my friends would share it all the time and it got to the point where.I was very panicked and started to scratch my skin cause my mind would imagen that I had it on my skin..later on in my episodes, it would be to the point that I would scratch my skin to much I would tear open the surface of my skin and it took my boyfriend a huge amount of time to erasure me that it wasn’t there and that it was in my head..I still have episodes but I try to search for help and this article gives me some hope that one day I will get over it.

  330. Creepy indeed when you look at these picture especially surinam toad giving birth. I thot i was the only one with this phobia. My skin itches even upon the thot of the Surinam toad or lotus breast..

  331. on June 10, 2016 at 8:34 am | Reply Ajinkya Patil

    Thank you so much,atleast I came to know that Im not the only one. The best way to overcome it is mantras(shlokas from Hindu sculptures). I immediately close my eyes and start gayatri mantra( you can google it) by remembering God( Here you can imagine anything that gives you that holy feel or any divine place) and concentrating on your breaths. Again take a deep breath as possible as u can( count the numbers atleast upto 60). concentrate at a point midway between the eyebrows. Close your eyes and look upward-not crossing your eyes, but converging them slightly as though u were gazing at your thumbnail outstretched above you. Don’t be too exact in this matter, however. The important thing is to bring your attention to that area. Don’t try forcibly to bring your eyes to a focus, but gaze mentally towards that point. At all times keep your eyes relaxed and your brow smooth.You can easily move on to your work..But remember don’t dare to rethink it again. And if you see those stuffs again( accidentally), then don’t get panic,just try not to think over it.Again start with the gayatri mantra and continue it till you feel relax. Remember one things all the phobias are related with some kind of fear so you dont have any right to waste some beautiful moments of your previous life just to think over some shitty things which actually does not exist.
    If you really wanna get over any kind of psychological disorders or stresses, you can go through any of ancient and effective techniques including meditation, Kriya Yoga, spiritually oriented Hatha Yoga……….etc etc. You will find hundreds of such techniques Indian people are following.

    • Thank you soo much for not putting those triggerimg image i had it months back when i accidentaly saw that triggering image of dove allergy on FB but i overcomed over it in a day by diverting my mind and encouraging my mind….but today again i got exposed to it in my buzzfeed n got to know dat this is a phobia n i hate ppls who post such disturbing things……i have my university exams tommorow and cant focus to study and please guys dont try the exposure technique because it can get u in more worse situation like i am having try to divert your Mind such as watch your favourite movie or show play games,meditate,yoga,breathing exercise,chanting og Word OM,etc whatever u like the most and try not to expose any one to it because it is the worst feeling any one can have

  332. I feel so queezy tonight. I had a notification on facebook and there was a new one. The person who put it on her facebook, I couldn’t believe of her. I thought she was nice. It is one of a hand with black in it saying something like “you’ll never use Nivea again”.

    I had not seen this one before and I have seen many but I just can’t get it away from me. I thought I was getting over this, but I hate it and I hate her too.

  333. Thank God for this page… I can read about my phobia without feeling distressed! I have spent the last few days trying to look into it as I had a trigger but it has left me feeling even more sick, anxious and revolted :( now I’m desperately looking for a way to minimize my symptoms! as I cannot get the disturbing images out of my head! Does anyone have any tips!!! i’m desperate.

  334. Thank you, I looked before to find a name for this and I never could. It helps me to look at a blank page or a texture that doesn’t freak me out, to pray, and to try to think of something else.

    I get itchy (so much so that I can scratch until I bleed) and I kind of feel like I am just going to go crazy or have a panic attack if I keep looking at it.It’s getting worse too. It used to be just peeling paint, but now I can stand the bottom of a cauliflower (the white branching under the green part) and shredded textures. Any idea why it would suddenly get a lot worse?

  335. I feel grossed out I could cut them off me

  336. Thanks a lot !
    At first I was so afraid to watch this which shared on facebook saying about a shampoo affect. And then I was so curious to look more and more pictures. Disturbed mind, getting angry and many more happened. Came across this article and really helped me to get rid of it. Thanks again !!

  337. I always feel completely disgusted and I just start scratching all over and crying (I guess this is a more severe reaction) I’ve been looking for people all over that have this same issue and I either get made fun of or people want to show me pictures to find out if I’ll react to them.
    Thank you..all of you, for existing.

    • on June 19, 2016 at 11:50 am | Reply trbl_paradise_

      yes me too…. i think ive always had it… but never really thought about it… because i thought i was crazy i would think to my self who tf os scared of holes ur stupid…. and one time i was making eggs and idk what happened but holes came on my scrambled eggs and i started crying and scratching… and i didnt know what it was but my friend at school we were doing something with atoms u know theyre circles and she was like i cant stare at holes for long z u get scared and she told me what it was called and i searched it up….. i looked at a few pics but b4 that… there had been a pic on instagram of a hand captioned this is what the guy who serves ur food at mcdonalds hands look like… i couldnt sleep that night i kept iching and looking at my hands scared…. although im a vegetarian and hardly ever go ro mcdonalds i started thinking of all the other places i eat at like the pizza places…. but the worst reaction ive had so far i had one today roo… is when my bro was making this African dougj food and it was spilling over the pot z of the rising yeast and he told me to cut it in half nd put the other dpugh in another pot… it was the worst day od my life who new yeast made holes in dough there were holes every where and i started vrying…. and today my mom was home and she made me make the dough thing and cut it and i told her i fouldnt but she laughed and said they’re just holes its just the yeast and i told my bro to do it and i fry it and he was like no and i did one and told my mom i couldnt do it i was freaked out of my mind i feel like im going crazy amd im still iching right now…ughhh i need help… but ots nice to know ur not alone

  338. I just had the worst attack yet since looking at that picture with holes in the neck, just now I was cooking dinner for my family the water boiled down in the shells some of them were turn upward and the holes were on top of each other. I just dope to the floor itching all over, crying, attempting to rip my hair out. I grabbed the pot and tossed them in the trash. Whenever something in my reach is bothering me I grab it fast as possible rip it into pieces if I can.

  339. Thank you guys for this info I’m feeling a little better after a month of hell vommiting an intense body itch… I was in hospital for internal bleeding an infection such cud be ecoli so after seeing this pics posted by a relative was a nitemare.. I felt dirty an wanted to rip my skin off an bath with Dettol.
    A concrete truck has dropped concrete on the road side an even dat triggers me now..
    It’s mind over matter an sum meditation to relax me

  340. I am so extremely thankful that there was no trigger images in this article. I’ve been typing in “fear of holes” into google to try to understand what this nauseating feeling I’ve been getting from looking at tightly packed holes. I never realized that it could be a mental condition. al my friends and family think that I’m strange because I get nauseated when looking at things like honey comb, the spongy tissue of a bone, and the lotus flower pod. Even thinking about them now makes me want to vomit. Thank you so much for this article !!

  341. I feel like mIne is worse because i have a photographic memory and seeint these images once is like seeing it in my head forever..creeps me out so bad

  342. One of my classmates posted an unpleasant image and I can’t get it out of my head. It pisses me off how insensitive people can be, how they don’t think about how others may react to obviously disturbing images. Especially websites like Buzzfeed when they had that page about trypophobia.

  343. have fear of strange patterns beacause i have imagination they can “infect” my skin, much like that f*cking trypo-trigger images.

    the images in my head really really really annoy me!

  344. on July 8, 2016 at 10:23 am | Reply Melanie Gabbidon

    Thanks …..iv always had a real bad reaction and automaticly itch and heave. The image repeats for days I remember this happening as a small child….and still now. I used to be compeed to keep looking try and understand the images..but now I just stay away…..This feelung last for days….

    Thank you so so much for having no images…I was nervous when scrolling down.

  345. I can’t stand to look at anything that has a pattern within a circle. Typically it’s just circles/dots within a circle. But it can also be a big rig truck carrying pipes and the stacking of them on the bed of the truck creates the “dots within a circle affect”. But last night I was triggered by my grandson’s bathtub toys clustered inside a square and 14 hours later I can’t get the image out of my mind and I feel sick to my stomach. I’m soooooooo glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles with this bizarre phobia. I’m one that always wants to know the “why” of something so not knowing why is disturbing in and of itself. I wonder if it has anything to do with other mental diagnosis such as GAD, PTSD, and depression. But in doing research to find out, I may come across more horrid patterns! And it may not be worth the risk because of the fact that the images stay in my brain FOREVER!

  346. Thanks for this article without trigger images. I tried the desensitizing route (very BAD idea) and make things worse. Now I notice trigger images (honeycomb) on the grille of cars, trucks, jeeps, mesh shoes, mesh clothing, shower heads, and those large green (honeycomb) HD TV box display in the electronic dept in stores. :/

  347. Thank you very much for this article. I don’t know why I never just searched Google for articles without images. I have never met someone with Trypophobia and explaining to people or even my partner of 11 years seems crazy.

  348. on July 29, 2016 at 10:17 am | Reply Maria F Fernandez

    Thank you so much for this article, I shared it with my family who can’t understand why I get very panicky when I see images like you describe. I’m so glad I found your blog, and have subscribed to it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  349. OMG! Thank you SO MUCH, I had no idea I had it. First time I was triggered (or I can recall I did) it was when I saw the “lotus seeds photoshopped onto skin” on facebook~ I had no clue it was because of trypophobia. Then when I came to live in Korea I went to this Lotus flower park and it was full of these pods without the flower and all those holes, just thinking of it I feel sick and itchy, my friends laugh at me and called me weird, and I just could think of running away from that place, they even eat that thing here as side dishes, so you can imagine I suffer from it from time to time.
    Now because of a random comment about “trypophobia” on Youtube, I was curious enough to check it out and I regret for what I found on Google, not so much because I could finally find your post and this made me feel anxious but more comfortable about my situation. Thank you so much for the tips.

  350. Guys try chewing a clove if u feel sick an for itch take a bath with little glove oil. U will feel ur pores being cleaned n open up and fact is if you have worms in tummy or bad bacteria using clove with water as a drink will kill any parasite at its head..

  351. i googled trypophobia and those images made me sick . my instant reaction was to shut my computer and then i cried because i just could not get those images out of my mind .

  352. Hi all my doctor perscribed me Celexa 40mg and it has helped a lot with these panicky feelings. I dont have issues with the image getting trapped in my head like it use to if it does its for a short period of time and it doesnt cause a reaction. Ive also have not googled this phobia and id i come in contact with a trigger ive learned to look away immediately and use breathing exercises the medication also helps keep me calm too. Ive been working out and going to the gym its the summer time so perfect oppurtunity. This phobia is treatable guys it may bother you still from time to time but i promise theres a way to cope with this dont feel like youre trapped or youll be tormented forever!

  353. Seriously, the images in google or any of the articles have made me sick and i feel pukish everytime i see those. I feel those holes all over my body and just not able to sleep or do anything because i dont get those images out of my mind…but good to know der are lot of ways to come out of it and i would definitely try few of those..

  354. Thank you so much for this page. I googled how to stop your skin from feeling like it was crawling, after a story I read was enough to trigger me into wanting to cry and rubbing my arms until they’re sore and red (a reaction I have; I think subconsciously I may be trying to “smooth” the skin or rub down the goosebumps?). This article came up. I’d heard of trypophobia before, but like you and others I can never google it as any “help” or education offered simply results in triggering. This place as one that is safe and yet allows us to interact with others who are the same way and to be reminded that we’re not really in danger, that it’s natural and not something to worry about, and so is a life-saver. I’m so grateful to have come across this, especially when I did. Now I’m off to look at pictures of fluffy animals. Thank you, again. :-)

  355. I have learned how to contain my reactions my biggest triggers are the shopping bags from “Target” (ill never work there because of that) and drains. Im starting to understand these reactions more While studying some medical diseases i saw pictures of HPV, HIV, Chicken Pox, Gonnoreah etc… Some of these diseases do have the same shapes that causes use to trigger. Our bodies are going into over drive to protect us from what it thinks is a anti-body or something hazardous. Ive been drinking herbal tea 2x a day, doing yoga before bed and working out every afternoon. I also listen to my favorite music on the way to bed to help me sleep. I know i cant help everyone but i hope i can help somebody!!

  356. on August 6, 2016 at 6:07 am | Reply Valerie Lopez

    Its too hard for me to even read the articular or comments. I am itching and want to take a shower and scratch my whole body and head. Im crying and I feel like I need help.

  357. Thank you so much. with me i always thought that may be am a coward until today when i decided to google about it and i landed on your page and i thought that i was the only person experiencing this but since we are many leme also try to fight it down but it really hurts

  358. on August 7, 2016 at 11:09 am | Reply Brian Harrison

    I have this for sure. I’m just curious why within the last couple years that I have gotten it, why all of a sudden? What started it?
    Thank you for this article.

  359. I think for me part of it is fear of the unknown, because when I see some pictures that are triggering to others I’m totally fine (pics of dry sponges, bread/shortbread, cheese graters and even normal (unphotoshopped) lotus pods don’t get me) but most of them are items that I have in some way interacted with at some point (we had a lotus pod in our art class for about a year) so I know I’m safe enough around them because I know what exactly it is and what are in the holes. The ones I can’t deal with are the photoshopped ones, the gross fly larvae removal, and the god awful frog because I don’t know exactly what is there underneath. It’s a scary feeling because your skin crawls and you can’t look away but at the same time you can’t really research it because any articles about it contain images so thank you so much for this one!

