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Since dogmatic feminism made its way into atheist circles, most notably in the ignominious social justice group Atheism+ born and raised on FreeThoughtBlogs, I’ve kept a skeptical eye on it. This was my first full-blown exposure to feminism, in its pseudo-third-wave form. Before I dismantle feminist “theory”, I want to talk about dogma and why the way we think is more important than what we think.

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I was starting to write up a post, and I came across this gem from 2011 which said just about everything I had to say and more, and much better I should add; it is a brilliant exposé of the deeply ideological nature of feminism with regards to evolutionary psychology/sociobiology.

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Hi all. I’ve been pretty busy lately stressing and working. I can happily say that my thesis is just about done-I have a final version candidate which is 60 pages (~48 pages of content if you exclude things like title pages, table of contents and references) and I’m quite happy with it. Some depressing news: as of Monday this week, I’m single again; she broke it off with me. There isn’t much to say about this, I guess. Thanks for your support. You know who you are :)

I’m yearning to write a longer piece on gender, feminism, ideology, psychology and society, from the context of evolution, science and philosophy. There’s a lot I want to say, and a lot I want to find out along the way. Collecting my thoughts, organising my message, doing background research and finally writing the darn thing is a very lengthy process. I’m fairly busy and I’m booked for the next two or three weeks and beyond – so it’ll have to wait.

Love you all.


University, most of all, is stressing me out right now. I have a group presentation to give tomorrow and my partner is not responding to my messages. He’s in charge of putting the presentation together. Stress. *hiccup.* We’ve worked a fair bit on it but I feel our other commitments have taken more than their fair share of the time that we would have put towards it. I haven’t seen the presentation I’m going to give tomorrow. At best, we rehearse in the morning and we can pull off something decent. Just…not being in control (I’ve done/written my part of the project) makes me stressed.

I’ve also come into an unfortunate situation with an assignment result. I was penalised for not doing something that wasn’t mentioned in a section of the assessment criteria that had no marks allocated to it. And my lecturer says that my interpretation of a basic English sentence is flatly, ‘wrong.’

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You couldn’t make this up. Continuing on from Dillahunty’s experiment, we have Flewellyn making a resolution post here.

Matt Dillahunty may be allowed back, at some point, if and only if he apologizes, sincerely, for the damage he has done to our community, and makes good on trying to repair that damage.

Seriously? The damage he’s done to your community? Oh, right. The damage of making some logical statements that inadvertently managed to pull down your disingenuous façade! You want him to grovel for a place in your exclusive inclusive, welcoming forums?

To be serious, the damage that was caused was due to the atmosphere of hypersensitivity and unreasonableness that is bred by A+. At least one person cried over the issue.

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If you haven’t heard about the latest debacle over in A+ forums land, where Matt Dillahunty proves his detractors right, I suggest you read this thread. (Frozen version here.)

It has been covered magnificently by Justicar’s Open Letter to Matt Dillahunty, which I suggest you watch if you’re interested (and have the time.) It’s 99% snark-free.

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The YouTube version of this blog can be found here.

Firstly, I’d like to say “Hi!” to my new friends, readers and subscribers, both on my blog and on my YouTube channel. Welcome to my world. It’s small, but make yourself comfortable. :)

I think a number of my readers will appreciate this post, mostly the ones still on the fence about feminism. If you’re the kind of feminist I’m talking about, and disagree with something in particular that I say, try appending “whether they know it or not” to the sentence and see if that clears up what I mean a bit. I don’t mean that to be patronising, but I don’t want to have to suffix every statement with it.

I’ve been keeping a critical eye on feminism lately, most notably on its hand in the goings-on of the A+Theism movement. I should clarify: like Richard Dawkins, I too am sympathetic for ‘true feminism’ (if there is such a thing among the straw-Scotswoman mania) – the kind of feminism that is about equality between the sexes, in letter and in practice. Equality is awesome, and it’s something worth fighting for. (Non-violently, if possible, please!)

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I added Flattr to my site for any Flattr microdonations you want to send this way. I’ll appreciate any donation as a gesture of support and the money will go towards other great bloggers who need Flattry  for equipment, etc., secular charities such as Médecins Sans Frontières, and other good causes.

The YouTube version of this blog can be found here.

About two weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled “Crashing the wave: Feminism and Atheism+” which was about what I thought of the inception of the Atheism+ movement and the role feminism plays within it. I spent a lot of time talking about why I don’t think feminism is a good thing, and not actually much about Atheism+ specifically. This was mostly because Atheism+ was and still is in its early days, and the focus of the piece was on how it has the feminist ideology at its core.

There was a substantial amount of criticism in the comments which I attempted to answer in a nutshell, but I wanted to do a piece regarding some of the questions that were raised to give a proper and full response, and at the same time use that as a springboard to make it clear how I feel about Atheism+.

You can see the full original discourse on the blog, though there’s a bit to read through. I haven’t edited, deleted or withheld any comments.
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