I got banned from a Facebook page! No, this isn’t a sympathy plea. It’s…mildly exciting. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. Getting blocked and deleted by the opposition with no intellectual response is more or less the closest thing you’re going to get to victory by way of contentious rebuke on Facebook.

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So you may have heard of Jen “Blag Hag” McCreight’s “new wave” of atheism, Atheism+. It has a great logo (which I personally think is awesome) and a catchy title which I give an A+; pun fantastically intended. If you haven’t, I direct you to her blog.

Yes, there’s been Atheism 2.0. Atheism 3.0. New Atheism. None really took off. So what’s different about A+?

In case you didn’t know, Freethought Blogs has become a feminist-happy space. This was evident before and pronounced after Thunderf00t’s expulsion for not being feminist enough. The remaining authors on the Freethought blogosphere are either neutral or pro-feminist. Atheism+, or Atheism Plus, is (in my opinion) feminist secular humanism. “We want things right, our way.” The question is then rightly raised: if Atheism+ and secular humanism both operate under non-religious egalitarianism, why are they distancing themselves from each other?

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It’s official, feminism has infected Freethought Blogs.

Groupthink. You’re not immune to it just because you fancy yourselves the pinnacle of reason. In fact, you’re more prone to it. “If I’m a critical thinker, and these other critical thinkers have come to this conclusion, it must be a reasonable conclusion. Furthermore, contending this stance would probably give off the impression that I lack critical thinking,” is how I imagine it goes down. It’s certainly what has gone through my head at least once in the past.

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Feminism is a trending topic in my eyes, what with Rebecca Watson/Skepchick’s elevator fiasco, to Freethoughtblogs’ drama (the ejection of Thunderf00t) over professionalism that ostensibly arose indirectly from the growing rift between feminists and anti-feminists. If there ever was a topic to polarise atheists, it’s feminism.

Feminism has pretty much pushed itself to the forefront of the freethinking minds and drowned out any other topic or issue with a deceptive guise. PZ Myers himself states “supporting the equality of women and other under-represented groups […] it’s right there at the core of our principles.” (source (10:42.))

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I was given a booklet today, called “Was Life Created?” published in 2010 by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. There was not one bit of argumentation that I hadn’t heard before, and nothing even slightly convincing to me (but I’ve been around the block on the evolution debate.) Unfortunately, not everyone has. I’ll publish my refutations.

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So I’ve got a hypothesis. Maybe it’s novel (unlikely), maybe it’s been on people’s minds for a while. But in any case I’ve gotta write about it.

As an atheist who sees the destructive force of religion trample down on the world, both in mass murder, stifling of scientific discovery, health care, education, and so on, a big question I need to ask is: “What causes people to become religious?” It is obviously not the iron-clad scientific arguments for the existence of god X, because there are none. These so-called arguments are the by-products of a believer who has already been convinced of their belief. We shouldn’t waste too much time attacking these arguments, because, as some of us already know, it won’t be long before they come back with another PRATT (point refuted a thousand times) argument to justify their claim. It is like a never-ending barrage of bullshit. We should be targeting the source of the belief itself, which is hard because believers are very unwilling to share (or simply don’t know) the true reason they believe.

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Browsing through Facebook today I saw an interesting picture about evolution posted by the Atheism page.

Now, leaving the meaning of the picture aside, such as the accuracy of the images themselves and the details of evolution, it’s funny. The point of the image is to highlight that biologists, paleontologists, geneticists and archaeologists are all in agreement over the fact that evolution happens, in disagreement with what Christians (or pick your favourite religious flavour) believe. The “What actually happened” panel is of course from the scientist’s point of view, and is included there to complete the meme.

More interesting is some of the comments appended to this image. I was genuinely surprised while reading some people’s comments. I hear people bashing creationists. I hear people making fun of what “dumb Christians” say. I tended to think of it more as a simplification, an exaggeration. Until today. Comments after the jump.

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Let’s have a look at some of the meanings behind the music I’ve written this year! Music can hold a whole gamut of meanings and feelings but in any case it’ll be fun.

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I had to see it with my own eyes.

Ardentryst is available to Ubuntu users.

Tis awesome seeing what I created in the “Top Rated” Role Playing games section :)