  360. Feel totally nauseated and want to cry with the images. Wish this thing didn’t exist. I just do my beat not to ever see or even think of the images. Trying g super hard to think of that puppy dog image right now, because I don’t want to have nightmares. Sounds insane, but it is real.

  361. on August 15, 2016 at 5:16 pm | Reply yuyun yuliendanie

    i was googling how to stop this phobia and all i found was the triggering images i had to cover my phone and scrolling so fast to skip the images but THANK GOD i found your article. i saw the image for literally one second and then i immediately go to your page bc it says no triggering photos, and still have the goosebumps as im writing this. i thought i was alone but its nice to know im not the only one who has the weird feelings when seeing that kinda stuff

  362. Thank you so much for this article. I’ve always had a phobia of holes. I can’t even look at my girlfriend’s laundry basket. When I found out there was a name for this, I immediately Googled the term. That was such a horrible experience. Thank you for providing a safe space to research this condition.

  363. Oh god, thank you SO MUCH for providing this info without triggering images, even if I did have to run a gauntlet looking at the Google results through my fingers. I mentioned trypophobia to some Facebook friends and suddenly I was deluged with requests for more info – I am definitely going to redirect them here, and hopefully this page will move higher up in the results and help others.

  364. I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one who feels this way…and thanks a ton for not putting any images!! People never understand my situation, the way I feel about it.Either they comment “jus grow up” or they scold me. They say I should see a Psychiatrist…

  365. Thank You for this article!
    I have this serious aversion to such images whkch have uniform patterns of holes, especially circular ones. The Lotus Pod is the WORST. I accidently stbles upon the word typophobia and the experience was a nightmare. I got itchy all over, an uneasy feeling overwhelmed me and yet I could’nt look away. It was asthough I wanted to be disturbed. The images have a strange reaction on the left side of my brain. I feel something like a very light shock that starts from the left side of my head and goes down to my arm. Anywsy I am trying my best to think of other stuffs. Glad to know I am not alone.

  366. Thank you! Someone told me that what I had had a name so I searched for phobia of things inside of things. I found the name of the phobia and then searched for it and cause and as I scrolled down the page, I covered the phone with my hand so I only see the edge to make sure there were no images. When I moved my hand away, I was so thankful to see the title of your article and felt relief being able to click on the page without the fear of being horrified by disgusting images. All this to tell you thank you so much for being thoughtful and sharing what you have learned without using images (although the waterfall pic bothers me a bit for some reason). And looking at the cute puppy picture did help. :). Good suggestion.

  367. I even felt “guilty” as a result of my revulsion, and it is revulsion; not “crazy”. I believe there are dangerous things that do look like that, so it is not a “mental” problem. It is revolting and it should revolt everyone, in fact i think it does revolt everyone the rest just don’t admit it. But for me the bigger thing is what is wrong with people that they cannot create good, nice, intelligent things? It’s almost as if society is regressing back to being morbidly fascinated with the sickest things whilst being unable to respond to intelligent positive concepts. Just imagine those sad weirdo’s sitting for hours and hours somewhere in a darkened room photoshopping grotesque images and patting themselves on the back saying: “check my awesome skills”. No sir/madam your skills are not awesome, awesome skills are the kinds of skills that make life better for people, your sad little existence is quite honestly a waste.

  368. This article has been so helpful! I have had this phobia for a long time and it has steadily gotten worse as I aged. Mushrooms hit me hard. Even writing about it, I have to stop and take a break. I have tried telling my friends but it does not seem to have stopped them from sharing certain trigger pictures. I mainly looked up this article because they sent a picture over group chat and I think I had my first ever anxiety attack. It was horrible. I’m shocked and embarrassed by my reaction, but I couldn’t help it. This article explained so many things. My skin always crawls and then I feel incredible fear and violence. I always want to destroy and get rid of what ever the trigger is. What was said about it replaying in your head is what got to me the most. That happens to me all the time and I have had to employ different breathing and guided imagery techniques to cope and relax. I’m sorry if this was a lot to share, but I want you to know how grateful I am that you created this page and shared it for other people. Thank you.

  369. **Solution**

    Well, I can see several people suffering from this so called phobia. But no one has been able to find solution to this. I have been to the same situation and tried to overcome this by de-sensitization with over exposing my self with such image. I can tell you that’s the worst way to do it. I don’t think it would work for anyone. Now coming to solution that I have been practicing:

    1. Time- As the say “Time is best Healer”, they are right. You have to give yourself time to overcome. A day or two in normal cases. You may need extra time if you are staying alone and have no one to talk with (not about this phobia, but general stuff). More you get yourself busy, faster you overcome.
    2. Meditation- No, you don’t have to sit long hours to meditate. People you’ve been experiencing this for so long, who see those holes and images in every thing, need to calm their mind first. When I used to get the thought of this, while I am doing my normal routine work, I would panic. And I would force my self to “Not to think about this”. Let me tell you, our minds are funniest characters, they would do what you resist them from. If you want yourself to not think of a ghost under your bed, you tend to imagine more. That is because Mind doesn’t understand “Not”. So instead of thinking that there is no ghost under your bed, you should tell yourself, there is God guarding around your bed. “Ghost” word shouldn’t come in your mind. Similarly, instead of forcing yourself not to concentrate on the image, as soon as you start experiencing this trigger, tell your mind to focus on your breath. Inhale for 5 Sec(yes, see Watch and do this. Idea is to engage your mind) and exhale for 7 sec. Make sure when you inhale, you feel air going into stomach. Observe how it expands when you inhale. Exhale as slowing as you can.
    If you do this, trust me you’ll start feeling and getting well soon.

  370. I’ve had this forever and know of many who do:(

  371. After reading this it is nice to know I am not alone. I always just thought I was weird and never spoke about this anymore because people would laugh. I also spit up as I looked up some of those images. But thank you for enlightening me.

  372. I have never heard of this but I saw the photoshopped skin lotus pod pic a few months ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. Which is exactly what I googled that brought me to this page. Sad to think that one jerks picture (posing as a religious “type amen if You believe in Jesus” meme that was definately not Godly) reposted by my naive niece would change my outlook on the world.

  373. First off, I had NO idea there was an actual name to the feeling/phobia I have every time I look at objects like those you described. I always thought my response was irrational. I always get teased because of I have severe arachnophobia and in no way did I want to tell someone about my fear, dislike, or general nausea at seeing something like the lotus pod. Secondly, thank you for this site. It was very informative, as well as comforting, to know the information is out there; and so are other people who feel as I do. Thank you for the images at the end as well. Quite a simple, yet extremely effective way, to set me right again.

  374. wow i dont actually have it but wow i never knew this was real o.o

  375. I’m only a young teenager and once my friend showed me one of those pictures of the lotus seeds photoshopped onto skin and I felt really sick and screamed and told her never to show me one again. Eventually I forgot about it until today she showed me another picture of one and I screamed and almost threw up and ended up crying a little because it effects me so much. I actually did not know this was a phobia was a thing and I did not know that those pictures were just of lotus seeds photoshopped onto skin. I thought it was a real disease and that just made me feel worse so thank you so so so much for explaining this. I would just like to add that if you are triggered by these photos DO NOT GOOGLE TRYPOPHOBIA! There are so many terrible photos that will come up immediatly and just make you feel a million times worse. Also if you don’t suffer this DO NOT EVER SHOW SOMEONE THAT DOES THESE PICTURES!!! It is NOT funny and it is NOT just a joke. It can scar someone for life and keep them awake at night.
    Thank you again for explaining this

  376. I’m 44 years old and until today I never realized other people suffered with this and it’s not just something weird to me. I wouldn’t say it’s a phobia but I guess it’s a good way for people to be able to label it and have a way of letting people understand better their condition.
    it’s actually comforting to know I’m not alone anymore and I can totally relate to the things in the article. I have learnt over the years to avoid the triggers to an extent because I know ahead of time what sort of thing might find it’s way into my view. even the quick google search on my newly discovered trypophobia brought up some hideous images and a lot of skin crawling and itchiness. there is always an urge to smash the offending trigger to mush or somehow smooth it out (if that makes sense) and if I don’t get it in check in time the feeling of discomfort gets worse and I just want to scratch my skin off. I haven’t yet of course but that internal conflict becomes part of the problem.
    I have also noticed that if I’m unlucky enough to see too many triggers too quickly it has a greater effect, as if my defence against it is weakened further with every trigger. in the past I have suffered mentally from it and known I just sounded like a lunatic trying to explain to my girlfriend that “I’m bothered by holes, it’s hard to explain”.
    as much as I sympathise with others that share this affliction I’m also grateful to find myself part of group.

  377. Thank you so much for this article. I had never heard of this or realized I had it until I say a horrifying photo on Google+ that made me want to throw my tablet at the wall. I am only pre-teen, so at first, I wasn’t worried. I thought, “well, maybe I am only scared of this because it is a terrifying photo.” But then I watched a YouTube video called, Ten Things You Should Never Google and one of them was Trypophobia. So me, being my smart little child self, googled it. I took a test called Do I have Trypophobia. It was a list of photos that were so horrible to me that I literally screamed. No joke. Now, not all things freak me out, such as a sponge, coral, or the inside of a pumpkin. But there were some things that have scarred me for life that I hope to never see again. I am so glad that I figured out what this is.

  378. I remember seeing a picture of one of those revolting frogs with eggs in holes in it’s stomach in a World Book Encyclopedia as an 8 year old in 1976. From that moment on I could not shake the image from my head and the more I tried NOT to think about it, the more I thought about it. I felt sick, revolted and had goose pimples. It menaced me for decades – and indeed even now, although not as often, I can recall the image as clear as crystal. Another trigger pre internet was the Australian Bottlebrush – especially when turned on a wood lathe into artistic pieces by craftspeople…………….urghhhhhh. So imagine my relief when I found I was not alone in my disgust. Ok, so now, how do I fix it?

  379. I tried googling trypophobia to see if there were articles on getting over trypophobia, but I soon realized that that was a terrible idea. For me, I experience sudden, moderate anxiety, and mild nausea. I can never look at the image for more than a few seconds without my breathing and heart rate accelerating.

    It’s often discouraging trying to explain this fear to others, as the common response is “Really? They’re just holes”. I’m grateful to come across people who I can empathize with so I know I’m not a lunatic.

    I know only a couple others who suffer from the same phenomenon and they experience milder symptoms than mine, and I always thought I was overreacting or maybe I’m just being a baby.

    I’m so thankful that you’ve refrained from posting triggering images. I almost opted to googling “how to look at a page without images”. Really, THANK YOU.

  380. Hey! Finally I know I’m not the only one!! If I even look up trypophobia WITHOUT pictures pictures still come up. I’ve hated anything with a cluster of holes pretty much my whole childhood and still do. Anytime I see a picture I quickly close my eyes or else I get all squeamish. I just hate the site of holes and blood. It drives me crazy. Even more crazier is the holes are small

  381. Wow. This article is amazing.
    After returning from a walk(something I don’t often attempt) and having a mini break down due to itching and battling with my brain to not itch throughout the whole walk.. I was running into the house and as I tried to open the gate I saw a small group of little holes on the top. This made me want to itch even more.. The lotus seed pod thing is literally my worst nightmare (having had some funny guy send me the nasty picture on Facebook), beehives freak me out and any recurring, holey pattern! I go cold, and my skin crawls and itches all over. Worse when I’m all het up though.
    Thanks for sharing

  382. Contact him for Trypophobia mosthighsolutiontemple@gmail.com or +2348077686213

  383. seriously!!!!!!………………….I repeat – how do i fix it? Any hints? I noticed someone said the more they looked at images, the more they were desensitised – any comments or experience on this? Are there any other Aussies out there who identify with the Australian Bottlebrush image – especially when turned on a wood lathe into artistic pieces by craftspeople????????…………….urghhhhhh.

  384. Thank you for this. That lotus pod, photoshopped skin disease thing literally made me want to rip my skin off. I was panicky and sick for days. I annoyed my husband because he just didn’t get it. I always figured it was part of my psychosis (I have borderline PD) but maybe it’s something else aLloyd together.

  385. For me it triggers the idea that there could be something under my skin. Like when I see holes I imagine them on my arms or something and that’s what gets to me. Honestly it really helped knowing that it’s a primitive response in our bodies that causes it, because our minds know that if we were to have to holes on our skin, or to see animals with them, that it is dangerous. It al started with me when someone on tumblr talked about people sending me images and I decided to look it up and I was scarred for life afterwards. I feel like it get better over time if you can avoid triggers. But I do still fear that one day something will randomly pop up on my screen. After buzz feed wrote the article on it, I wrote them an email explaining how awful it was and I unfollowed them, as much as I love their articles, I couldn’t risk my saniry

  386. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally!!!! thanks for not uploading those kinda pictures because for me , it feels like death to look at them ! the first time I experienced this phobia was about 2 years ago , when I saw a picture of a hand with some little wholes on it and…it kept coming up in my mind for about two weeks ! my reaction is a little bit further than what you’ve mentioned.when I see the triggers I feel uncomfortable at first.then in less than one minutes my heart starts racing and I have difficulty in breathing !!!! if I can’t get rid of the trigger I feel a bit dizzy till I can go away or sth ! it’s so annoying the way I try my best to avoid the triggers ! I used to have claustrophobia and social phobia but I overcome them (I’m still a little scared of “small” closed places but not something like elevator or sth) and trypophobia is the only phobia I could never get rid of ! I wish I can overcome it one day! because I hate the symptoms I experience !!!

    • ever since i was little i have experienced this phobia , i seriously thought it was just me but its kind of nice to know im not the only one , so one day i was looking up the top phobias because i was wondering what they were , i looked at about 4 of them before trypophobia came up & it had a picture of a lotus i think it was , and i absolutely freaked out and threw my phone across my bed , i try to tell people but they always just say its just me , nobody ever believes me . i got a little sweaty just reading this article , ive been getting more interested in this so a couple of days ago i clicked on wikipedia and HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE LOTUS ( they trigger me the most ) BUT SERIOUSLY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT PUTTING DISTURBING PICTURES ON HERE !

  387. I Also Suffer From This As well! The thing that bothers me the most is CLUSTERS. CLUSTERS of anything! It doesn’t matter what it is I do not like to see anything clustered together, any type of insect clustered together gives me the chills hard core and a non stop itching on my head! The crazy part is I can not stand it but I still bring myself to look at it! I find myself looking up images knowing it’s going to send me in instant freak out mood. It’s disgusting but so intriguing to me as well. I recently started watching a TV series on sci-fi called Channel Zero and there is this disgusting creature made out of teeth all teeth and that is the WORST trigger factor I have ever experienced OMG!! I WOULD NOT recommend looking at it as I am sure it will not be a pleasant experience but I still find myself watching it, weird huh.. I’m just glad I am not alone in this!!

  388. As a child, I have always hated seeing things in crowds be it people or animals and the worst are insects. I never thought it was a “disease” until yesterday when my sister showed me a picture on Facebook where someone had these circular clusters claiming it was as a result of a killer insect in India. It spoiled my day but I still needed to understand what was happening. So I took a closer look, analysed the image and it grew worst. I felt dizzy, imagined the holes are on me, felt things crawling on me, had no appetite and the could not sleep. Foolishly enough I searched for more pics and almost collapsed. Then I started looking for solutions to this fear and discovered an article which really worked well for me.
    Sorry I don’t have the link but the doctor suggested u relax in a good, quiet and comfortable environment. forget about the images u saw, cross your arms inin front of u and rub from shoulder to elbow repeatedly while humming a song a love. Do that with your eyes closed and open them once in a while and look at thecroom from left to rigjt and back to left. It did help me so just try it u never ca. Tell.

  389. When I was younger, ever little thing with a hole I would freak out. I never wanted to see holes at all ,but as I grew old I thought hey I grew out of this thing. And one day I was at school and my friend called my name asking if I wouldn’t to see something cool of course I looked not even to seconds passed I was screaming and itching like crazy. I thought it was the end of the world for me. I looked on my hand thinking I had it I ran around saying I have it I have it to find out nothing was there I so relieved ,but when I looked up again to find out what it was I was having an anxiety attack worse then my panic earlier. I was scared for life and never I ever look up trypophobia again. And I recently found out that my sister suffers from it too. If you know you have trypophobia Please Don’t Try to Look At Trigger Images. This Article helped me learned a lot thank you so much.

  390. Wow. That helped me a lot. Holes are the most nasty thing ever. I hope no one ever forces me to look at like pictures of holes a cluster of bumps etc. I just hope that not many other people get triggered by holes because I know I am and what it feels like to get triggered by holes is one of the worst things to have! I hate getting triggered by holes. I always want to look at holes but when I do it I get light headed and I try to immediately close the picture. This website helped a lot.

  391. When I see holes I’m not sure about anyone else but it makes me mad like I want to punch it and destroy it. Idk why the image gets stuck in my head or I’ll have a good day and out of no where a flash of the images appear especially right before bed. In rare cases they’ll appear in my dreams. I really wish scientist and psychologist would do a harder job of figuring out a cure or a treatment for this phobia. They’ve fund treatments for every other phobia on the planet what’s the issue with this one?

  392. Wow! I didn’t know this intense feeling had a name until I googled for it now and I typed Trypophobia and I found this page. I realized I have this when I looked at a palm with holes in it and a maggot trying to come out. For people with trypophobia, sorry if by description has already triggered you, please scroll up to those cute images again. Thank you for this post without any images, I really appreciate this. That Image that I saw, was in my head day and night and it got to the point where I was even afraid to put my feet on the floor thinking something will infect me and give me those. From then on, even though in the past I never paid close attention to clusters(in spite of considering them disgusting, I used to look away and never let that do anything to me), after that day, if a cluster catches my eye I wanted to look at it more in a hope that I might stop feeling that way, until I get all itchy and I will cry helplessly. I realize that the situation worsened only after I associated those kind of patterns to a dangerous or irritating/disgusting image in my head. I can never believe there is a solution to this. I have only trained my mind to think about something else or to look away when something like that comes in my way. I really wish this has some medication or something to treat this.

  393. It’s like this phobia has given us all PTSD

  394. Thanks for this article. All my life I tried to explain to people what I’d been feeling and was just blown off by everyone, even doctors! I don’t get goosebumps though. I am immediately nauseated and begin to salivate at such a fast rate that I can’t speak without looking like I’m going to
    Foam at the mouth. I look away in a split second because if I don’t, I will surely gag and throw up. I do find it difficult to get the image out of my mind. When I am anxious about something in my daily life, sometimes these images just come up in my mind and it just adds to my present anxiety. I appreciate reading all the helpful tips from these posts. Thanks for the chance to know that I am not alone.

  395. THANK YOU! Not many people that I know understand this exactly. I actually didn’t know what to call it before the beginning of this year. Every since I could remember, I’ve always gotten goose bumps and anxious when seeing, even for a split second, clusters of holes. Just typing it gives me the heebie jeebies. Anything longer than a quick second will bring nausea and cause me to be a little panicky as well. It gets especially tough when you can’t get the images out of your mind, even if you closed out as fast as you can. Halloween is an awesome time of year, but friends doing creepy makeup post things without knowing and it’s terrible for me. Again, thank you so much for this (especially not adding any trigger images, seriously. Thank. You.) I have learned so much!

  396. OOH, At least some one understands my issue. Thanks for the article.

  397. Thank you for writing this article without including any of those damn pictures! Just today I saw a horrific image on a Facebook post and I feel as I have been traumatized. Never in my life have I experienced this feeling of nausea/ disgust and I keep getting shivers all over my body. i am being triggered by almost everything, my own flower bed sheet, bread, etc. If only I could turn back time, I would’ve never seen that picture. I also have a strong urge to cry, I don’t understand why this reaction is crippling me and I already suffer from anxiety and depression :(. I can’t look at anything the same anymore, I need help, I feel like I’m crazy!

  398. They are horrible those pictures. I feel exactly the same where I just don’t see things like I used to. Mine started when I saw a picture on facebook that someone had posted. I was horrified. I look at so many things differently now. Like you, I just wish I could turn back the clock and see the beauty in things that now make me just feel very ill.

    It is awful that pictures can so corrupt the mind and that people are happy to hurt others.

    I feel palpitations, I feel it all aching and shivery in my shoulders and running down inside my arms like awfully cold yet warm blood. A good deep breath can help a little but it is a disgrace.

  399. Wow, this article resumes and explains it all. For me, my only trigger is that picture of “frozen peas on a girl’s knees” that I found on Google. Oh God, I have no idea why it makes me feel uncomfortable and itchy. It’s so creept and I am trying to get over it…which is very difficult. Other than that, nothing triggers me.
    Only that freaking picture…ugh.

  400. Has anyone every experienced trypophobic sensations with auditory triggers?

    Thank you so much for this article, I assumed I was just weird and chalked it up as that. I remember having nightmares about shapes as a child, and even now as an adult, finding it hard to close my eyes at night, biting my skin bloody until the pattern is right. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  401. Thanks for this article. It’s great to finally know why i’m so triggered by some images and mostly that i’m not the only one.
    One question. Do you think it could be possible that my phobia started after I had chickenpox? I was 15, and before then, I don’t remember being triggered by those kind of images. Would it make sense?

  402. I feel worse when i see the images. Thanks for the article. What is started of phobia comes?

  403. Hi, first of all.. Thanks for wiritng! It was really helpful indeed ;) I actually have less body reaction by controlling my thoughts and trying not to fear it.
    But in my experience it sometimes seems to be created by the fear of something moving/living in the holes. Mostly with the fear of something crawling out of it. And sometimes it appears to be disgust of the hole because of the absence of something that should have been there (like body parts: eyes, ears, nose) Or when something sinks in (like a sinkhole in the ground). Or even the fear of something in holes that could have been eyes? Or something else? (Not sure about this one though). My conclusion: it doesn’t matter if it is the fear of something crawling in or out.. Or something hiding in there or even the fear of the absence of something that should have been there.. And of course not knowing what’s in there (or could be in there)?

  404. Hi Everyone, I have read the article, and I wish I could read all your comments. I see how this experience of trypophobia makes life unpleasant for most of you. I figured out that this is a spiritual problem, which trigures fear in ones life, it’s actually demonic, I use to have a problem like this, and someone adviced me to seek spiritual counseling, or speak to a pastor. I was given sciptures from the Holy Bible, like Psalm 23, 91, and Isaia 45, and i was prayed for. every time i felt this feeling again, I prayed and rebuked this evil spirits attached to this uncomfortable feeling.Remember, fear is from satan, and a child of God is not to fear anything, i pray that you will overcome the devil and his demons, whenever he’s trying to use such things to make you not enjoy life, God bless you

    • Finally, there is a name for what I have. This brought my first memory back to me from since my childhood. No it has not went away. I can’t risk opening my front door to get the mail from the mailbox for fear of what I might see on the porch. It was difficult reading what I did read. Images of things I should be in control of controls me. Tears, fright, hysterical almost to the point of believing I can pass out.
      Yes, I’m going through a tough time typing this. Yes, I’m in tears now. Yes, my chest is heavy.

  405. Thank you so much for actually not having any triggering images!! When I see certain things, (typically lotus pods, or that blood cluster image of the hand) my skin physically crawls, and I have this feeling as if I am going to lose all control of myself. I get sweaty and panicky at the same time, and sometimes i’ll even begin to cry. I believe that this is a serious phobia and I also feel as if more research should be conducted in order to more fully understand what it is and why this happens. So thank you so much for this article, it helped a ton!!

  406. Thank you, when I see “trigger images” I start clawing at my skin thinking my flesh has been replaces with these holes

    Every other site had images, thank you again

  407. on November 19, 2016 at 2:56 pm | Reply Stephanie Liteplo

    I didn’t even know this was an actual thing until just now and I feel relived that there are so many others with this same phobia. I have to say I feel sick to my stomach just reading this but I am going to try these techniques in the future.

    Thank you so much for a site free of images and full of helpful information.

  408. Im so happy I found this article. I am thankful for you writing this.
    I get chills, itches, goosebumps, anxiety whenever something pops up while online.

  409. Like everyone else I also suffer. I didn’t know it had a name, thought it was just a strange thing. I have seen the images on pinterest and fb and I always stop what I am doing have to leave cover my face. But like others I have this need to look, like a sick fascination. I won’t let myself look again though because it is too much for me mentally. I am not sure when this started, but I know it has been a while at least. Last night, there was an article about it on Tasty (food site on fb). The photos actually didn’t bother me, but I realized that certain photos were similar. I won’t get into detail, for my sake or yours if you read this. So I did the wrong thing, and typed in the word. My phone decided that images should pop up first. That was it, I threw the phone and was sick to my stomach. I held my head and just sat there. My poor husband didn’t know what to do. So I explained it to him, and all I could say was that it just all looks so so diseased. Which I was happy to see in this because I know it isn’t just in my mind. Someone had asked if people have underlying conditions. I am diagnosed with OCD, trichotillomania, ADHD, Impulsiveness and Anxiety. What a fun combo to now add this too. I love to research and learn and because I can’t trust the internet, I am afraid to search. My husband had to check pages for me last night before I looked. I like knowing I am not alone with this. Makes it seem more normal.

  410. I go to goosebumps just reading this whole article!! I am so thankful that you posted this with no images. I have been sick to my stomach since yesterday’s pattern trigger. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one that feels this. I want to get rid of it so bad. Hope they find some kind of cute.

  411. i hate holes

  412. I cannot believe that I am not the only one who experiences these strong reactions to certain textures. I never used to have this response until one day I bought myself a felt tipped pen and liked the smell, so I would smell it constantly (it wasn’t a “high” or anything, just liked the smell). A few days later I began to react very badly to holes or clusters of things. I don’t get the itchy skin but get the nausea and panic attack. It became so bad after seeing the lotus flower pic that I wanted to prick holes in my skin with a pin to replicate it (I didn’t though). I am normally a well balanced, well adjusted person with very little personal problems or stress in my life and I have no other phobias. I deal with the trigger images by pretending they are on blackboard and wipe them away with a duster. After a day or two it subsides. (I threw away the felt tipped pen too).

  413. God Praise the person who made this!

  414. The other day i had to do a project on the odyssey about lotus fruit and so im just sitting there researching untili come upon images of lotus seed and i triggered so hard in the middle of class, threw my ipad down and ran outside the classroom nad had to go home. For some reason, once i look at it i get kind of stuck at looking at it but it triggers me at the same time. Anyone else?

  415. OMG!!! I needed this article!! This is something that I have been dealing with for many years and people do not understand the severity of it! They laugh and think I’m crazy and it’s upsetting to me because I don’t want to feel this way. Many things trigger my skin crawling, goosebumps, and itchiness all over my body and it is not a comfortable feeling. Additionally, I am always continuously haunted anywhere from hours to days by the images of these different triggers when I come across them. I was actually pissed when I googled try pop hobos and saw all of those disturbing images. Any person that experiences this will see these photos as traumatizing. I can’t understand what “smart” person thought that was the right thing to do! In fact, I am still itching from the thoughts of the photos and this is causing me to shower so that I can feel clean and sooth my skin. It’s nerve wrecking!!!

  416. I have this too and i looked up lotus flower pods seeds or whatever and I just froze but after looking at the entire page I started calming down but recently the splits in the side of a dry soap bar immediately throw me into a panic attack and I cry and scream and throw the soap bar or I just get a knife and cut off the splits. The only problem is that my parents keep buying the soap bars and I request that they only buy liquid soap but they refuse. My mom has tryphophobia as well and I thought she would understand but I guess not. I am 14 and walking to school there are many trees that trigger me like I am right now however reading this article relaxes me and helps me calm down. Is there some kind of medicine I can take to help me calm down faster.

  417. on December 29, 2016 at 4:06 pm | Reply Linda, San Joaquin Valley, California

    I’m 53 years old and I never noticed in myself an aversion to small holes before, until a few months ago when I saw a photo on the internet of a person’s hand with holes and little seeds or beads in the holes. I believe it was a photoshop image, but ever since then, I see that image all the time in my mind – like the light you continually see when a flashbulb goes off. I would feel such anxiety and panic, a desire to flee, and would scrape my fingernails into my hands to try to get rid of the horrible feeling. I googled it to try to find out more about it and couldn’t stop looking at the photos, making me even more freaked out and revolted. This is really weird and I can’t figure out why, all of a sudden, this bothers me so much. There were times where I envisioned myself scraping my hand onto the pavement to scrape the “image” away. The images are so revolting, but at the same time, I couldn’t stop searching for them – trying to figure out why they bothered me so much, but just ended up making it worse! I will not search for them anymore. . .Thank you for not posting any of those images here and for this forum – I thought I was alone in this and losing my mind. ~Linda

  418. Welp, this explains a lot. I’ve never really experienced this before but earlier in the year, when I saw things like a cluster (I’m literally itchy right now), I became angry and wanted to destroy it. Since I didn’t know if I actually had this or not, I searched up the images you said would cause triggers and … let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant and I’m becoming itchy. Anyway, this article is much better than the other one and explains it in depth.

  419. on January 5, 2017 at 2:25 pm | Reply Donna Edwards

    First I would just like to start off by saying I greatly appreciate this webpage not having any Trypopphobia I honestly I’m so grateful for this article I’ve learned a lot about the quote on quote phobia and the way I found out I was trypopphobic (well at the time not knowing what it was called) is when I was painting my room and there was a certain part of the wall that there was air bubbles underneath the paint and I remember looking at it and literally my whole body went into panic mode it started tensing up I started crying hysterically started trying to pop all the bubbles and freaking out I ran out of the room I was crying I was trembling and I was just so disoriented so I’m honestly really grateful that I know what it is now so that now I can probably try to find different ways to manage or deal with my phobia thank you again

  420. Thank you so much for not putting any images. The first time I ever heard of trypophobia, I wasn’t very sure if I was actually trypophobic because only certain images triggered me so I searched for answers on the internet. The first couple websites had images or was what seemed like a test and it was horrible. Whenever I thought of phobias and triggers I was always painted with the impression of extreme reactions like panic attacks. I could never fully read the articles because I could bear the images, due to this I never really understood too much and so I always told myself that I was overreacting since my reactions never included an extreme panic attack. I, being the curious person I am, continued to search about it, unfortunately going the ‘test’ so yea, pretty much google images. I’m extremely grateful for this because, since it has no triggering images, I can actually read through it in detail. While I may get shivers thinking back to pictures I previously saw, it’s better than skimming through everything just to avoid having to see the images.

  421. I put my hands over the images if I can or I hide them with a tissue if I can’t… I have finger and hand prints all over my computer screen because of it. Mine is only skin-triggered, thank goodness. But still, I got nightmares the first time I saw such an image and I consciously avoid them wherever possible. So THANK YOU for NOT having any pictures in this article!!! (I shudder and slap my hand over the offending picture on my screen even as I look away from where my hand is while I navigate away as fast as I can.)

  422. You hit the nail completely on the head!! Reading this I almost thought I wrote it, it parallels my suffering and reactions completely, it used to have me crippled with fear as a child. The not knowing anyone else suffered, the battle with your own mind not to keep “seeing the image”, the trigger being worse when it’s on something biological and the irregularity of the image being the trigger!! I have in the past had the will to get over it by making myself ‘look’… It has worked but it never goes away! At the moment I am hating these adverts with hundreds of bodies all swaying around in unison creating a cluster… It’s a constant battle, one minute you’re watching TV, then suddenly come the adverts and without warning a massive trigger that seems to haunt you every time you wish to watch anything!! It’s exhausting and frustrating!! Sigh!

  423. Thanks for your informative article! About 15 years ago my wife purchased a small basket from a fund raiser at school. The basket was a form of art work composed of pecan shells which were glued together and painted. Just looking at this “harmless” piece of art work gave me goosebumps and made me feel anxious! When I tried explaining it to my wife she had no idea what I was talking about. I solved the problem by throwing the basket away when my wife went to work. Now fast forward to last week. While doing a youtube search on my PC I noticed that an advertisement appeared on the right side along with the suggested youtube videos. On all of my searchs that week the same advertisement appeared and it generated the same response. This time it was some type of advertisement/video about diabetes. The thumbnail picture for the video shows a close-up to two fingertips with a pattern of small bubbles on both fingertips. For some reason it grosses me out to even type about this. To stop this one I went to the preferences on both of my internet browsers and added extensions to block the ads coming through on all my web pages. Problem solved. I’m a 58 year old college educated professional, married with 2 teenage sons. I feel relieved that I am not alone. Hopefully I won’t encounter something like this again, but at least I know I’m not crazy!

  424. Extremely grateful! I googled what’s it called when you get goosebumps after you see little dots close together. And when I saw this with the subtitle that there will be no trigger images I still had to like close my eyes and just have a peak just in case. THANK YOU THAT IT WASN’T A PRANK. I’ve gotten this for years and just recently I expressed it and the amount of people that agreed and said they get the same thing was really surprising.

  425. A few minutes ago literally I just experienced this phobia and I’m still a lil itchy and numb from the image!! After reading this I c that I can’t control it. But the images of the waterfall, puppies, and hedgehog helped out a lot!!! Really appreciate this website.

  426. …That’s not tryphophobia, it’s actually Parasitophobia-the fear of parasites-which is what the majority of pictures labeled as “tryphophobia” online are actually playing off of. At least, the pictures that have an organic, skin-look to them.

  427. I black out and become physically ill if I see any tryphophobia trigger photos

  428. i get goosebumps that last for a long period of time after i’ve seen the trigger factor and even if i hear about it my skin starts to tingle that’s the only reactions i’ve ever undergone so i guess I’m not that sensitive? But then again even the thought of it triggers that so i dont even know.

  429. on February 5, 2017 at 3:47 pm | Reply Rylie Kai Howard

    I struggle with trypophobia as well! Sometimes I have nightmares are I can’t stop thinking about it!! It is a struggle but this website was very accurate and helpful!!

  430. If you do have trypohobia, tell a TRUSTED friend or adult, i told my friends and they keep flashing the pictures to me, i literally almost cried. And if you want to try and get rid of the phobia, don’t go head on into the images section on tryphobia, your brain can’t process all of that. look at one image then once you feel like you about to get a reaction from looking at it, switch too a picture of a water fall or some rainforests. That’s probably the best technique.

    GOOD LUCK ;)

  431. Jesus, thanks God now I know what is wrong with me and they is people who share the same experience with me, I have been thinking that maybe the pictures are evil and demon possessed. This is affecting me very bad I’m not even on Facebook because I’m afraid I could be exposed to such pictures. I WISH there was a medicine for this I have sleepless nights when the image is stuck in my head . I tried praying oh God my skin is just crawling and my head beat fast I don’t even want my feet to touch the ground.

  432. THANK YOU! I was wondering if anyone else experienced this. For me its more non-uniform and asymmetric patters that trigger me. I get goosebumps, and inexplicable rage and a desire to take a knife to the image or whatever it is that is clustered and destroy it. I find it so odd but i cant control it. I hope someday there’s more research into this.

  433. Wow I’ve suffered from severe itchiness to any type of pattern similar to the ones described my whole life. I also have a weak stomach to certain bodily substances that I won’t mention. The hardest part I find is removing the image from my head once it’s there. Whether it’s one that makes me itchy or one that makes gag I cannot control it and I usually get pissed at myself. I got triggered by a Facebook post and decided to google “Why do I get itchy when I see certain patterns on surfaces like skin?” This article was the first to pop up. Now I feel like, “Wow, there’s a lot of us! “

    • on March 1, 2017 at 6:13 am | Reply Rachael Margaret

      yes i was also glad to find this article! there are others like us – its such a horrible feeling – i know exactly what you mean

  434. I realised yesterday that i have this phobia and ever since thwn i have headache and cant get rid of the images from mh mind. I am trying to study for my exam and it explains why i cant focus.

  435. on March 1, 2017 at 6:10 am | Reply Rachael Margaret

    PHEW!! this is one of the most horrible feelings i experience over and over in my life – it makes me feel so terrible i cant even explain – i am going to be 40 this year and had no idea what this was until now i tried to search online. i know my mother had this problem and couldnt continue with her nursing career and i have suffered with this since a child til now and constantly wished and prayed it would go away. Thank you for sharing this and i longer feel alone in this!

  436. I knew I had this for so long and I get nervous ticks when I see something that triggers it, but it helps if you
    1. Bite down really hard on something
    2. Crack your joints
    3. Squeeze a stress ball
    4. Wash your hands

    Trust me it really helps.
    And I am so thankful for someone that understands the reaction people get from these pictures, and has the decency to not put someone through the agony that this causes. Thank you.

  437. Thank you so much for this article. I sincerely had no idea that there was a name for this sort of thing. I’ve always wondered why certain patterns irritated me and made my skin itch. This one time some grains of rice from the meal I ate fell upon my report card and they made an oil stain pattern that was so gross(looked like some microscopic image of some bacteria) i had to cut it out. Remembering the image makes my skin crawl up till now. I just itch all over. Thank you for shedding some light on this phobia without any irritating images.

  438. thank you so much for your amazing article i suffer this for a while cuz i am a biologist and i see everyday animals like surinam toad and sometimes i study for hours everyday,i feel itchy all the day it just makes me sick but i like when you said ( it s okey it s not dangerous )

  439. on March 7, 2017 at 10:59 pm | Reply Some Guy with a Pseudonym for Public Use

    I think this does an excellent job of explaining it and not showing examples (it can be challenging to try to look up information on this subject because people want to add images, so thanks for not doing that). For me, I get goosebumps, feel anxious, and specifically it feels like the skin on my face begins to tighten. It is very unsettling. I first noticed it when I was a child drilling holes in a sheet of wood. Once I had made enough of them, I began to experience these feelings and had to put the board away. In addition to the types of images described, I am also triggered by cracked glass for some reason. Any cracked windows or mirrors give me the same reaction as above. It dwells in my mind for a minute after too. I don’t know why. It’s annoying. Thank you for illustrating the issue for others. When I try to explain this to some people, they look at me like I need to see a psychiatrist. Haha.

  440. I had this worse. Someone posted on facebook a photoshoped hand that was full of that disgusting piece pf crap and I felt itchy all over that sometimes leads to scratching my arm pretty bad because I feel like it’s going to appear in there, I can see the image everywhere even when I close my eyes, I get all sweaty and my breathing is irrigular, I get scared (i don’t know why but I do get scared), then the worst part is I throw up and can’t sleep. I lose my appetite and can’t focus on anything specially on my studies. The bad thing was I get pranked most of the time knowing that I have that kind of phobia, they find it humorous even though I’m already clawing my skin out of my body and even if they already see me crying. Now I feel like my phobia had gotten worse because of that, and the only way I can help myself to calm, relax and rid the nasty images from my mind was to watch pictures of bunnies that I’m obsessed with. It helps to be honest but it takes time for me to finaly calm down. As a trypophobe, I can’t help but wish that there might be any cure for this. It’s hard living life when you have this kind of phobia. You can’t go outside that much because of fear that you might see one that can trigger you, your life is not normal in my opinion when you have this kind of phobia. Though I thank this website for making the subject even more informative for us, so thanks.

  441. Currently, I am a fourteen year old teenage girl who is trying to find out about this phobia that now I know others have. I thought it was just a fear that I obtained over the years, but now I know that it’s more than just a fear. I get extremely uncomfortable and I get an itching sensation throughout my torso, back and my arms; it can also be very hard to stop the itching. Another few side affects I get are:
    -‘Bugs under your skin’ feeling
    -Temperature rises
    -Accelerated heart rate
    -Extreme anxiety – I basically feel like something is coming after me, I start getting nervous and scared
    It can take a long time to finally calm down, I find that (even though this is highly weird and might be uncomfortable – especially for girls) laying on a cool flat surface (preferably wood or metal) shirtless and in minimal clothing, the itching will stop and hopefully the cold against your skin will also help calm you down. I say this because the fibers from your clothing will rub against your skin, making your currently freaked-out self itchier, and easily agitated.
    The calm music and smooth surfaces also work as a calming method.
    I must conclude my (quite horrible) comment by saying thank you so much for this trigger-free article telling me about this phobia.

  442. It’s such a shame that the only way internet sites can seem to make money is by letting people put these horrible images on their website, ones that in many cases are photoshopped to be even worse than something in real life.

    I can’t say they make me physically sick, but I hate look at them, it really makes me sad that the only way the internet can seem to run is by if we have to see sick crap like this.

  443. I feel that I can understand why trypophobia is not categorized officially as a phobia. I mean, I don’t believe you have to have trypophobia to be afraid of holes, and there are plenty of images that are spine-chillers for the general public even without trypophobia, in terms of the image search for trypophobia, that is.

  444. My goodness … It’s such a relief to find others like you…unfortunately reading your comments is triggering the reaction in me again…lol!..please tell me there’s a drug for this somewhere!

  445. on March 18, 2017 at 8:00 am | Reply Karabo Rantwa

    Thanks. It turns out i sm not crazy and i am not alone

  446. on March 30, 2017 at 7:07 am | Reply Stacy Rodriguez

    Wow – thank you for this informative and sensitive explanation and for not having triggers on the page! My issues started about a year ago when I saw a picture on facebook of the lotus seed pod thingy’s photoshopped onto a women’s breast. I clicked on the article to read before I realized it was fake and have been so sensitive ever since. For awhile I couldn’t stop looking at the picture and eventually it gave me panic attacks to look at or even think about anything to do with that type of picture on anything. I kept thinking about it from time to time and finally started researching on what the heck my problem was! So glad I’m not alone!

  447. Thank you for explaining and adding on the title no trigger images. It was so scary to search how to overcome this or just more info without being bombarded with trigger images.

  448. on April 8, 2017 at 2:36 pm | Reply Numida Van Zee

    Tonight my grandaughter mentioned that looking at the strawberries on my table gave her a weird feeling. She said “I can’t look at the holes on its surface”. This opened my eyes and I realized that I was not the only one that would get my skin crawling when looking at a repeated small pattern. We were talking about it and my son who was listening said this also happened to him. And preceded to show us some pictures on face book. My grandaughter also mentioned that it was a phobia and that she read about it. Now, my understanding was growing and I searched Google which brought me to this site.This is three generations having the same phobia and we never had talked about it before. Also the three of us are spiritual people… We are Christians and have had dreams and visions that have meaning. There is a scripture that says that we do not fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers (Ephesians 6:12). Satan and its demons are real and active in the kingdom of darkness. Tonight I learned this attack has a name, trypophobia, I know now that this can be fought, we can have victory over it. Deliverance is available in the Name of Jesus. I will have it, and my son and grandaughter.

  449. Thanks a million for posting this sans photos! I wish there was a support group but of course, I’m afraid to search for it. I’m glad that we can heal together in this safe space. Unfortunately even reading some of the comments are triggering in their descriptions. Sigh.

    I’ve always had a very vivid/macabre imagination and what I call a “sensitive brain.” I’ve known for many years that I had an aversion to “holes” and certain raised textures and asymmetrical grids etc. These were exacerbated when I started doing acid and smoking mj in my twenties and also on certain SSRIs. I attributed my bad reactions to my major depressive disorder and just fugured that it was yet another way that I was broken. As a kid, I grew up with severe allergies and eczema and would have horrible rashes and hives (which of course revolted yet fascinated me). Most of my childhood wasn’t too bad as far as exposure to triggers.

    As an adult, I was triggered years ago watching Spongebob (lol) with a friend. He was sympathetic having read that this was a primordial response. That was the first time I’d heard anything scientific related to my response. Reading this artcle is the first time I knew this affliction had a name.

    (I wish more comments had disclaimers):

    Over the years, I’ve done pretty well avoiding my worst triggers. A week ago, I was walking with my boyfriend in Old Town and there was this car that must have been sitting for years. The cloth top was lumpy with mold and all ripped up and the car was a myriad of bumpy rust and other destroyed textures. It was so awful that I ran away. I can still see it in my mind and my face crawls when I think of it. I thought I was getting over it….

    But just a few days ago, I was triggered again and had one of my worst reactions ever. I was watching “Forks Over Knives” with my boyfriend. The documentary has lots of medical illustrations that triggered me (I won’t describe them for your sake and for mine). It also has graphic surgery footage that didn’t bother me at all. But those horrible asymmetrical 3-D grid illustrations of disease with animations kept popping up without warning and nearly drove me crazy. I hid under the covers each time and it was all I could do not to scream. I clenched my teeth so hard that my jaw was sore the next day. My boyfriend laughed until I showed him my arms and legs. I got goosebumps everywhere, and the illustrations kept flashing in my head over and over. I felt like I wanted to rip the skin from my body…not because of the goosebumps but because I was so intensely and thoroughly disgusted. It has been a few days and writing this now I still have goosebumps. The worst feeling seemed to be concentrated on my scalp, hairline and cheeks. It felt like tiny bugs crawling all over it and it still feels that way. I think I reacted so strongly because I had a reaction the week prior with the peely car. >>>>>

    Some reactions aren’t as strong as others (depends on image and length of exposure) but the intense ones actually make me weep. I wring my hands and I can’t stop balling my hands into fist. In extreme cases I have this violent urge to hurt myself.

    I’d love to get over this but KNOW FOR SURE that seeing these offending images in succession will make me violently ill.

    I wish there was something I could do. Sometimes I just remove my glasses or contacts (lol) I have terrible vision so I can barely see a thing and I feel safer.

    + Rubbing my arms from shoulder to wrist
    + Picturing an arctic place; a frozen tundra, a frozen lake, pristine snowdrifts
    + Touching smooth, cool surfaces like stainless steel, silk or glass
    + Trying not to picture (jedi mind trick!) smooth things like ice, a tall
    glass of milk, a marble statue, sand dunes (from afar), a calm sea
    + Taking a cool shower (avoid looking into the shower head)
    + Turning off the lights and lying in a dark room while picturing myself floating
    + Distractions to refocus my mind especially soothing music, looking at serene landscapes or listening to a funny podcast

    Thanks to to everyone that listed the orange moon, green sky images. I’m adding those to my arsenal as well.

    Best of luck to all.



  451. Warning – descriptions maybe ttriggering!

    I firstly found out I had this phobia when I was about 7 years old and a kid sat next to me in the school cafeteria was eating a chicken leg that had holes in it. I’ll never forget how unwell and panicked I felt.

    Several years later I saw those awful lotus seed on the skin Photoshops. I was ill for days, shuddering every time the image popped into my head, shaking, sweating, having anxiety attacks, suffering insomnia and itching all over.

    And then it happened again last night after some idiots decided to share some terrible photos of hands and feet in a Facebook group I’m on. I’ve been in a cold sweat since last night, had a severe headache and I’m experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and feeling really tearful.

    I feel the person above has quite accurately described how I feel too – goosebumps and the feeling of bugs crawling on me.

    So glad I found this informative article and found that I’m not alone!

    Thank you for not posting triggering images too!

  452. I have some doubts… is this phobia cause you any type of physical reaction???

  453. except itching n skin crawling symptoms..

  454. Thank you for sharing this information without triggering photos!! That is very much appreciated. I did not know there was a name for this, I just thought I was being weird.
    Clusters of holes, bumps, swarms, etc., all cause me to revulsion. I want to destroy it. If its holes, I want to dig out whatever is in it. For bumps, I want to pick or scrape them off (I definitely suffer from excessive skin picking) or pop them. I do associate these clusters with diseases like skin issues etc. I get really tense, somewhat nauseous, but I don’t necessarily feel “fear”. I don’t think its going to hurt me or anything like that.

    • I don’t know how long this has bothered me but I can pinpoint the moment I realized this was an issue. I came upon a video clip of a swarm of maggots on skin. That was it! I couldn’t unsee it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I obsessed about it (which isn’t normal for me) for over a week to the point where I was starting to get concerned it was never going to leave my mind. I decided I would keep watching it until it stopped bothering me. It still does and I never want to see it again but the stain of it on me is mostly gone.

      • I do find it satisfying to watch “pop it” videos. Like Dr. Pimple Popper on YouTube. It is disgusting but at the same time pleases me to get rid of the bump, and solve the problem. According to the amount of views some of these videos get, I guessing I am not the only one who has this “guilty pleasure”.
        Sorry I had to post this in groups, if my comment was too long, the “post comment” button disappears for some reason!!!

        • on May 20, 2017 at 8:05 am | Reply Jennifer Maldonado

          Jessica I feel the same way. Watching videos of someone popping or removing something from the skin gives me great relief from trypophobia. My friends think I am either crazy or I over exaggerate my response to these images. I am glad to know I am not alone.

          • on May 20, 2017 at 8:06 am Jennifer Maldonado

            *Over exaggerate my response to cluster images

          • on May 20, 2017 at 9:42 am Jess Cavenee

            I showed my therapist some of my collection,she highly discouraged me but I still don’t know why. Mine is clusters of teeth protruding from the body,or the ultimate covering the entire body like channel zero’s Tooth Boy.

          • on May 20, 2017 at 11:00 am Unique Pumphrey

            I have good days and bad days with this. its a lot of mind control. luckily i can sleep without a image popping in my head. ive noticed **trigger aleart** the small holes dont bother me but the medium sized and larger holes bug me a lot. i feel intimidated and threatened. though i remind myself its fake and made for shock value. im also christian and not a perfect christian sometimes i wonder if this has something to do with demonic forces, maybe it resembles rotten flesh and something deadly. im rambling now but thats my take on it.

  455. Thank you so much for this. I thought it was some stupid thing I did. It started for me when I saw a picture that disturbed me a lot. It had a lot of holes and from then on I started hating things with holes. Even till today the image still flashes in my head. I always get very itchy and imagine the pattern on my body which makes it worse. I don’t know how to cope with this again, I even cry sometimes. Pls can anyone help?

  456. Thank you so much for this article! I’m so glad there aren’t any images in this. It’s great to know that I’m not alone, my friends always think I’m weird when I start getting headaches and goosebumps after seeing a triggering image. The lotus seeds photoshopped into a finger bothers me a lot, and just holes on the body really bugs me. I’m not bothered with patterns, but just irregular holes spaced out unevenly.

  457. When I first found out this weird reaction i had was actually kind of a phobia, I made the mistake of googling it I literally dropped my.phone and goosebumps and shivers were.going all through my body. Worst mistake

  458. on June 18, 2017 at 3:25 am | Reply Jordan sklar

    Im scared of bee hives so i dk what to do how would i get rid of one

    • I thought that I would try to write to you who have stumbled upon those terrible trypophobia pictures. It was a sorrowful event for me too. Some of my coworkers decided to test me and I had to re-explain the pain of what they had caused me. I also explain how I should not have told them about it , but most of my coworkers understood and respected my pain. One problem that it did create was that I started looking for triggers in fear. The pictures also caused me to loose sleep and taking showers 3 and 4 o clock in the morning. I finnaly took some over the counter sleeping pills. After reading the different bogs on this site I never went back to the trypophobia site with those horrific pictures. As time went on I was able to look at some patterns that I use to be able to look at. The photo shopped images on the trypophobia sites are made to hurt us and disrupt our thinking. These pages should be required to have a warning before they are shown. I hate what that site created in me, but as I stated as time went on I don’t even remember most of them. Stay prayerful, seek strength, and peace. If you need to seek counseling do it. I did if 3 months and if really helped me. Time will bring you some healing.

  459. Ah jeez, thank you so much. I wanted an explanation of trypophobia since I just found that i had it but I KNEW that if I googled just that, i would get a faceload of triggering images. I had to type in “recover from trigger phobia” to hopefully find a helpful page and i found EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much..!!!!

  460. I recently went home (Boston) and I found that there are many people saying that they notice more things that are giving them the creeps. Most said it was not some thing they have ever had. My granddaughter told me ever since HD television has come on she see’s more troubleSome things, and when she watches HD she has to leave the room because the images bother her. I thought about that and I wondered if this could be an subconscious unknowing trigger. I also experienced another friend who started having seizures as a result of HD television. Maybe this can help someone. I am also helping myself by coloring with an app named Recolor. Some pictures I have to skip but I have been gradually able to look at some patterns gain.

  461. on June 22, 2017 at 6:22 pm | Reply Gyanendra Basumatary

    I hate instead of fear these triggers.

  462. OMGOODNESS!! Thank u so much for don g this without it trigger images!! Finally someone who understand my struggle. I. Still had a hard time reading the description part having to shake it off and hold back some nausea but I made it through. SHARING!!

  463. on July 7, 2017 at 10:20 pm | Reply Edward Alfanso

    Damnn!!!!! i am itchy all over my body right now.
    thanks for the article

  464. To tell the truth the eyes on the little characters in the blog corners bother me to so I don’t look at them. This is a terrible phobia, I may try hypnosis next.

  465. ” I saw some photo of skin disease and now i am feeling sick ” this is what I ask to google. then ans is here.

    I saw that image on My facebook timeline and then I am feeling sick.
    I uninstalled my facebook app.
    I know If I scroll My FB I see that photo again.
    then I take A bath

    well now I’m Feeling well.

    but I want to try this with my friend to know his reaction
    how he feel

  466. my wife sent me the word and told me to google it, when I saw it i i just get these images of pushing my fingers into the holes, I actually get a weird obsessive nice feeling going through me, i just want to look for more pictures of it

  467. on July 23, 2017 at 5:57 am | Reply Allison Velilla

    Its not only patterns for me… Just one hole where there just shouldn’t be a hole causes goosebumps and itching all over my body. My friend sent me a picture of a REALLY BAD gash on her sons forehead and it sent me into a horrible panic. I used to have dreams of Swiss cheese like holes in my hands or weird insect like eggs coming out of my skin and augggghhh. I have to say knowing im not alone makes me feel only slightly better. And yes thank you for NOT including any pictures.

  468. on July 29, 2017 at 4:20 pm | Reply Elida Sanchez

    My chest hurts just reading this article. Thanks for explaining this! I’ve always gotten panicky, queezy, and was always making my heart race when I saw things like honey combs, collective water droplets, or continuous straight cuts clustered together. My hearts pounding even harder as I type. I’ve always thought it was a weird quirk of mine. It’s crazy to think it’s an actual phobia and other people have gone through what I’ve been through. Thanks for making this article!

  469. I recently saw a picture on an Instagram page I follow called “satisfy” as in stuff that is considered oddly satisfying and it was a picture of a tub filling up with bubbles and the bubbles were like perfectly formed and the same shape and it make me cringe and I was some how a bit bothered by it and I couldn’t understand why. Then I started looking at the comments and reading them to see if I was the only one that thought that picture was kind of weird and if I was the only one that felt that way. One of the comments mentioned a hashtag trypoohobia warning and I got curious and started to look up the phobia because I felt like I was experiencing a little bit of the symptoms of fear. So when I looked up the pictures I saw of sort of planting that was brown with like some holes in it and it made me feel weird and then after that I looked up some more pictures and I saw like a woman’s face with a bunch of holes in it in somebody’s hand with like these holes in it that looks like a disease or something and then I kept saying like disgusting things like on skin and it really freaked me out and I started crying and then I started thinking about like how gross it is in I looked at my carpet and I was just like wow that looks like bumps that are closer together and it looks like it could be a disease and somebody skin like a picture that I saw and I saw my towel and I was like oh no that looks like that picture I saw of the disease of holes or something .
    It’s been really bothering me lately I can’t get out of my mind I like I every time out of my carpet towels or like something like that I can’t get out of my mind it just kind of scares me and if I ponder on it enough and let myself think about it like over and over and over and over and over I start to get really scared and like panicky for some reason it’s so weird I’m really scared for this to get worse this is the first day of this. I think it has to do with me having generalizing anxiety disorder and that it I’m more susceptible to having a phobia because of it. I’m really scared and I don’t know what to do the fear goes in and out I don’t know what to do .

  470. I’m sure glad that I’m not the only one who has this. For me, it’s disgust, more than fear. It also makes me angry when I see trigger photos. It’s horrible to deal with. These images can come up in normal, day to day life too. For example, I can hardly even make mac and cheese for my child! I noticed that my problem is also certain patterns & colors. Such as, bird feathers and porcupine quills.

    • on August 3, 2017 at 4:28 pm | Reply Unique Pumphrey

      The Human Brain is obsessed with Fear, this is what causes partial fasination and obsession with viewing the imagines…. making your heartbeat race gives you adrenaline the same feeling skydivers experience, and also as mentioned in the artical for survival purposes… when these two reactions of fear and adrenaline mix together you get a panic attack. its possible to retrain the brain not to fear what is making one afraid. it takes time but overcoming trypophobia is possible. just like overcoming fear of heights fear of the dark etc.. I personally dont recommend exposure therapy to start!!! The imagines stick in our head because theyre traumatizing. To the human brain it resembles something awful distressful and possibly dangerous. So due to survival instincts the brains first reaction is the memorize and store this image as a “beware of this” for protection in the future. What you have to do is retrain your brain to realize what youre seeing is not dangerous. Instead of targeting trypophobia directly because that is of no use. Practice overcoming general phobias, irrational fears and anxiety. If you take baby steps and work on these three it will make a diffrence. it has worked for me.

  471. I’ve read almost every comment I’m glad I’m not crazy all my experiences are the same that buzz feed article it detrimental cause you have no idea it will pop up! I seriously can’t function properly for an hour or two. I’m going to try looking at small pictures far away and try to at least desensitize the phobia. I’ve had it as log as I can remember

  472. Thanks for an article without the trigger images its amazing :) Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the constant itch and tingles? I have been like this for 6 hours and its driving me insane.

  473. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I thought I was crazy because nobody around me has trypophobia and they do not realize how bad it gets me. I even had to ask my partner and close friends to stop talking about some subjects like how good octopus is in front of me. In my case I get really anxious and start to cry, sweat and my mind starts to bring some really disturbing images. Watching images does not work for me, as it worsens my state of mind.

  474. on August 29, 2017 at 12:06 pm | Reply Jack steinhofer

    The photo shopped lotus pod on to a human body is disgusting

  475. thanks, every time I see images of holes it disgusts me and I feel nauseous.

  476. I feel as if I’m going insane. I can’t stop thinking about it, I want to cut all my skin off. Once I get thinking I just can’t stop and it upsets me that people don’t take this seriously because when it’s bad it’s really bad. It makes me feel better to think I’m not alone but still doesn’t help me cope with this awful phobia

    • Charlotte there are a lot of us out here who suffer from this devastating phobia.the pictures on the sites are suppose to hurt you. I stopped looking at the images and they no longer keep me awake at night. Eventually the brain won’t keep the images in you head. I couldn’t sleep for A very long time I got over the counter sleep aids because I couldn’t get the images in my thoughts when I closed my eyes. I went to an app called “Calm” it helped and I will be praying for you as I am certain others will also. Hang in there time heals wounds. This is a terrible phobia but I know you can make it. I am also going to find a hypothesis because I hate the fear and anxiety the images cause.
      God bless you and grant you peace that surpasses our understanding.
      Elder Nadeem

  477. I have always been afraid of holes and never really knew why I saw a link todya about American Horror Story affecting people with the disorder I clicked on the link to read about it and I just couldn’t bare it so I search online and this website has really helped me understand why I feel this way and how to try to control it I’m so thank fuIl

  478. Thank you for doing this! I have BAD trypophobia but didn’t really know a lot about it until I read this! Also, thank you for not including triggers. Every article I have read has like 10 triggers.


  479. Yay, at last people whom actually get each other! Thank you so much for this article. I definitely suffer quite badly to the point where i’m feeling that these “things” or triggers could have an evil connotation to it and therefor it attacks me or us the way it does. I saw a preview of a video just last week, i didn’t even care to open it. Something to do with dead people’s hair made into hair weaves ,eeeeek, and it totally got me to that point of total freak out mode and i still can’t shake it and therefor i’m here and was hunting for answers. I pray and i even curse at the thought of it. Thank you for not attaching or including any triggers.

    This article it going to spare me much distress and change my life and many other lives for good!

    Now to try and control it and to heal.

    Thank you sooo very much! God bless you!

  480. The last “calming” picture of the waterfalls is actually a little gross-looking…

  481. This article is great! The symptoms you mention completely mirror what I go through. I can’t watch this season of American Horror Story because of this, which just sounds crazy to me even to type it. I’ve often wondered if it should be categorized as something other than a phobia. I know it’s technically an irrational aversion or fear, but I feel like it’s so much more than that. This is more than just having a fear of clowns or a fear of heights. I become completely debilitated and can think of nothing else for days. My worst episode was about two years ago when I was watching one of my favorite shows The Simpsons and Homer gets eye surgery and he has a weird reaction. I know I had seen that episode before, but it really affected me this time. It ruined me for a good two weeks, and I could literally not stop thinking about it.

    I rarely research this because most sights have triggering images, so I haven’t checked lately but has anyone made the connection to OCD? I have other, very minor symptoms and habits of OCD, and I wonder if it’s connected somehow. Anyone else ever made that connection or have heard about it?

    Thanks again!

  482. Just read through so many of these comments. I have had this in a mild form for years. Like some recent posters, American Horror Story Cult tipped me over, big time. I’ve had a week of acute symptoms of this phobia and obsessive thoughts.
    I’m glad this post exists and I’m so glad to see an article and discussion about it without some douche bag paying a trigger image.
    I’m currently itching like mad, feeling sick, and trying to distract myself but I thought I’d share my thanks too.

  483. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s nearly impossible to google Trypophobia without having to see the pictures. I get a very genuine physiological response to the images; racing heart, panicked feelings, unease, and a huge compulsion to just flee! I normally dont have anxiety issues UNLESS I see the pictures that trigger it. For me, some of the most common of such images, such as honeycombs, doesn’t bother me. As an expert in absolutely nothing, my opinion is that this phobia stems from something evolutionary experience that may have been dangerous, thus causing the biological response to danger which is fear or flee.

  484. Interesting link, and I could relate to a lot of it. Little itchy reading but it’s probably due to feeling much more bleugh about this in recent days. Thanks AHS lol. Now it seems it’s all everyone is talking about. Woke up this morning and could see them everywhere.

    I think I know where mine stems from, childhood, and it’s funny you mentioned botfly’s as I remembered watching a documentary about a woman lost in a jungle many years ago and was utterly horrified. I also remember the swing my dad built my sister and I, and well I won’t go any further as I’m starting to want to curl up into a ball and peel my skin off lol.

    I know with how they make me feel, desensitisation isn’t going to work too well. I too can’t seem to shake an image once I’ve seen it, and also, I too thought I was just a bit weird. Nobody I’d come across shared this thing which leaves me feeling so awful. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I read a link on Facebook which named it. Ha. It had ten “test pictures”. I couldn’t make it past the first.

    Props for not sharing any pictures, but I think I’m going to go take a shower lol.

  485. GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION – The newest one on the newsfeed is the video with accompanying pictures of, it appears, an animal and a person is squeezing the flesh with maggots just pouring out of the holes in the flesh. I first saw this last week and took a couple days to get over it, and then last night, oh my gosh, someone had to share it again! The first one that got me was the lotus on the shoulder, but this is even worse.

  486. Thank you so much for posting this article, especially without trigger images! Finally I can get information on my fear that I just found out had a name, without freaking out. This was super helpful, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  487. Thank you so much, but me even when I try the steps talked about to stop this I get the symptoms even more and my boyfriend can’t understand me

  488. Thank u so much for this article. I can barely cope and I have been so afraid of talking about it to people, not to even my husband. I thought I was loosing my mind. It started when I was 13, I had a terrible rash on my face it was itchy and then one day after scratching my face was burning, I was washing dishes and I looked in the water and saw bubbles and just went crazy trying to get rid of them. I have hated holes and bumps even droplets of water. I get goosebumps, my skin itches and crawls, I feel like I can smash my head to get the images out. Whenever I get a flashback I want to hide and scream and run. I keep control of myself and I’m always afraid if I tell people about I will actually do what my body tells me to do knowing it won’t surprise them too much, so I just keep it to myself. I keep away, far away from triggers. I am so glad there are millions of people out there who understand what i feel, I know now that I’m not alone in this battle. Its hard, so hard I am barely coping. But thank God I am not alone. Thank you so so much for sharing this with all of us

  489. I keep seeing (on Facebook) an image of of a pressure bandage that makes me physically ill. I have unfollowed everyone who shares it but I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve tried watching funny videos and reading but I can’t get it out of my head. Does anyone know of anything else that works?!

  490. I can’t thank you enough for this page. I came across this term recently and curiosity almost killed the cat. I googled Trypophobia and had a major panic attack, all I could do was scroll down and try not to look at the images and by the end of one page, I was literally in tears. It’s a relief to find a website where I can read about the condition without feeling the irrational need to cry at every trigger image. I sympathize with everyone who suffers from this.

  491. I always thought I didn’t have trypophobia, as it seemed normal to feel weird about stuff making skin look like honeycomb. Blech. I decided to google the imagines mentioned above and now I want to hurl. The lotus seed pod on the breast made me feel ill as well. But the surinam toad did it for me. NOPE. I I could barely look at anything with holes in it after that.

  492. i have a crazy friend who loves such photos. she likes sending me gross pics and even sent me one with a rotten hand with lots of big disgusting holes on them. she caused me to have nightmares and goosebumps for days. the image is so gross beyond words and i just cant seemed to rid the image off mind. i just have to stop the friendship to prevent myself from seeing those disturbing photos.

  493. I might be 4-5 years late coming in with this comment lol, but I feel like I found a slight cure but not 100% for Trypophobia.

    I’m 22 and unfortunately I suffer from Trypophobia
    I seen a trigger picture on Facebook
    (fortunately it was called out as a fake Photoshoped picture
    that people on Facebook tend to post knowing of people who
    suffer from Trypophobia… which is honestly quite cruel)
    (description removed, potential trigger)
    It made me feel so sick to my stomach having that image replay in my head over and over! Thinking of that bullsh*t (description removed, potential trigger) UGHHHHH!

    Smh I’ve been suffering with this since I was 13 but thought before maybe I was just younger and grossed out by disgusting things like bubbles, eggs cooking, 20-40 holes out of order on something, but just like this blogger mine is more tiggered if I see it on skin, animals, but mostly picturing it on myself.

    When I think of the fear of Trypophobia and the goosebumps as well as spiked hair arm…. idk to me the fear kind of makes me think of a cat

    When cats are scared they lift up on the tip of their 4 paws and all the hair on their back raises up straight.

    I read somewhere that this is what cats do when they are scared of something or feel endangered/threatened. The hair sticking up all over their bodies is to intimated the perpetrator by making themselves seem to appear larger in size as well as more visicous looking by the cat hiss and low warning purs in the back of their throats

    Learning more about how cats reacted in fear made me look up the cause of goosebumps and discover that it’s damn near the same for humans.

    If only we were more hairy like a cat or bear the fear would be more noticeable when triggered lol our hair would do the same as the cats fur to make us look more intimidating in front of something that we feel threatened/endangered by

    Now cure wise (call me crazy for this as well) I observed how cats go from behind triggered in defense mode when they are scared with the raised spikey fur…. to how within seconds if the problem that triggered the cats fear is gone… the cats fur returns back to normal quickly too like it never happened.

    I was suffering from a Trypophobia attack already from earlier that day when I seen a random video (description removed, potential trigger) ew so that’s what made me look deeper into it even more on my phone while looking into the whole cat thing so I was feeling sick trying to read more about the fear and discover ways to help me get over it and seeing gross images ugh

    Got tired of searching on the laptop and ended up lying down reading more about goosebumps & cats on my phone and wrapped myself up in 2-3 comforters to make myself feel better about not feeling good due to the phobia and it clicked! The covers! The cats fur! Covers! I thought to myself when the cat is in defense mode that’s no different from people putting up a shield to protect themselves! But when the cat isn’t in defense mode that’s like people transforming the shield into armor to wear as a protective coat!

    The heat from 3 blankets being on top of me not to mention my own body heat from being suffocated by those 3 covers calmed my Trypophobia down! The more comfort I feel from being held in 3 blankets made me feel at peace knowing my skin was being protected from a fear in my head!

    When you scratch your arms because of the fear you get a disgusting chill down your spine as if you were cold (when goosebumps normally happen lol when you’re cold) so you scratch your skin feeling like somebody’s crawling on you! But if you never stopped to rub your arms like you do in the winter when your cold outside to heat yourself up try it when you a phobia attack for long minutes keep rubbing your hands up and down both your arms really fast like you want to start a fire it feel so good and relieving to focus on the heat and your hands the image slow fades but not completely eventually it’ll go away that day

    So whenever I see something that triggers my phobia (not as bad as before like when I would see tons of gross bubbles or clusters and wanna go crazy stabbing them until they were all destroyed ) I crawl underneath blanks and close my eyes and let the heat take over. When the image tries to surface or is in my head already I’ll breathe deeply under the blankets and relax my muscles on my body which are tense in defense mode against the fear… then ill look at the image in my mind be grossed out again for a split second but calming down with the blankets and repeating to myself “That’s not on you, Don’t worry about that.” Over and over again while images of the phobia I’ve seen to trigger pop up in my head 1 at a time I’m repeating the same thing and calming self while deep breathing in and out of my nose and mouth until I am able to fall asleep or at night or get a quick nap in during the day because of me being triggered by something!

    I’ve also learned boiling hot showers help, long hot baths, or drinking extremely hot things like Tea or Cocoa helps me with my phobia! Heat heat heat! Heating Pad or even using lotion/oil to massage your arms and legs to create heat from the friction works I’ll even wear a thick sweater to calm myself but I can truly say my phobia isn’t as severe as it was before now that I repeat this every now and then since I only get triggered when I run into some cluster like shit accidentally lol I try not to click around on FB or Instagram anymore since people who aren’t affected tend not to care about the grossing things they post that could affect people who are affected by the phobia!

    Hope this helps somebody out there! And works for you I’ll bookmark this page and check back in every week to see if anybody posted their remedies as well 2017 version lol I still believe in my remedies and theories but it doesn’t hurt try others and again


  494. Loads of love from the deepest core of my heart for empathizing with the agony we go through <3

  495. It’s just good to know I am not alone, and based on the extensive comments, I’m not. That helps. thank you!

  496. i realized i had this phobia in 2015 and its been driving me crazy ever since i HATE it. Almost everything makes me think of it , the shower head the sponge when doing dishes even the holes on my pillows on the sofa i just today scrolled down instagram and a pic (description removed, potential trigger) triggered this phobia its driving me crazy im at work loosing my mind right now its good to read something without trigger pics but how can i clear my mind of this madness

    • on November 30, 2017 at 9:05 am | Reply Unique M Pumphrey

      TBH the answer is simple you have to work on controlling your thoughts, disctract yourself , do something to keep you occupied, excersice, learn some grounding excersices for panic attacks, read a book or find something that uses a lot of brain power. it sucks i have this phobia too but ive learned to accept it and incorporate these things into my life and it makes a big diffrence.

    • From my own research without googleing the phobia directly. Im starting to think trypophobia is a man made phobia via social media for shock value. Reality is if you had a room of 80 people and showed these images to every person in the room at least 70 people will have a reaction.. what im trying to say is what we are experincing is normal.. youre not crazy.. youre not mental.. you are human and everyone reacts diffrently. pretty much the body is on edge from the viewed images as mentioned due to survival instincts. darn evolution! anyways learn some good breathing excersices dont force youreself not to think about it as youll think about it more, keep yourself occupied if you come in contact with a trigger if possible dont keep exposing yourself to it and incorporate your breathing excersices, grounding excersices, melatonin is a great relaxant before bed, as well as herbal teas, meditation exercise, reading, also when youre ready ask yourself “why is this scaring me”? and really considser the “logic” of your answer maybe even start a journal write out what is it that youre seeing or thats bothering you then rip the page up after or burn it.. it will go away, but you have to be willing to put in the effort dont let this defeat you.

      • I’ve had this going on in my life since i was 6 years old. It is very true and real. Of course a crowd can be moved by one disturbed person reaction. But social media didn’t exist when i was 6. And i suffered from this since then on !

  497. Thank you very much for such an informative article. I’ve shared it on social media to spread awareness.

  498. THANK YOU SO MUCH for explaining everything so well, and also for taking so much care of us. It was enlightning and I felt safe reading

  499. I wanted to share a success with you. I went to counseling it helped some what, but it wasn’t enough > I found a hyponotrapist, my first session helped me little dots. The next few I tackle circles. I get anxious thinking I will see somethings, when do look the pictures all pictures don’t frighten me. And the anxiety doesn’t kick in. It looks I am trying to sabotage my succes. I know now that I have control over my thoughts. I insert my image to take the pictures in my mind out. My anxiety has decreased. I am in control of my thoughts. I will never ever look at those terrible pictures that triggered . To me I am glad I tried hypnotherapy I can close my eyes at night and not see terrifying images anymore. Also along with the therapy I prayed.

  500. Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving us this article with no pictures. Because I Google trypophobia and ALLLLL the images popped up instead of the information. I then held my phone as far as possible and exited the entire Web and then went on to type trypophobia WITHOUT IMAGES!! and yours was the first.
    Secondly.. it was only today that I discovered I have this phobia.
    A few years back, someone shared a picture (description removed, potential trigger.) I was sickened to my stomach! I litreally cried EVERY SINGLE TIME I thought about it. I went into a depression and NO ONE COULD UNDERSTAND WHY IT AFFECTED me so badly. They kept saying stop over reacting…. i would literally sit and scratch the sides of my upper arms . Years went by and I slowly started forgetting about it. There were still times I took washing off the line and thought to myself if an insect could’ve crawled in and made a nest.
    Anyway… today i was on instagram, and someone posted art images.. with a caption saying “warning: trypophobia on 3rd image!!
    Because I did NOT KNOW what was TRYPOPHOBIA I swiped to the 3rd image and got a SHOCK OF MY LIFE! suddenly the images of the previous years stared coming into my mind… i wanted to scream!!!!!!!!! I later went on to tell a family member about this phobia..and was told, just stop grossing yourself out by looking at it. BUT THAT’S THE PROBLEM! I AM NOT LOOKING AT IT, AND CANNOT LOOK AT IT FOR EVEN A MILI SECOND! THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE IMAGES ARE IN MY HEAD AND REFUSE TO LEAVE!
    This evening I literally got anxious when seeing the pores of my skin! IS THAT NORMAL???
    I HONESTLY had no idea that it wasn’t only me suffering and there’s more people too!!!! I thank you for understanding and hopefully we can find a cure to this mental trauma!
    For trypo images without pre warning on the net- report it.
    People should be aware of this phobia and try their utmost best to prevent people from suffering.

  501. So overwhelmed by this article, and WOW all of these comments. I’ve actually always known that something was bothering me on a daily basis, but I actually realised my phobia about a year ago and I’m 18 (so young for this shit). Since then it got so much worse, like now that I know about it, I’m getting obsessed with it and constantly thinking about it when I don’t have much in my mind. Anyway, I try not to think about it, but this article actually calmed me down. Seriously thank you so much for this, I hope you’ll all get over it or you know, think about it a little less.

  502. I never write comments on articles but there is a first time for Every thing! I came across this page due to one of my episodes I had at Wal-Mart. I was walking through the fruit section with my son and i saw a cluster of baby bananas and seeing the holes in the shape of these Mini size bananas sent me through the roof. Literally my skin was turning red i was in hives and truly distrubed. This is not the first time this occurred to me. I remember this First happened to me when i was about 6 years old. I had dropped a small piece of chicken on the floor and minutes later billions of ants were all over it and i went into a state of true panicking. I’ve had many other triggers , i once couldn’t even go a trip with American airlines because the patterns on the plane were small clusters. My skin flared up my mother had to escort me out the plane. I am now 24 years old and i see my condition is very true and real. But i am alzo1 afraid it can get worse over time. I hope it doesn’t. But the mini banana episode i had in Wal-Mart was definitely a Show! I pray those that truly have this condition can overcome it . it is a very difficult thing to deal with especially when you never know what can trigger it. Thanks for this article and THANK YOU FOR NO PICTURES OF ANY TRIGGERS.

  503. Thank you for this article with no images – my brother told me about the phobia and when I first time Googled it I nearly threw up and felt sick for the rest of the day just form split second looking at the images what came up.

    I have had this since I remember myself, just suddenly feeling horrible repulsion towards what I see unable to explain why and what is happening. I am glad there is a name for it and that I am not alone, but until today I have not met any other person who shares this phobia with me.

  504. Hi!
    I was thinking if writing or not, and here I am, sharing my experience!
    I am from Mexico and reading many comments make me feel better because it makes me feel i am not crazy.
    When I was little my siblings bothered me with some tree leafs with bumps. It was nasty for me but I was ok. Then when I was 13 years old i received a mail with a horrible trypophobia picture saying that was cancer! I did not know what cancer was! So i believed that picture! It made me feel so bad for like a month. I used to go to school and think all day that could happen to me! I did not tell to anybody what was happenning to me, only my little sister. OMG! I could not stop seeing that picture! Has happen to you? Is a weird feeling, it makes you feel bad but I couldnt stop seeing it because i wanted to overcome it.
    Years went and I forgot it. When i turned 18 I had depression and anxiety and going to the psychiartrist he asked me many weird things that made me rememeber that shit and feel like crazy! Was horrible! That time of my life was so hard! I was struggling with a lot of things in my head.
    Years later found on social media that it was called “trypophobia” I felt bad again but at least I found it had a name.
    the thing is that when I am anxious or having a difficult time in my life this images can appear in my head and I think I am crazy, like I am the only girl in the world suffering from this! I think is some sort of obsseive thoughts with this phobia, Does anyone suffer from having sometimes this obssesive thoughts?
    Last week I talked to a friend and asked me if i have any phobias, i got ashamed of explaining what i had and remembered everything. So these days i don’t feel very good because i remembered that
    I feel anxiety and want to search on internet those pictures. Do not know why. If i feel anxious i feel like trypophobia is going to happen to me in my skin! It is horrible. Is like suffering all day and feeling insane. I imagine nasty things in my body related to it.
    I know getting distracted helps and putting your mind in other stuff. I just hope to feel good again. The thing is that I am worried if this is a constant in my life! I judge myself so much. Sometimes i think I am aweak person for experimenting those feelings. I know it could be nasty for many people to watch those things, but I got obssesed and affected me :(
    What have you done to feel better? Has it happened to you like me? Sorry for my bad english.

  505. I can’t evencook pancakes for my daughter withought getting shaken when watching them bubble so I can flip them!! This is horrible!

  506. I have had this since I was a very little girl and thought it was just me It is hard to make people understand how this makes you feel. My symptoms are goosebumps and terrible itching all over my body and like others I keep thinking about the holes and have great difficulty getting them out of my mind. People laugh and go out of their way to let me see holes they just don’t realise how awful a complaint it is. I have noticed that it has ebbed and waned over the years but is back with vengeance at present.

  507. I really am grateful for this article, I posted on here circa two years ago – I find that reading it each time I get a trigger helps me to understand the irrational reaction my mind goes through and therefore make my currently frazzled brain come to its senses!

    The trigger that brought me here was a picture taken by a drone of a colony penguins in a BBC article! I won’t explain as it is still affecting me – sweaty palms, itchy arms and red face, slightly anxious with a strong desire to wipe out that poor colony of Penguins.

  508. THANK YOU! for not including any trigger images Jordan! I’ve shared this article everywhere!

  509. As a young child, I remember ant clusters on the sidewalk made my skin crawl. But there is nothing scarier or more repulsive then clusters of holes or pores. I think they are worse than bumps. But bumps are a close second. Organic hole clusters provoke intant panic. I think this is a normal human response.

  510. on March 10, 2018 at 8:37 am | Reply Brad Fuentes

    For me, I started experiencing it when my aunt ate pomegranetes, the holes made from taking the seeds out made my skin crawl. It’s just…Gah…Honeycombs from beehives don’t bother me, but like…just holes and stuff that are way too close and clustered and unnatural get me.

  511. I am so glad that this page exists. It has helped me understand Trypophobia, so so much.. And, the lack of trigger images is just heavenly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  512. Realized I’ve had this since I was in 1st Grade and I’m 71 years old! It’s real.

  513. I never was scared of this but after looking at it on google images im going to say…

  514. I have the worst reaction. Images flash into my head and i slowly go crazy. Tan, I start seeing holes everywhere, I wish i didn’t have this. I need help. Im only 13…

  515. Thank you for letting people know that suffer from this that we are not alone. Right now just from glancing at some of the responses I am very anxious and have a weird sensation all over like I want to jump out of my skin! My daughter also suffers from this and occasionally we will taunt each other but I would never want to do this to anyone with this phobia especially if I knew nothing about it. I am going to close for now and think of beautiful images to calm myself down.

  516. The pictures torment me and is there any chance that it torments me too much that holes could appear on my body

  517. on June 23, 2018 at 4:09 am | Reply Mary Ann Cairns

    As a kid Iwas very anxious. I remember studying biology and thinking about all the organs in my body it freaked me out. I am completely over that but one day a few weeks ago I was walking and noticed these weeds with purple flowers on them .I do t know what they are called but I noticed they gave me the odd reaction of annoyance. I google it and low and behold all those pictures came up. I hated it but kept looking at them. It groosed me
    out. I showed them to a few people and they all agreed they were pretty ugly looking. I decided to never look at them again its better but now I noticed an aversion to other things like weeds that never bothered me before. I have for years dreamt I am always trying to clean up messes that I can never get done. I wonder if my phopia and this dream are connected some how?

    • on June 25, 2018 at 1:44 am | Reply aruna vardhanapu

      I’m Aruna, thank you for this article. I came across this while I was trying to figure out ”what exactly is the fear or discomfort known as when an individual undergoes while looking at certain clumsy things.. Like a bunch of cable wires? or bunch of phone charging cables? as well as earphones at times? ”

      That search has got me to this article and I’m still clueless if it falls under trypophobia? If anyone of you could help me understand, would greatly appreciate it.

      But, I do have this strange feeling or it kinda sickens my stomach when I see worms, certain insects, lizards or snakes. I just cannot stand them at all.. not even a glance! At the same time, I cannot stand clumsy images, crooked or scribbled writings over charts or any boards including some of the weird images with non uniform patterns. It’s exactly like how this article explains about various things (images, worms, diseases, holes) an individual gets sensitive to.

      I did not know it is called “trypohobia” and there’s actually a term to describe this feeling/emotion. Thank you for this article :)

  518. on July 3, 2018 at 4:49 pm | Reply SHARMILA BHUSHAN

    Thank you for your article! Resonates with what I go through. Saw an image of a lotus seed pod on facebook (they apparently thought it was beautiful!!!!) and it triggered of a reaction and today was treated to another visual of small pipes protruding from wall, asymmetrically arranged and now I am feeling itchy all over. Sigh!!! Loved your article as it makes so much sense and now I am going to stare at a beautiful image for 10 minutes in the hope of getting rid of this sensation.

  519. Thank you by your article without trigger images! T_Tx

    I cry and shiver by seeing internet trigger-images to tripophobia…
    And the real things are even worse (like some vegetables or the slugs moviment), because they are 3D and slugs are live..

    At some point in my life, I even feared finger deformations like polydactyly or some missing finger. And in my childhood, I could not step into space between two tiles at floor.

    Today, I am very better, but I still can’t wear latex gloves or look into a distorted mirror…

    Well, the wikipedia article brings a interesting information about a recent work (“Wilkins and Le also considered that the discomfort from trypophobic images is due to the geometry of the holes making excessive demands on the brain; they stated that these excessive demands may cause visual discomfort, eyestrain or headache, adding that these images have mathematical properties that cannot be processed efficiently by the brain and therefore require more brain oxygenation.” Arnold J Wilkins and An Trong Dinh Le (March 31, 2016). “Could Trypophobia Be Caused By Math Hurting Our Brains?”. Popular Science. Retrieved October 26, 2017. ) and I think it might be on the right track, because fractals are one of my biggest image triggers…

  520. on July 15, 2018 at 6:23 am | Reply Sharon Thursby

    Thank you I enjoyed reading your view. I first became aware of triggers around 5 years old, I’m 57 now with many more as an adult. 2 new tiggers this week and i have noticed they take a little longer to recover from. I have the goosebumps, hairs stand on end, feelings of revulsion, and some anxiety. I acan “see” the picture of the trigger in my brain for some time, and my skin
    Ititches. I have never met anyone face to face who has told me they have it, so I have spent my life being the entertainment when it happens!
    As for the future,… to be honest ….. nothing will change and I’m ok with that.
    I know what will happen, I know it will eventually go and i have a level of

  521. on July 15, 2018 at 12:21 pm | Reply Brittany Metayer

    It comes and goes for me. Right now I feel itchy and gross all over. I actually want to destroy something for gratification. Lately, the hand inside the traffic cross walk has been getting to me. It looks like a really itchy, holey hand and it PISSES me tf off. My reaction to triggers is always itchiness and anger. Like WHY does this thing have to exist?? I’m glad I’m not alone.

  522. My daughter just told me. The phobia name for what has bothered me since I was a little girl. I made the mistake of looking at my mother’s Our bodies and ourselves book and saw the look of unbroken hyman (please forgive me for explaining this) it was the most disgusting thing I’d enter seen and she also had those dry lotus flowers. Sad to say my daughter has the same issue. So when I looked up the word on Google I was completely horrified. There were human issues I could never fathomed. This phobia should be studied and treatments other than staring at the gross images should be developed. I’ll be grossed out for the next few days. Thanks for letting me share!

  523. Thank You!!! You have helped me so much! Thank you so much!!!

  524. You should speak on tv about this, I am sure it would help a lot of people!!

  525. OMG just reading the article made me nervous and itchy with a side of anxiety lol… thank you for not putting any triggering pictures, reading about it is hard enough.

  526. Thank you so much, ive been wanting to understand my trypnophobia and other people’s responses to holes for a long time but i could never bring myself to look it up for fear that the articles had images. i really needed just this. you’re a godsend. thank you.

  527. I respect this post a lot. Even though I practically scratched my skin off reading the descriptions it gave me a lot of insight into what I have. I feel like a joke talking about it and trying to explain it to other people. I can’t even say the C word because it just… Makes me want to peel away my skin and hide under the bed. It also doesn’t help that I have Entomophobia I am absolutely terrified of bugs. But thank you everyone for not posting any pictures in the comments I was hoping I could avoid some!

  528. Great article! I too feel the most response with nonsymetric/nonuniform patterns. And yet I’m strangely drawn to these patterns almost to the point of obsession; or maybe I am obsessed already. I think the latter is true lol. Again thanx for the article. I’m looking for a support group though. Any suggestions?l

  529. Thank you so much for this article. I thought I was insane, as I wasn’t able to put a name to the things I was feeling. It all started a few years ago when photoshopped images of holes in the skin got posted to Facebook and people were sharing them on my homepage. I deleted everyone that shared it, because I couldn’t bare looking at the picture, it made my skin crawl to the point of needing to itch. For me it isn’t as bad, I don’t get affected by anything else or any other ‘trigger points’ I just hate unnatural clusters of holes, and it makes it ten times worse if it’s on skin!

  530. Really thankful for writing this article without triggering images

  531. It has been a while since I last post, but this is another progress report. I haven’t gone to hypnotherapy for months. It did help,so I want to share my newest improvement. I have not or do not haven’t any images in my head when I close my eyes at night. I do still have feeling of anxiety that I might see something during the day that may bother me. Most importantly It is gone from the night and it is such a relief and I can sleep . Time is a healer.

  532. Thank u for the post.Me and my daughter have this phobia.Just today I found out the explanation. I was having a hard time from yesterday after seeing a picture of a dog with 1000 ticks on you tube accidentally. I reported it was repulsive .I am trying to get rid of this image which is invading my system.I don’t want you tube in my mobile itself..that is the amount of repulsion. I am trying everything u mentioned to rid it out of my memory. .God help Me.

  533. one of my reactions is goosebumps, all over my body, then it goes straight into my hair, and my head gets really really really really itchy. my heart beat speeds up, and my stomach gets so queasy..
    I had to do a paper for Psychology, and was looking up phobias, and came across this name, and felt that finally I was able to put a name to something that has been affecting me all my life. I am being brave and writing my paper about this, but we will see what my reactions are as I find an article that is worthy enough for the info I need with out any trigger pictures or anything else that will set me off.

  534. Genuinely thought I was just a bit weird and on my own with this issue. Thank you so much for writing this article. Just started watching AHS Cult and I was taken aback when Sarah Paulson’s character has an irrational fear of ‘the small holes’ in the coral!
    Certain things really really turn my stomach and make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Mostly skin related, like huge open pores with stuff sticking out.
    I do remember at some point in my younger life seeing peanuts halves exposed, like half exposed peanut m&ms in a cluster, and thinking it looked like pussy leasions and wanting to vomit everywhere. That image still comes back to haunt me all the time.
    I always thought this was all possibly due to having extreme eczema on the soles of my feet as a kid. I won’t go into real detail but it caused weeping blister like sores.
    Sorry to anyone who that might repulse.
    Thanks to everyone who has commented also as this makes me realise im not just a bit broken.

  535. Having this phobia sucks. I don’t care what the doctors say, it’s real, or at least real enough. At first, you get tricked into looking a “this bug bite is fatal” type of article, and it has an image on it. You don’t want to click…but you do anyway. I don’t think anyone truly has this phobia until they are exposed to it, then it’s hard to get those insipid images out of your head. Took me several weeks, and this was about three years ago. I still get the goosebumps and chills on occasion, but for the most part, I can quickly divert my mind by playing AC/DC music in my head.

  536. Wow! Thank you so much for writing this article! I finally decided to look up my symptoms, and this is it. There is some comfort in learning other people are experiencing this besides me. My sudden revulsion to certain images showed up a couple of years ago. Before then, I don’t recall many occurrences that would actually make me need to look it up. A Facebook ad had an image of an acorn woodpecker which really set me off. Then the base of a tree would give me the willies every time I would walk past while walking my dog. Now we take a different route. This doesn’t affect my daily life too much, but I would love to get over it. The feeling of revulsion is awful.

  537. Thank you very much for not including trigger pictures. I myself suffer from this and have wanted to read about it, but find that every website has some sort of triggering pictures, which either make me cry or itch all over.

    • Ive became desentisized to the phobia by practicing meditation using distractions and limiting my exposure to the phobia very rarely will a image flash in my head or make me uneasy I notice i still have physical triggers to certain sounds or words ***warning*** words such as “stuck” “cluster” “inside” “trapped” “seeds” and repetion of certian letters and also certain sounds such as low hissing sounds like a cat or growling sounds send me into a panic attack im sure the aversion to sounds is normal and human instinct but im assuming the aversion to words and letters is a form of self defense from trauma.

  538. One thing that causes me to itch for hours is that one scene in “The Thing” I warn you all not to ever watch that movie!!!

  539. This is exactly me. I had goosebumps reading it the whole time in anticipation that there would be a trigger either in the text or as an image. The whole way through I had a high level of anxiety. I believe as I have gotten older the symptoms have gotten worse. Now just hearing certain words freaks me out or the idea that I may see something scares me. I have gotten to the point of racing heart, getting angry at the person who shows me a trigger and severe anxiety. Goosebumps always cover my skin at the slightest thought of a potential trigger.